Coronavirus: Infections Up in Sri Lanka, Malaysia

Dr. Anil Jasinghe, the Director of Sri Lanka’s health service, said that as of Monday, the number of people detected with coronavirus infections reached 22. The Ministry of Information confirmed the news, and released it through a statement. Seven people who had come from Italy and were monitored at the Kandakadu Epidemiology Center in Polonnaruwa were positive with infections.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Former Defense Minister, Elected Sri Lankan President

Sri Lanka’s fоrmеr dеfеnѕе mіnіѕtеr, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, won the country’s рrеѕіdеntіаl еlесtіоn оn Sundау wіth 52.25 реrсеnt оf thе vote.  Sri Lanka’s Elесtоrаl Commission Chairman, Mаhіndа Deshapriya, said орроѕіtіоn candidate Rajapaksa received 6.9 mіllіоn votes, оr 41.9 percent оf thе vote. Thе swearing-in сеrеmоnу іѕ ѕсhеdulеd fоr Mоndау.

List of Best Tourist Places in Sri Lanka to Visit

The island nation of Sri Lanka is called the gem of the Indian Sea. With varied landscapes and cultures spread across the different regions of Sri Lanka, there truly is something for everyone. This checklist is fairly adventurous and also entails a couple of walks and various other activities! The society and also food of Sri Lanka are extremely distinct and will certainly captivate you throughout your experiences. Throughout two trips to the exotic island, these are my preferred points to do on a trip to Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan President Orders New Investigations into Easter Attacks

Sri Lanka’s President, Maithripala Sirisena, has appointed a commission to conduct new investigations into the coordinated Easter Day bombings that killed 268 people in the country. The announcement for the investigations was made by the Sri Lankan government Sunday. Islamic extremist groups are believed to have been behind the suicide bombings that took place on April 21, in which three churches were attacked as well as three luxury hotels in various parts of the country.

International Roundup: Ballots, Bullets, and Bombs