Galaxies, Universe and Music

Describing space above atmosphere by common language of “cosmic song”

Bijan Norouz have recently produced and edited some music for a video clip about the spheres and the cosmos, in which they have tried to describe the outer space of the earth for their audiences. As they believe there is a harmonic “Cosmic Song” among the celestial bodies and music is the one which can help a better understanding of the world above for the human.

When Musical Instruments Tuned Into Genre of Astronomy

It is reasonable to say that from the beginning of human creation, there were music, the sound of birds, the sound of water, the sound of wind when it blows through the trees, the sound of rain and all those inspired people who repeated the sounds of nature as a language to refine their souls.

Music has changed our minds and our imagination, and it has become a reason for the development of science music, therefore we can define a composer, as an author of music, because the composer, who is fully surrounded by the science of music, would be able to write his ideas in the alphabet of music.

A Standard Ruler for the Cosmic Dawn – Incredible New Method to Study the Formation of the Universe

An American astrophysicist Julian B. Muñoz found a process to study the universe during an earlier era of its formation. Muñoz is a theoretical cosmologist at Harvard. After the Massive Explosion (Big Bang), the universe was hot quark gluon plasma, that cooled during the expansion of space. A gluon is an elementary particle that acts as the exchange particle for the strong force between quarks.

Hanuman Chalisa Reveals the Limitation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Midst of Cosmic Intelligence (CI)

Artificial Intelligence and Cosmic Intelligence are widely used in Science as well as Spirituality. In Science, AI has discovered the classical theory and because of CI, the Quantum theory is evolved. In Spiritual world, AI is covered till we are under the grip of Prakriti or Shakti (energy); whereas, CI is achieved when we experience the functional aspects of Soul. The common platform for Science and Spirituality can be built by understanding mind (CI) or Prana or Energy (AI). This is because, both Science and Spirituality has the basic approach of Space (United of Mind) and energy (Prana or Unification of prevailing forces in the Universe).