Study: How to Achieve Better Self-Control and Retrain Yourself

Coronavirus changed the trajectory of certain behaviors. The conditions of self-isolation are forcing people to adapt to changes around the globe. There are many who are self-reflecting and even looking to change their business course. For example, a popular enterpreneur from Ukraine, Andrey Burenok, who is an owner of TripMyDream travel service launched his own Youtube channel about self-reflection.

Someone Has What You Needed Most

What you are looking for in life is with someone somewhere unknown to you. What you need is in the hand of a man or woman far or near. You need people to become what you desire in life. Nobody can become anything in life without the help, support or contribution of others. You cannot rule your life alone. It is impossible.

Understanding is a strong secret to wealth and good living. As you read this message, it will make the experience a supernatural turn around. Somehow, you just need action or positive step to claim what you needed from the next person near or far away that is having what will make your life better!

Do Not Dwell on the Past – Embrace This Simple Truth

It really makes no difference how extravagant our hopes and plans for the future may be – sometimes, reality does not play ball and we find ourselves wandering along a path we were not anticipating. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of constantly pushing ourselves to overhaul our lifestyles – we try to start everything over again and improve our finances, health, fitness, love life and routines all in one foul swoop – but this does not always work out, nor is it always the key to finding happiness. Happiness is often found right under our noses – we’re often blinded by our constant need to chase new dreams, and improve our current circumstances, to the extent that we become completely oblivious to the fortune and the happiness we already have within us.

Success, Happiness and a More Meaningfull Life

Achieving Personal Success

What is an important key to achieving personal success? Before this question can be answered, we must define what we mean by personal success. Many of us equate personal success with power and financial success, and indeed we must have enough self-esteem and enough financial security in our lives to feel confident that we are meeting our necessary responsibilities, but in my definition of personal success we must view our lives in all of its varied aspects. That means attention must be paid not only to our work and our careers, but also to our personal needs–health, recreation, personal relationships and growth. In today’s fast paced environment, this takes a special commitment to dedicate ourselves to planning and balance.

Why Competitive Eaters Can Teach Us Much More Than Motivational Speakers

Recently I was at a restaurant that had a burger challenge. I was extremely hungry at the time and it looked delicious, so I ordered it. Much to the amazement of my table, I devoured the thing in minutes. Completely devoid of any motivation to win a t-shirt or a picture on the wall, I was simply hungry. This however does not mean I have a calling to be a competitive eater. You can also probably think of an occasion or two when you ate an embarrassing amount of food; despite that not being typical for you…sometimes it just happens. After eating this monstrosity of a burger and feeling quite proud of me, it led to me to contemplating how occasionally accomplishing something is not the same as being driven to pursue a goal.