Play Games, Discover Planets for NASA or Fauna for Russia

This week, NASA announced the creation of the Planet Patrol Website. The purpose of the website to aid scientists in the research of the new exoplanets in the data of the TESS space telescope. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is a space telescope for NASA’s Explorers program, designed to search for exoplanets using the transit method in an area 400 times larger than that covered by the Kepler mission.

New German Technology to Aid in the Crowd Numbers Calculations

Germany announced the creation of the new technology to assist in providing the accurate crowd numbers.  At the end of August, thousands took to the streets in the “anti-Corona protests”. There was an attempt to close Berlin by the law enforcement.  The government tried to stop the planned  demonstration due to the concern of the Coronavirus spread.

Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope Market to Witness Strong Growth

Laser indirect ophthalmoscopy offer advantages like wider field of view, better image resolution, less irritation to the ocular surface, and ease in ophthalmic examination because the ophthalmoscope is mounted on the forehead of the physician/ophthalmologist. Indirect ophthalmoscopes available today facilitate improvements in eye examination results, and care.

When Real Estate Turns Deadly – A Call to Keep Real Estate Agents Safe

Beverly Carter sold homes in Little Rock, Arkansas. Ashley Oakland served as the sales person in a model townhome in DesMoines, Iowa. Meanwhile, Janice Tisdale is a realtor in San Antonio, Texas. Although they worked in different parts of the country,these three agents shared a common bond: they all were viciously attacked on the job. Of the three women, only one of them survived.

Driving Demand For Tablet Market Growing Strong

Advent of dual operating systems and extensive storage capacity of the variety of applications downloaded on tablets have facilitated table vendors to innovate new operating systems. Asia Pacific region dominated the worldwide Tablet Market in 2019, accounting for 34.8%% share in terms useful, followed by Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America.

Europe To Dominate The Dental Bone Graft Substitute Market

In the European dental market, particularly in the countries of Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands, the growth factors for this industry are the increase in aging population and governmental expenditure on oral healthcare. The global Dental Bone Graft Substitute Market size is estimated to be $450 million in 2020 and projected to reach $659 million by 2025, at a CAGR of 7.9%.

Healthcare Analytical Testing Services Market Project To Reach New Heights

Factors such as the increased outsourcing of analytical testing services by pharmaceutical companies, rising focus on specialized testing services for biologics and biosimilars, and the growing number of clinical trials are expected to drive the growth of the healthcare analytical testing services market. The Market is expected to greatly increase.

Mobile Analytics Market Tracking To Grow In Near Future

Constant growth in online purchases through mobile apps and growing emphasis on increasing customer retention has increased the demand for mobile analytics across numerous sectors. Increasing number of smartphone users and rising preference for accessing online content through mobile devices has allowed many companies to specialize in reaching customers through mobile applications.

Demand Drives Global Minimally Invasive Surgery Market

Constant technological developments, rise in incidence of chronic diseases, and increase in medical tourism in the developing countries are the reasons for growth of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Market. The procedure is performed through small incision(s) using specialized instruments, miniature cameras with microscopes, tiny fiber-optic flashlights and high definition monitors.

Does IT Certification Provide You With a Competitive Edge in Your Career?

Why should I take a Microsoft IT certification? Most new and experienced IT professionals ask themselves this question in the job market today. Experts in the field of information technology say that taking a Microsoft certification provides you several benefits. You get a competitive edge in the job market as this certification is recognized across the world. It helps you to progress further in your career and provides you an opportunity to work in various business segments.

Multiple Factors Drive Demand For Endoscopy Equipment Market

The key factors driving the growth of Endoscopy Equipment Market market include favorable government initiatives, rising number of hospitals and growing hospital investments in endoscopy facilities, technological advancements, and rising prevalence of diseases that require endoscopy. The endoscopes segment is expected to account for the largest share of the market in 2017.

A Passionate Young Ethical Hacker, Ayush Patel Took the Market by Storm Through His Impeccable Skills and Dedicated Endeavor

As quoted by The UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), the Covid-19 pandemic is more than just a global health crisis. Besides adversely affecting medical conditions around the world, the pandemic has deteriorated the economical and social scenario too. In such challenging times, to be creative and attain consistent self growth is no less than a superpower. The world witnessed many dynamic personalities with such superpowers amidst the pandemic. Resilient Entrepreneur Ayush Patel is one such name in the list.

What is a Hydrophobic Coating?

“Hydrophobic” literally means water repelling, as such a hydrophobic coating results in water molecules being repelled from a treated surface. Hydrophobic coatings and treatments are typically utilized to decrease surface energy, repel liquids and other fouling materials or for applications where having a surface that does not wet out when exposed to moisture is desirable. Most (but not all)  hydrophobic coatings are also oleophobic and will also repel oils, solvents, and other organic materials when exposed to them. These repellent coatings have significantly reduced surface energy resulting in a wide variety of uses in many applications.

Antibody Research Boosts Global Electrophoresis Market

Rising use of electrophoresis techniques affects on of growing importance of antibody research in the development of bio therapeutic are the major factors driving the use of electrophoresis, as a result boosted the demand for research applications. Genomic and proteomic technologies have gained significant importance in fields of clinical diagnosis and drug discovery and development.

Global Regulations Drive APAC Electric Charging Station Market

Increasing pollution is one among the hazardous problems faced by Asia Pacific region, where vehicles are a serious contributor to pollution. Replacing conventional fuel-based vehicles with a new generation electric vehicle is a crucial step towards pollution control. Electric vehicles don’t emit polluting gases. Increasing number of electrical vehicles leads to rising demand for electrical power stations.

Global Contract Lifecycle Management Market Is Set To Grow Three-Fold

The global contract lifecycle management market is expected to grow 3.5x between 2020 and 2030, with an impressive 13% CAGR. The coronavirus outbreak is likely to generate growth opportunities for contract lifecycle management market players, with the digitization of contracting processes, and the need for analyzing protections associated to business disruptions arising from infectious disease.

Demand Accelerates Global Veterinary Orthopedic Implants Market

Increasing number of companion animals worldwide, rising willingness to spend  money on their animal health, growing occurrences of orthopedic injuries thanks to the rising fame of animal sports like racing, racing , bull fighting, dog fighting et al. are a number of the factors which can accelerate the expansion of the veterinary orthopedic implants market within the forecast period of 2020-2027.

Epigenetics Market To Express Healthy Growth

According to a new market research report on epigenetics , the market is projected to reach $1.60 billion by 2022 from an estimated $854.0 million in 2017, at a CAGR of 13.5% during the forecast period. Increase in epigenetics research activities, favorable government funding initiatives, high R&D expenditure, rising incidence of various diseases, and the presence of key players are the key factors driving the growth.

Thermometer Rising In Smart Temperature Management Industry

Market Research Future gives complete enlightenment in the global smart Temperature Management Industry 2020. The study addresses growing demand, production volume, sales revenue, and growth prospects and could witness stability from the year 2017-2023. In these years, the market’s potentiality might climb at a rate of 7%, with a high market valuation of  $5.0 billion.