When and Where Shall Our 2020 Wedding Day Celebration Take Place? An Affordable Price with Your Budget in Mind Here in Oregon

Congratulations!  You’re engaged? You now have an engagement ring on your finger, for which you have been waiting for many years. When and where shall our Wedding day celebration take place? This is a question that may be in your thoughts right now.  Family and friends will be asking you this question until you make this decision.  Don’t panic but it is a worry. The average couple is engaged for one year before their wedding day. 

Deciding Your Wedding Day in the New Year 2020, Along with Picking Your Venue at an Affordable Price in Oregon

We are now in the year of 2020 which has a lot of significance to dates that fall on a Saturday throughout the year.  It is pretty easy to remember 2020 as the year you were married. It does have a nice sound to it when you think in the future of saying “I was married in 2020.”

Here are some dates throughout 2020 that have a nice rhythm to them when deciding your wedding day. It’s a good idea to decide now so you can reserve your favorite venue before your date is taken.







Not every year has dates that correlate like this year of 2020.  So have fun finding that date like the ones above and remember to book it soon.