June 25 National Police Community Cooperative Day Plans Derailed By Accident

Celebrating nationwide, today, June 25 is National Police Community Cooperative Day!  Having received her first congratulatory letter for the holiday from Mayor Henderson of Columbus, GA, National Police Community Cooperative Day is founded by beloved, trusted Advocate Greshun De Bouse who is adored for her peaceful mannerisms of bringing people together. 

Election and Voter Suppression in Texas

I want to let people know what has happened at the polls during early voting from Feb 18-28th 2020, right here in Scurry County. It did not personally happen to me, but it happened to friends, family, and acquaintances. Several people have reported to me, and these are Credible sources, that when they went to vote at the polls at the Scurry County Courthouse, that the election workers violated the law. Texas law forbids an election worker from influencing or persuading voters in any way, but a worker violated this law several days during the voting process.

Transphobic Radio Host Denies Attack on Gender Dysphoria

In a blast back to the article I wrote, Mr. Pratt hosted another podcast entitled “HD83: Democrat claims victimhood for criticism not levied.”

First, he claims I was not victimized because of the previous podcast entitled “Wiccan, male living as female in Snyder, running for Texas’ HD83.”

As I stated previously in my article, Gender Dysphoria is a real issue, and by him “attacking” me and misgendering, this is an attack on me and my rights.

Connected Streets – Coming to a Road Near You

Yippi-hoo! My neighborhood’s getting a connected street. I’m sure I’m supposed to do a happy dance. Maybe I should offer my heartfelt thanks to city planners. Except, when I first heard about this 11 million dollar project, I had no idea what it was or how it would actually help me!

I did what every curious, post-modern citizen must: I took a Google-dive. I read fantastic company produced blogs complete with slick Youtube videos. My fun-factor spun out of control. I knew I was feasting on marketing hype. So, armed with a new vocabulary, I set out to understand what’s really happening in my neighborhood.

Can We Trust in Our Current Rep. Dennis Bonnen & Dustin Burrows?

With more and more GOP House members and Elected officials calling for Bonnen to resign, or Burrows to resign, what is not understood is why Bonnen is the only one that most of these elected officials are asking to resign. Burrows is as guilty in this illegal act as Bonnen is, and may even be more liable for actions, as Burrows made statements against his people and his state. Burrows should be also held to the same standard as Bonnen, and all GOP members should ask Burrows to resign as well as Bonnen.

Texas Has Always Fought For Us, So Why Don’t We Join Together and Help Me Fight for YOU

Dearest Americans,

First, let me tell you about a friend of mine who worked at a nonunion store. She was approached by a union member but decided not to join. A few weeks later, she was out of a job, not because she was not good at her job, but because she was not afforded the protection a union provides a member to not be fired without just cause.

MQS, Bonnen, and Burrows Scandal Escalates – They Hate Cities and Counties

Burrows did nothing wrong, this is what he said in an interview in Lubbock when he broke his silence. Which in this recording, it shows that he did indeed do a lot of things wrong! As a Representative, he said these things while in this meeting with Michael Quinn Sullivan, and Dennis Bonnen.

  • The story can be found here
  • The transcript of the conversation can be found here
  • Full Audio can be found here:

Things said by our Rep Dustin Burrows:

Local Control:

[M]y goal is for this to be the worst session in the history of the legislature for cities and counties…if I had to make one fundamental difference to the state of Texas, stopping the practice of tax dollars being used to lobby might make the biggest economic difference…Why don’t we just take the two local pennies that are being used for economic development and put those into driving down property taxes? We don’t raise anything, it’s already a statewide average, it’s economic development dollars, we hate cities and counties. I’ll take a hard look at them in the interim on a review, to see whether or not they’ve outlived their usefulness.” (page 34, 45, 47)

Screwing our schools:

  • “[W]e’re always careful to talk about eliminating the school M&O because you’ve got a 20-year horizon before you can eliminate the I&S. So you can’t eliminate all school property taxes, just contractually we’re in bed with school I&S for 20 years.” (pages 21, 22, 27, 48, 51)
  • “And this was the whole plan, and that’s the whole reason it even got started over there because they were not moving that thing. We did three-and-a-half percent. I tried to take CO’s and count it on M&O, which y’all never recognized, which is probably the biggest game-changer. They can’t get rid of this funny business. We removed schools to put in 3, not because it’s different philosophically.”

