Rising Incidence of Disease Drives Enteric Disease Testing Market

Enteric diseases are caused by microscopic pathogens that enter the body through the mouth or intestinal route, fundamentally because of eating or drinking any contaminated foods or fluids. The immune system of the body and the strength of the pathogen cumulatively decide the fate of the infection whether it will be acute or chronic. The enteric pathogen can cause further complexities such as malabsorption of medications and immunological disorders.

Reuse of Asphalt Driving Asphalt Testing Equipment Market

Asphalt testing equipment is used for the testing of the type of mixtures that can be carried out to suit a particular engineering requirement. Asphalt is also known as bitumen and is used mostly in road construction and roofing applications. The asphalt testing equipment is used to design a suitable mix for producing the right mixture with low maintenance costs. The 5% of asphalt is mixed with other constituents such as sand and gravel which make up 95% and is tested with the asphalt testing equipment to constitute a mixture that can be used for specific purposes.

Global Tribometer Market to Witness Growth

A tribometer is an instrument that measures quantities such as wear volume, friction force and coefficient of force between two contact surfaces. Tribometer are used to test and analyze the long-term performance and function various devices. The requirement of controlling wear and friction in movable devices or machine parts is very important in the industry. Tribometer also measures single wear friction with liquid, temperature and atmosphere control options.

Growing Demand for HD Video Fueling Video Test Equipment Market

Vendors offer video test equipment for service activation, regulatory compliance, video & audio generator, and quality analysis. Some types of technology that are included in video test equipment are broadcast and IPTV from leading manufacturers. The parameters define the quality of video are compression, video processing, transmission, and decompression. Video test equipment evaluate the video quality throughout the development, quality assurance, and deployment phase.

Significant Growth Expected in Impact Soil Tester Market

Impact soil tester is used to control and measure strength of the soil and its consolidation level. It is commonly used to indicate degree of compaction of soil used during construction of the road. Furthermore, Impact Soil testers are also used to identify poorly compacted areas and ineffective composition of the material. End users commonly prefer Non-destructive Impact soil tester techniques for analyzing the superiority of the soil. Non-destructive testers are always preferred as these don’t alter the sample/material while the test is being performed on the same.

Megohmmeters Market Growth Driven by Increased Demand

Rapid industrialization is creating a need for high-performance and low-risk devices. These devices are used for testing and maintaining safety at workplaces for employees. Various industries are using megohmmeters because of their high capacity and the ability to create DC voltage from an internal battery. The availability of megohmmeters in different voltage and current ranges is also helping end users to get megohmmeters as per their specific requirements.

Pavement Tester Market Driven by Increasing Adoption

The continuous evolution in construction industry coupled with rapidly growing urbanization rates is having the positive impact on the growth of pavement tester market. The increasing infrastructure development has led to the depletion of natural coverage, which further imposes the significant environmental impacts, and therefore, due to this factor the demand for pavement tester is increasing to evaluate the road surfaces in accordance with the standards.

Humidity Testers Market Fueled by Growing Demand

Growing demand from hospitals and the construction sector is fueling the growth of the global humidity Testers market. Few of the important applications of humidity Testers are monitoring concrete setting, monitoring of moisture level, management of environment for agriculture and horticulture, controlling environment for data center, food and beverages, broadcast equipment and others.

Growing Demand Fuels Duct Integrity Tester Market

The growing demand from the telecom sector for DIT is fueling the demand for the DIT market. DIT is used to check if the installed ducts are ready to use. DIT is performed to avoid improper coupling, missing out sections of duct, duct blockage, kinking, and others. Duct integrity tests are performed with the help of compressed air, mandrel, go-gauge sponge, and others. While performing DIT, the mandrel is pushed inside from one end with pneumatic pressure and is taken out from the other end.

Fertilizer Tester Market Growing Rapidly

The fertilizer tester determines chemical and the physical composition of the fertilizers. In the physical composition test, the fertilizer tester determines the particle size and the moisture content which plays a pivotal role while testing fertilizers. And in the chemical composition test, the fertilizer tester determines various impurities that can harm the plant and amount of nutrients. The amount of nutrient content determines the efficiency of the fertilizer. Thus, the test is carried out for analyzing the quality of the fertilizer to meet the required standards.

The demand for the fertilizer tester is increasing rapidly, as right quality of fertilizer plays a significant role in the green revolution and food grain production. The increase in the adoption of fertilizer has significantly contributed to the increase in sustainability and the quality of the food grains which is ultimately boosting the fertilizer tester market across the globe.

