The Definitive Guide to Analytics for Mid-Size Retailers

With the e-commerce retail market growing by 18%   in 2018, faster than the original expectation of 11% set by analysts, you might be feeling the pressures of keeping your brand relevant and retaining customer loyalty online and offline. For many midsize retailers, the growth in 2018 of over 16,000 new direct-to-consumer brands emerging online is creating an overcrowded marketplace.

Diebold Nixdorf Bonds, Short Term, High Yield, Fixed Income Investment, Yielding 9.5% YTM

In this bond review, Durig takes a look at a company which serves banks and retailers alike around the globe. Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE:DBD) has a full service suite of back office services, including software and hardware solutions for both banking and retail industries. With the release of its fourth quarter results, it appears as if the company is making progress towards its goals. A few highlights include: