Messianic Conflicts – Easter – Passover

About at the same time when is being celebrated the holiday of Passover, Christians are celebrating the Easter festival.  Passover is the time when the Jewish people exited the land of Egypt where they had been slaves for 210 years.  The redemption of the Jewish people from Egypt began when Moses while doing his work as a shepherd witnessed a bush which was burning with a fire which would not extinquish called in Genesis 2:4 “the burning bush.” 

The Secret of Peace and Unity

The Hebrew Alphabet is filled with ancient secrets. In the second letter of the Hebrew Alphabet the letter ב Beit is the secret of peace and unity.  This secret is in the form of the letter ב Beit.

The form of the letter ב Beit is above a roof and below a line or floor in the middle is a vertical line which connects the roof of the letter with its base.  The letter Beit ב is the first letter in the Torah the Bible, Genesis of the five books of Moses.  The letter Beit ב is numerically equal to 2.

Women March for Unity

“A woman of valour who can find?”( Proverbs of King Solomon)  It is not easy to be a woman of valour.

Women in a free world have the right to express themselves to the world that they have equal rights.  Their march on January 19 was well organized and gives to woman tremendous respect.  They marched peacefully and expressed their demands peacefully.  Compared to other marches today like Yellow vests in France and Ultra- Orthodox demonstrations in Israel which became sometimes violent, their march should become an example for others of the right way to demonstrate.

Woman in Jewish history have been given the most respect.  Deborah was the leader of the Jewish people in the time of Judges which was the period in Jewish history following the entrance of the Jewish people into the land of Israel under the leadership of Joshua.  During this period which lasted over 400 years the nation was ruled by judges, as the Jews had not yet established a kingship.  Deborah was a prophetess, the fourth Judge and the only female judge mentioned in the bible.  She is even considered to be a saint in the Catholic Church.  She was a brave woman commander and chief of the army of Israel who guided the Jewish nation to attack and conquer Jabin the king of Canaan and their military commander Sisera.  The story is recounted in Judges Chapter 4.

Scripture relates that she rendered her judgments beneath a date palm tree between Ramah in Benjamin and Bethel in the land of Efraim.  (see the caption above)  A Song was composed in her honor which is a victory hymn song by two woman Deborah and Yael who were influential in their victory.