Pope Francis Skips Public Engagements Due to Illness

Pope Francis has canceled all public engagements for the second day in a row. He is reported to be working from home due to a mild ailment. This is according to a statement issued by the Vatican. He attended Ash Wednesday service earlier this week at St Peter’s Basilica and was in high spirits despite a mild cough. In his youth, the pontiff lost part of his lung due to an illness.

Pope Ends Pontifical Secrecy on Sexual Abuse Cases in the Church

Pope Francis has, with immediate effect, abolished the pontifical secrecy in cases of sexual violence, child abuse, and child pornography. The decision was made on the 4th of this month and announced this Tuesday. Thanks to the declaration by the Pope, complaints, testimonies, and procedural documents on such cases, kept in the archives and departments of the Holy See and the dioceses, may be provided to magistrates of the respective countries, upon request, per their respective legal systems.

Putin Visits Pope Francis in Vatican City – The Message is Important

Nationalism is a necessary evil. God is both national and universal. The highest spiritual level is universal revealed by the Messiah of Freedom through resurrection.  You need both national and universal to build the kingship of God on earth.  The Byzantine Empire also called the Roman Empire today lives in the small country of Vatican City.  The smallest nation in the world may be the most powerful. Last week July 4  Vladimir Putin visited Pope Francis at Vatican City. Russia, the largest nation in the world, visited the smallest.