Tycoon Jeffrey Epstein Committed Suicide in Prison, Autopsy Confirms

It’s now crystal clear that American billionaire Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide by hanging himself. An autopsy performed on his body by the city’s forensic office eventually concluded so. America and the world at large was shocked by reports that the tycoon had been found dead last Saturday in a New York prison from where he was awaiting his trial for child sex trafficking charges.

Ex-Con YouTube Star Predicted Epstein ‘Suicide’ – Was It Really A Hit?

In an incredible twist on the Jeffrey Epstein mystery, the host of a YouTube channel predicted his death one week before it actually happened. In the video, it was speculated that Epstein would be murdered in jail and the crime would be covered up to look like a suicide.

Shaun Attwood, a former wealthy UK financier who got tangled up in the Arizona drug culture of the 1990’s, hosts a demonitized YouTube channel which has still managed to attract more than 200,000 subscribers and totals more than 40 million views.

Embattled American Tycoon Jeffrey Epstein “Commits Suicide” in Prison

US tycoon Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of child sex trafficking, committed suicide in a New York prison where he was being held, according to local media reports. Epstein’s body was found on Saturday morning, per reports. Towards the end of July, the embattled Epstein was found with marks on his neck, which clearly pointed to an apparent suicide attempt, US media reported.

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’s Most Gruesome Deaths. Were They All Murders?

Now that Quentin Tarantino’s latest flick, “Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood” is shocking (and awing) millions of devoted fans, gossip columns are bursting with recaps of the Sharon Tate murders by members of the infamous Manson Family during the long, hot “Summer of Love” in August, 1969. There are even guided tours to the murder scene, despite the fact that the house where the ghastly acts were committed was razed and rebuilt years ago.

Suicide is an Epidemic

Suicide Prevention is a societal mission of prime importance. We can all help prevent suicide. Every year, the Lifeline, other mental health organizations and individuals across the U.S. and around the world strive to raise awareness of suicide prevention. The Lifeline network and its partners are working to change the conversation from suicide reporting to suicide prevention, i.e.to actions that can promote healing, help and give hope.