Dating in Two Times: Antiquity and Modernity

It’s no secret that social networks have taken control of lots of important parts of our lives, so it is not idle to question the quality of our social relationships in the modern age. Were dates in the past more romantic than now? Are we witnessing the era when love as a concept comes to an end? Is conquering your date’s heart no longer necessary? Some answers following.

Controlling Your Partner Kills Your Relationship

Many of us have been in controlling relationships at one time or another in our lives. And it is probably no coincidence that those relationships probably were not the greatest. Some forms of control can be a very good thing. We are taught from an early age to have self control. We shouldn’t eat too much candy. We shouldn’t watch too much TV. We should have control over our emotions and act level headed. We all have learned that in order to be happy and successful, we have to have some control over ourselves. Self control, for the most part, is an admirable and necessary trait.