Fertilizer Testers are gaining traction owing to high need for profitable crops

The usage of the fertilizer tester is increasing in the emerging and developing countries owing to high growth in the population in several countries. Thus, the demand for profitable crops is also expected to grow rapidly across the globe. Owing to growth in population, the available land to grow crops/fertile land is expected to decrease. Therefore, the better quality of the fertilizer can increase the quantity of the crop yields per hectare. Some of these factors are massively fueling the growth of the fertilizer tester market.

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High Awareness towards best agricultural practices is boosting the growth of fertilizer testers market

There is emphasis on educating the farmers about agricultural practices to improve the quality of the soil. Along with that, the manufacturers of the fertilizer testers are focusing on introducing the advanced fertilizer which offers precise and accurate results. Now a days, end users are adopting advanced fertilizer for improving the quantity and the quality of the crops. These parameters are potentially contributing to the growth of the fertilizer tester market around the globe.

  • For example, in 2018, SEAL Analytical, Inc. (UK based manufacturer), one of the prominent manufacturers of the fertilizer tester, has launched AQ400 Discrete fertilizer tester, which can test the quality by small samples ranging from 20ul to 400ul, with accurate results.

These improvements and the developments in the fertilizer tester market is potentially fueling the growth of the fertilizer tester market across the globe.

The fertilizer tester market has been segmented on the basis of sample type, format type, and region.

Segmentation on the Basis of sample type:

  • Chemical fertilizers
  • Bio fertilizers
  • Physical fertilizers
  • Mineral fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizers

Segmentation on the Basis by format type:

  • Liquid
  • Dry

Some of the prominent players in the fertilizer tester market are, SEAL Analytical, Inc. (UK), SGS SA (USA), HORIBA, Ltd., Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co. Ltd (China), irtech.in (India), Microtrac. (USA), Shimet Engineers Pvt. Ltd,

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On the basis of geography, the fertilizer tester market is segmented across North America, Eastern Europe, Latin America, Western Europe, Japan, China, SEA and others in Middle East & Africa and the Asia Pacific. Rising need of healthy and nutritious crops in multiple countries such as India and Australia is significantly contributing to the growth of the fertilizer tester market. In Japan and Russia, due to the rise in the farming and agriculture in the region, it is expected to witness high growth of fertilizer tester market during the forecast period. In addition, the fertilizer tester market expected to rise, owing to several investments and the expenditure from the various developing countries in Asia Pacific region.

Water Leakage Tester Market to Witness Significant Growth

Water leakage incidents occur at various residential or non-residential places result in loss of large quantity of water. Water leakages can damage the older or newly constructed buildings. The various reasons of water leakage can be every day wear and tear in the building or pipeline, waste such as hair or grease can cause the damage to water pipeline and result in water leakage, high water pressure, various chemicals present in the water, conditions of soil in the particular area, and breakdown of fittings.

Surging Demand Fuels Motor Testing Equipment Market

Motor testing equipment is used to measure and estimate various performance parameters and electrical characteristics of motors. They are of many types including single-phase motor testing equipment and three-phase motor testing equipment. Motor testing equipment can be either offline where no power is supplied to the motor or online where the power supply is required. Motor testing equipment is used to improve the lifespan and efficiency of motors. Motor testing equipment has inbuilt series of tests that are sequenced automatically and they complete the tests quickly with high accuracy.

Significant Demand Growing Sand Testing Equipment Market

The sand testing equipments test the various components of sand used in construction of concrete which include natural sand, crushed stone sand, and crushed gravel sand stone dust. The sand should be hard, durable, chemically inert and free from adherent coatings, organic matters etc. The sand testing equipments provide the information about the organic impurities like iron, mica, alkalis present in the sand, moisture content in the sand, clay. The particles of sand have different sizes. The sand testing equipments are used to test whether the sand particles are within graded zones or not. As sand is the prime factor used in construction works after water the sand testing equipments are required to be highly efficient, accurate and reliable.

The construction industry is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast periods. The increasing construction works are expected to fuel the growth in sand testing equipments market.

The increasing populations, urbanization are resulting in increased number of construction projects. The sand is used for concrete construction during the construction projects. Also moulds and cores of various patterns are made using sand. The defects arising from the sand can be minimized by using sand testing equipments. The high quality sand ensures the strength, durability and quality of a construction work or that of the moulds. All these factors drive the sand testing equipments market.

Any appreciable amount of clay balls, moisture and impurities like iron pyrites, alkalis, salt, mica or any other laminated materials can adversely affect the quality of concrete or plaster. This can result in adverse effects on construction works. Thus the testing of sand is of utmost important in construction industry. The sand testing equipments inform about the capacity of sand to withstand repeated cycles of heating and cooling during casting operations. The sand testing equipments help in ensuring the effects of moisture on the permeability of sand. For knowing the stress withstand capacity of sand before internal or external cracking, sand testing equipments are necessary.

