Larry Tesler, Inventer of Cut, Copy, and Paste, Dies at 74

Larry Tesler, creator of the cut, copy and paste functions, died Monday of this week at 74 years old. The former Xerox employee was famously poached by Apple during its early stages before working for Amazon and Yahoo. Lawrence Gordon Tesler studied computer science at Stanford University and, after graduating, he ventured into investigating artificial intelligence, as well as the interaction between computers and people.

13 Largest White Collar Crooks, Fraudsters, and More…

Enclosed  is a list of what Communal News considers the recent largest white collar ripoffs starting from around the year 2000.

1. Bernard Madoff – Bernard L. Madoff Investments – NASDAQ’s chairman in 1990, 1991 and 1993. – US Largest fraud over $50 billion dollar Ponzi scheme.
2. Kenneth Lay – Enron – Co-chairman of Bush’s 1992 re-election committee. – Went from running America’s most admired company to guilty of fraud.
3. Allen Stanford –  Stanford Financial Group – Knighted with the title “Sir Allen.” – 2nd-largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history.
4. Bernard Ebbers
– WorldCom – “Telecom Cowboy” – Nation’s largest accounting fraud.
5. Jon Corzine
– MF Global – Elected Senator & Governor of New Jersey;  Member of the Senate Banking Committee. – Bankrupting MF Global two years after losing his New Jersey Governorship.