The Doctor is (Sort of) In: How Virtual Reality is Training and Assisting the New Generation of Healthcare Workers

If the coronavirus has taught us anything, it’s that our nation’s healthcare workers are the world’s real superheroes. Saving lives and making life better is all in a day’s work for them.

But even superheroes need a little help, especially when they’re learning to use their superpowers. Unfortunately, in a time of overwork and understaffing, it can be difficult for up-and-coming doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to get the training they need.

6 Virtual and Augmented Reality Trends in 2020

We live in the 21st century where technology is vast or transforming every day. These transformations are most certainly creating blurry lines between fiction and reality.

If you talk about 2019, it was a growth year for virtual and augmented reality. With these advancements, the recent year 2020 has passed a new way of experience where customers can engage with real-world life into an imaginary environment. These technologies help us to explore computer-generated environments in virtual life and overlay the computer graphics into our actual environment.

Japan Plans Wants Robots to Overtake Work Force and Entertainment By 2050

The Japanese Cabinet has announced an initiative to create a future society as part of the Moonshot Research and Development program.  The main goal of the program is to free people from physical, mental, temporal and spatial restrictions by 2050. By 2030, the government of Japan plans to develop technology for piloting robotic avatars. By combining AI, biotechnologies, and a super-fast network, a single person can control up to 10 avatars simultaneously to perform various tasks from the comfort of their own home and regardless of their physical capabilities.

Russian Special Forces Received New Virtual Reality Simulators – What Does the Training Entail?

Russian special forces will start training in a virtual reality setting. The new developed simulation training is specifically geared towards paratroopers. The vertical reality simulator was designed by the Man & Technologies Lab.  According to the company’s website Man & Technologies lab is a full cycle engineering design bureau.  The company specializes in the technology. However, interestingly there is no mention of any defense speciality.

Virtual Reality is Changing Timeshare Group Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint is the leading presentation software by a distance and is said by Microsoft to have been installed on over a billion computers worldwide. What began as a very basic piece of software, has become an incredibly powerful design tool for storytelling and putting a guest or potential owner in the picture for timeshare developers.

Technology is most certainly changing the way we all present, providing new ways to engage audiences and interact with content, and the timeshare presentations of the future could be unrecognisable to those we sit through today.