However various sand testing equipments are required for ensuring the quality of sand. Sand testing equipments should be able to perform various tests like compatibility, permeability, moisture content and others. The design of sand testing equipments to perform all these tests can be complicated and this may restrain the growth in sand testing equipments market.

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Depending upon the tests to be carried out, the sand testing equipments market can be segmented as

  • Organic Impurities Tests
  • Silt Content Tests
  • Particle Size Tests
  • Deleterious Materials Tests

Based on the offerings in the construction works, the sand testing equipments market can be segmented as

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Surface Finish

Depending upon the sand testing equipments used, the sand testing equipments market can be segmented as,

  • Sand Samplers
  • Sand Washers
  • Moisture Indicators
  • Density Indicators
  • Permeability Meter

Some of the matured players in sand testing equipments market are Versatile Equipments Pvt. Ltd., KELSONS, Associated Scientific and Engineering Works, China Liming Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co. LTD., American Foundry Society, ZENIHT, LXY, CB Machinery, Supertech Scientific and Metallurgical Services, BENET, and Intermodal Services Co. W.L.L.

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These sand testing equipments market players try to expand their share in global sand testing equipments and use innovative technologies to strengthen their position in the sand testing equipments market.

The increasing population, emerging economies and growing disposable incomes of people in countries such as China and India are leading to growth in construction industry of Asia Pacific region. The construction of new residential, commercial buildings, airports are expected to fuel the growth in the sand testing equipments market in this region. Europe is expected to witness the significant growth in the housing and commercial building construction. The increasing construction works in Europe are expected to propel the growth in the sand testing equipments market. In addition to this, the expansion of airport terminals are expected to drive the sand testing equipments market in Europe.

North America is expected to invest large amounts for the construction works in next 10 years. This is expected to drive the sand testing equipments market in North America region. Middle East and Africa region is importing large amount of sand required for construction works from Australia. The growth in construction works in Middle East and Africa are expected to propel the sand testing equipments market in this region.

New Opportunities in Metal Testing Equipment Market

Metal is a material which is prepared fresh, fractured or polished, and exhibits a lustrous appearance. Metal is a good conductor of both heat and electricity, when compared to other compounds. Metals are both ductile (can be made into wires) and malleable (can be made into sheets).A metal is usually made up of an alloy such as stainless steel or a chemical element such as iron. There are many compounds and elements classified under the name metal, under high pressures. For e.g.: a non-metal iodine compound becomes into metal at pressure of 140°C. Similarly metals can become non-metal when the atmospheric pressure is reduced.

Increased Industrialization, Infrastructure Charge Ground Resistance Testers Market

Ground resistance testers are devices used to test and measure electrical grounding systems. Ground resistance testers are required to diagnose electrical grounding problems, improve system performance and avoid electrical hazards. Proper grounding is required to enable optimum electrical continuity between the Earth and the conducting objects. Ground resistance testers can be used to take many other measurements including, ground bond, Earth leakage, etc.

Increasing Necessity Drives Network Connectivity Tester Market

The network is the communication between two or more computer systems. In practice, a network is comprised of a number of different computer systems connected by physical and/or wireless connections. Digital transformation has led to exponential growth of IP-connected devices, including wireless access points, digital lighting, and access control devices, etc. As more organizations embrace mobile computing and consumers increasingly rely on mobile devices to manage their always-on, hyper-connected world, Wi-Fi networks are quickly becoming the backbone for delivering optimal user experience.

Significant Growth Expected in Compression Testers Market

Compression testers are used for testing the ability of a material to recover after a compressive external force is applied on it and the force is held on the material for a certain predefined time. The compression testers give various results such as load at rupture, maximum load on the material, deflection of material on the application of maximum load, work done at the maximum load, stiffness of material, stress on the material and strain conditions. The design of compression testers should be such that the accurate results are obtained for the particular material in case of applied compression, transverse, shear testing etc.

The compression testers market is expected to witness significant growth in next few years due to the developing industrialization. Various properties of compression testers such as accuracy, precise repeatability, and high tolerance power make them preferred in various industries in the global market.

Increased Testing Requirements Drive Telecom Testing Equipment Market

Telecom is a short name for telecommunications, where context allows media or people to commonly exclude the rest of its name without confusion, often resulting from a monopoly or previous monopoly. The term is now trademarked by various companies in their local jurisdiction, although usually with a qualifier of locality (e.g. ‘Deutsche’ Telekom), since 1985. In some countries, (e.g. New Zealand) the word TELECOM on its own is a registered trade mark.