DUSTIN BURROWS: This is the RPT number one priority, it is the biggest game-changer. Terry Holcomb and Mark Ramsey coming to me, this is what we want, we passed it last minute. Maybe your criticism should be, why is RPT saying this is the number one priority of their planks, and of course now we’re getting these things that say we didn’t pass any of their planks. This was their plank position, eliminate school M&O property.
MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN: But it didn’t. It said we’re going to study it for two years, figure out a way to do it and then it will go away, maybe, unless the legislature does something different in two years. That’s the read of the legislation. Now, maybe you have the absolute certainty that in the next legislative session, the legislature would have done something to find $60 billion.
MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN: Yes. On the economic side, yes. On the political side, I would put ending funding for union dues. The government collection of union dues. Only because, you know, a good reading of Sun Tzu notes the first thing you do is cut off your enemy’s supply lines. 98 percent of union money goes to Democrats. You can justify, with a straight nonpolitical face, not having the government fund the collection of union dues.
DUSTIN BURROWS: We just have to put it on the floor as we did. Here’s the thing: It’s also a two-cycle process. If you can get taxpayer-funded lobby. Now we have the threshold requirement, now, that some of it should be out there being made public. Most people don’t understand what the hell taxpayer-funded lobbying does. They don’t know it’s being used against police, fire, taxpayers everything else. Trying to expose it and build a case will make a difference in getting it passed next session. Union dues may be the same type of then you just have to flop it, get a test vote out of it, you know, and then push the narrative or try to push the narrative in between, to get that done.
DUSTIN BURROWS: I guess we’ll have a Republican caucus meeting, hopefully, to elect the most moderate Democrat speaker and go to war.

What Bonnen said about Texans:

DENNIS BONNEN: He can. I’m that much closer to passing taxpayer-funded lobbying. Let me tell you something: In this office and in the conference room on that end, any mayor, county judge that was dumb ass enough to come to meet with me, I told them with great clarity, my goal is for this to be the worst session in the history of the legislature for cities and counties.
DUSTIN BURROWS: I hope the next session’s even worse.
DENNIS BONNEN: No, no. Let me be clear with you about that. You have no responsibility who runs. Your responsibility is whether your money lands there. Fair?
DENNIS BONNEN: When Damon Rambo ran, he ran on his own. Seriously, he really did, and then you funded him. And I want to be clear, I’m okay, I mean that, but 19 that’s a perfect example. He showed up completely on his own. I know that. I absolutely know that, Michael.
MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN: And that’s the way we’ve always approached things.
DENNIS BONNEN: So all I’m asking is that this time you don’t fund him.
MICHAEL QUINN SULLIVAN: Thank you, sir. Adios.
DENNIS BONNEN: Hey, and I’m not kidding, we should be able to beat some of these people. They’re horrible. And don’t forget, Blakemore told Schofield not to worry about it and they didn’t spend any money, Gary Elkins spent no money and did nothing. Those two seats, we should win. Beckley, we should beat. Ana Marie Ramos is awful. And don’t forget something else: If a Democrat member does make a public statement against a Republican, I’m all in against them.

Democrats disparaged:

Michelle Beckley (D-HD65-Carrollton) pp 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 41
Trey Martinez Fischer (D-HD116-San Antonio): pp 14,16
Ana Marie Ramos (D-HD102-Richardson) pp 12, 41
Jon Rosenthal (D-HD135-Houston) pp 12, 18

Democrats mentioned:

Chris Turner (D-HD101-Grand Prairie) pp 16
John Turner (D-HD114-Crockett) pp 19

“10 moderate Republicans who don’t want to help on anything:”

Steve Allison (R-HD121-San Antonio) pp 43, 44
Trent Ashby(R-HD57-Lufkin) pp 43, 44
Ernest Bailes (R-HD18-Shepherd) pp 43, 44
Travis Clardy (R-HD11-Nacogdoches) pp 32, 33, 34, 43, 44
Drew Darby (R-HD72-San Angelo) pp 44
Kyle Kacal (R-HD12-College Station) pp 44
Stan Lambert (R-HD71-Abilene) pp 44
Tan Parker (R-HD63-Flower Mound) pp 13, 44
John Raney (R-HD14-College Station) pp 44
Phil Stephenson (R-HD85-Wharton) pp 31, 34, 35, 44

