Four Ways Criticism Can Destroy Your Intimate Relationships

Everybody needs good constructive criticism every now and then. Receiving constructive criticism is a part of life and necessary to improve in certain areas. But when constructive criticism becomes plain criticism, especially in intimate relationships, you might see your relationship enter in to a spiral from which recovery is hard. We all have a tendency to do it. We want the partner to improve. We want the partner to enhance the relationship. But at times, we want the partner to do things the way we perceive it as correct. When we go down this path, trouble ensues.

6 Things To Do When Leaving a Toxic Relationship

We’ve all had toxic relationships of one form or another—whether it be a friend, a family member or an intimate relationship. Some relationships such as with family members may be hard to break but others such as intimate relationships often need to be ended.

If you are in a toxic relationship and have decided to end it, be prepared to face more challenges than you thought. Although you will have great relief at first, you will more than likely fall back in to old thinking patterns and you will have the urge to contact the individual who is not healthy for you or to use other unhealthy coping mechanisms. But there are certain things you can do to get through the breakup period successfully in order for you to find yourself again, love yourself again and to start your new life.