Remove Immediately Any Illegal Homeless Camps Bordering Our Salem & Keizer Schools – Let’s Keep Our Children Away From Illegal Homeless Camps

The State of Oregon must keep our children protected from possible drug addicts and sexual predators, but they are doing the opposite. The State of Oregon is charging taxpayers to fund and support illegal camps that ire directly hurting our economy and health of both adults and children, putting the well being of our entire Salem and Keizer Community health at risk.

The Illegal Homeless Camp at the intersection of Hyacinth and Salem Parkway must be removed immediately!

Storage Oregon Mini Storage Units – High Quality – Low Prices

Security is quite possibly the single most important qualification to look for in a storage facility. Heck, its pretty much the entire reason you pay for a storage unit instead of just cramming it all in your grandma’s barn. As an active part of the Community in Salem, Oregon, we can proudly say that we love living here. Its big enough to have plenty to do, but not so big that it’s overwhelming. It is within driving distance of the beach, mountains, and countless hiking and camping spots, It’s easy to see why Oregon, and in particular Salem residents are so in touch with Nature.

Storage Oregon – Low Cost Pricing on Outdoor Vehicle Storage and Mini Storage Units

Storage Oregon has always been known for its commitment to low cost vehicle storage. In a place like Salem where there is far more demand than supply, that sets them apart. When most businesses set their prices, they set them at the highest amount that the market can bear, and milk it for all its worth.

At Storage Oregon they do things a bit differently. It’s true they are a business and like all businesses they need to make money. However they do not feel the need to arbitrarily bump their prices, simply because everyone else is doing so.

Storage in Salem Oregon Comes with a Lower Price   

Here in Salem, Oregon Storage can be hard to come by, and as we all know when demand exceeds supply prices go up. Many local storage facilities seem to have taken this to heart, and instead of competing for the lowest price, they compete to see who can charge the most, and still stay reasonably full. While this may make sense to them from a business standpoint, it artificially increases their prices, and cannot last.

Affordable Wedding – Ways to Add Some Special Touches to an Oregon Venue

Today you may have every intention to plan an affordable wedding, but what happens when it ends up turning into an expensive wedding by the time it is over? You start out with basic ideas but as your ideas change along the planning stage your forget your main intent. It is OK, because this is a common occurrence that happens in today’s weddings. As long you stay focused from the start on your goal, then the end result is what really matters. Remember now…this is your day and you want to make it one to remember for many years to come!

Wedding Venue and Reception Planning on a Very Affordable Budget in Oregon

You can have a very special dream wedding at affordable prices. To make the most of your wedding, start with an affordable budget, then work within it to make your wedding the best for you and your future spouse. Next, decide on your venue and add as many do it yourself ideas (DIY) that you can to make it a pleasant environment for you and your guests.

White Pioneer Wedding Chapel & Belfrey – Voted Oregon Best Wedding Venue

A complete wedding venue with an authentic pioneer history with modern ambiances: As you walk towards a simplistic wooden white wedding chapel, the smells of oak wood waft through the chapel and a 127-year-old bell rings through your ears. This is Hubbard Chapel where the strong sound of the bell can be heard from large distances, marking the important event of the day. Pioneer chapels are very scarce in Oregon, especially ones that still hold the past in their image. Affordable Dream Wedding at Hubbard Chapel is located in the pioneer town of Hubbard, planted between the two largest cities in Oregon: Portland and Salem. Many guests find this location to be very convenient because the distance is not too long.

Salem Keizer Mini-Storage: High Security and Low Cost – The Best of Both Worlds

What do you look for when searching for a storage facility? This is a question that we asked ourselves when evaluating the storage facilities in the Salem and Keizer, Oregon area. Storage can be a personal experience. Certainly what you are storing is very personal, and you want to find the right facility to not only protect your property, but also to fit your personal needs. Do you need climate control for expensive instruments? Dual layer security? Onsite management? What type of access hours do you require? All of these questions and more are things you should ask yourself before deciding on a place to store your treasured keepsakes and valuables.

The Best & Lowest Cost Mini Self Storage in Salem/Keizer, Oregon – 8 Side by Side Comparisons Might Help

There are a lot of criteria to choose from when selecting a mini self storage unit: price, location, amenities, security, customer service, move in specials, and access/availability. We will be looking at the top storage places in Salem, Oregon and comparing them across several top criteria, and giving you our best recommendation for mini self storage in Salem. We are taking the top eight contenders from a Google search and ranking them in order of our recommendation.