Republican who is “just a dumb freshman:”

Keith Bell (R-HD4-Forney) pp 43, 44

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The Hardships of a Transgender Person in Texas

While the potential threat of violence in Texas against a transgender woman is significant, there are many other concerns for transgenders in the state of Texas that they inevitably face every day. I will explain some of these, and if you will bear with me. I would like the public to comprehend the hardships that the LGBT community, especially Transgenders face every day.

I will start with the most pressing issue of an LGBT or transgender person’s pain: acceptance.

Guyger Sentenced to Ten Years for Murder of Unarmed Black Neighbor, Jean

A former American policewoman has been sentenced to ten years in prison for killing a black neighbor, whom she shot dead at home in 2018. Amber Guyger, who is white, insists the shooting in Dallas was a mistake. Judged by a Texas court, Guyger, 31, was convicted on Tuesday of murdering the victim, Botham Jean. She had been facing between five and 99 years in prison for the shooting.

An Activist, A House Speaker, and A Representative: A Scandal With a Twist and Silence

State Rep. Dustin Burrows of Lubbock has resigned as chair of the Texas House GOP Caucus amid allegations that he and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen planned to politically target members from their party in the 2020 primaries. Conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan has said he secretly recorded Burrows and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen asking him to challenge 10 House incumbents in the 2020 elections.

Issues that Affect Texans Are Not Being Addressed by Current Representatives

While the 86th Legislative session was praised as the best session, and representatives all across the House called it very successful, some things were bypassed that the people of Texas have asked for or need desperately. The Governor has failed to address these issues in the state. People are now being turned towards the scandal within the house, a fight between both parties and all representatives.

Texas Rep. Dustin Burrows Caught in Scandal – Will He Keep Quiet or Share What He Knows?

Recently, Michael Quinn Sullivan of the conservative group Empower Texans alleged that in a meeting that happened July 12 between him and Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Representative Dustin Burrows (R – Lubbock), that Bonnen and Burrows offered “press credentials” to Sullivan if his group would target a list of people. Sullivan alleges that Bonnen then left the room, and this is when the list was read to Sullivan by Burrows, which included:

Texas Police Apologize for Handcuffing and Pulling a Black Man Using a Rope

Texas police have landed in hot soup after a photo emerged of two police officers pulling along a black man using a rope. Galveston police have since apologized for the incident, which has caused outrage and criticism. “Disrespectful, degrading and inhuman.” This are some of the words that have been used to describe the actions of the two police officers from the local police department in the city in eastern Texas.

Texas Shopping Mall Mass Shooting – Followed by Ohio – 29 Killed, 53 Injured

Twenty people died yesterday following a mass shoot out at a Texas mall. Twenty-six others were injured, among them, two children aged two and nine years old. The mall was very busy because schools are about to open and many parents were shopping for their children.
When the shooting broke out around 10 a.m. local time, between 1,000 and 3,000 customers and 100 employees were present in the mall. Surveillance cameras recorded the shooter.

Discrimination, Bullying and Hate Speech – The First Amendment Walks a Thin Line

Discrimination, bullying and hate speech, while hurtful and illegal in most states, is being allowed by 1st Amendment rights in a thin line on air and in print!

Please, before anyone gets offended or hurt by my statements, I am not against the First Amendment. I fully support the right to free speech, but while we have the right to free speech, there is a thin line on what people say that crosses that line into hate speech and bigotry, and bullying.

Discrimination Against Transgender People at a Store in Texas

I am a 38 year old transgender female, here in Snyder, Texas, I have been shopping at this store on College Avenue ever since it was built on the old west2go property, and have had no issue

But today, I went in the store to get my everyday usual, a 44 oz fountain drink. and after I fixed my drink, I placed it on the counter and went around the corner to the restroom–the ladies room.

7 Days to Midterm Elections: No Stone Left Unturned for Votes

14 Days to the Midterm Elections: Too Close to Call?