British Tourist Shot Dead in Robbery in Argentina

A British millionaire from Northamptonshire was shot dead in front of a five-star hotel in broad daylight in Argentina by two robbers who police believe had followed him from the airport. It is said that Matthew Charles Gibbard, 50, arrived with other family members at Buenos Aires’ Ezeiza International Airport on a British Airways flight that landed at 9:30. They then took a taxi to Faena Art Hotel in Puerto Madero. As they got out, they were attacked by the robbers on a motorcycle, who tried to rob them. Authorities have said that Gibbard and a stepson, Stefan, resisted the theft and were shot in the struggle.

Brexit: EU and UK Agree on New Deal

The European Union and the UK negotiating teams have reached an agreement for Britain to leave the EU at a meeting in Brussels. “We’ve got a great new deal that takes back control— now Parliament should get Brexit done on Saturday so we can move on to other priorities like the cost of living, the NHS, violent crime, and our environment,”  Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a tweet.

IAG Downgrades Profit Outlook, Blames Pilot Strikes

The parent company of Iberia, Vueling, and British Airways states that labor disputes will subtract €215 million from their operating profit. The IAG group (International Airlines Group) has revised its results outlook on Thursday due to the impact of two labor conflicts in the United Kingdom that caused an impact on its accounts of €170 million, as reported by the company at a relevant event.

Johnson Tells EU He has No Intention of Postponing Brexit

The debate in the UK was re-heated when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced today that he would tell European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that he wants to reach an agreement on Brexit, but he does not intend to postpone the October 31 deadline for Brexit. Political commentators began to ask whether Johnson’s remarks meant that he would not recognize the law adopted by Parliament. Last week, the Parliament passed a law asking Johnson to postpone Brexit for three months if an agreement could not be reached by October 19th.

Report: Two American F-15’s and British Skydivers Involved in Near Miss

Two American F-15 fighters nearly caused an accident on April 17 when they entered airspace reserved for skydiving in Cambridgeshire, a county in eastern England. They did it inadvertently and were close to colliding with two paratroopers who had launched from a plane shortly before the fighters went under them, a report has revealed. The moment was recorded with a GoPro camera that was attached to one of the skydivers’ helmets when traveling with a partner at about 200 kilometers per hour.