The Hardships of a Transgender Person in Texas

While the potential threat of violence in Texas against a transgender woman is significant, there are many other concerns for transgenders in the state of Texas that they inevitably face every day. I will explain some of these, and if you will bear with me. I would like the public to comprehend the hardships that the LGBT community, especially Transgenders face every day.

I will start with the most pressing issue of an LGBT or transgender person’s pain: acceptance.

Transgender Healthcare in Texas (or the lack thereof)

I have seen numerous Facebook posts, articles, and comments about allowing Medicaid or taxpayer insurance policies to pay for or to cover gender reassignment surgery for transgender individuals, and people stating they would not pay taxes to allow transgenders to get surgery.

As a transgender myself, I know firsthand how this affects these individuals. Texas Medicaid does indeed cover these sometimes life-saving surgeries. but no clinic in the state of Texas will accept Medicaid for these procedures.

Hatred Towards LGBT People By Those Who Are Not Knowledgeable About LGBT Issues

To begin with, I am not a medical doctor, or counselor, or teacher. I do not have a Ph.D. These are simply well-publicized and known reports on LGBT individuals, along with my opinions. This is merely an informational article to enable the people to know the struggles LGBT go through in their daily lives. What drives these people to be LGBT even though they endure hatred and hurt every day?