Inspiration or Envy?

“Who’s on top now?” A phrase representative of ones unknown opponents quest to level up. However, most people who don’t naturally feel a sense of unquivering confidence typically bite off more than they can chew when they wage these types of wars. Often times with strangers, people they’ve never met, what begins as a cross of paths, leads to a subtle infatuation, then sporadic stalking, and of course duplication is not far behind, and then the envy. But is that where it stops— not today!

Greshun De Bouse to Oppressors: ‘Please Stop Harrassing Me’

Our beloved global leader Greshun De Bouse has a super busy and productive life! We love her for that!  Under normal circumstances, she is found researching, traveling to and fro meeting with dignitaries/notables, generally engaged in joint strategizing on continued world improvement, and much more.  However, it is challenging to go about her day-to-day life when she is constantly followed,  harassed, stalked, and more.

Though Greshun is a public, even ‘celebrity’ figure herself many would say, we are not talking about a ‘paparazzi’ type following.  We are talking about the unwanted and unwarranted harassing attempted-intimidating stalking, intent-to-harm harassing.