6 Summer Style Tips to Beat the Heat

For many, summer may be the most fun time of the year. There are picnics, concerts, vacations, and other activities to keep you busy all season long. Unfortunately, these are also the hottest days of the year, so things can get pretty uncomfortable. Dressing nice for your summer gatherings and trips is a challenge in sweltering temperatures. To make things easier, follow these summer-style tips to beat the heat.

How to Plan a Relaxing Summer Stay at the Resort

You’re heading off for a summer stay at a resort and want to get the most out of it. Well, you need this break, but if you want things to run smoothly, you’re going to have to plan things out a bit. The following guide should help you plan for a relaxing summer stay at your resort.

Pickup Arrangements

One thing you should take care of before you get to your resort is the pickup arrangements to and from the airport. The last thing you need is a snag before your summer vacation even starts. Some hotels and resorts offer a shuttle from the airport to the resort, so you should inquire about that, but that’s just one option. You could have a ride-share service pick you up from the airport. You can arrange a pick up beforehand so that the car is there by the time you arrive.

3 Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is coming which brings heat that is often hard to escape especially when you are trying to enjoy some time outdoors. It is important to limit your time in the sun, stay hydrated, and regularly apply sunscreen if you will be in direct sunlight. Be mindful of these musts for children as well as yourself. With these precautionary measures in place, there are some other simple and cost-effective ways you can be prepared to beat the summer heat!

Kids Clothes: What Kind Of Clothes To Buy In Summers?

With the arrival of summers, the biggest concern of parents is choosing the right type of clothing for their little ones, which keeps them comfortable, nice, and cool all day or night long. This can be a challenging task for parents. The children should wear the type of clothes that can keep them happy and comfortable during hot and humid conditions even on the hottest of the days.

People and Brands to Watch Summer Series 2020: Part III

This article is part three of our Summer Series of “Brands to Watch” and is featuring amazing startups and well-established brands that span from CBD supplementation, to apparel, to tickets. With more time at home and time to explore new ideas and brands online, this five-part article series is a great guide to new and exciting brands that have been featured around Hollywood earlier this year at events like the Oscars week gifting suite, and NY Fashion week.