Learning from Corona Pandemic

Corona virus is still with us even though there are some improvements. There have already been 22 million people infected and 780 thousands deaths from the disease. In America alone more than 5.5 million cases and 173 thousand deaths. Russia is the first to produce a vaccine and there are many companies in the world on the way to producing an accepted vaccine. Including all the people infected in the world with those that will be eventually vaccinated hopefully will be reached Herd Immunity. In case that will come another similar virus, medical science is doing research the use of anti-viral drugs like Hydrochloroquine and Remdesvir to prepare for the next plague God Forbid.

Guru a New Spiritual Light

Guru means teacher. Receiving a Guru is like receiving God as your teacher. In the Old Age God is called King. In the religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam God is called King. Each of these religions relates to God the King of the Universe. All these religions are connected to the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. Judaism was established after Mount Sinai receiving from Moses the Law of the Jewish people. Christianity came from Judaism connecting more to the Messiah but also with the desire to establish the kingship of God on earth.

Corona the Great Equalizer

Madonna on her website called Corona the great equalizer.  Corona has created a universal problem which affects all nations and ethnic groups equally.  It is the great equalizer because it reveals the imperfection of man, his weakness. Corona is a weapon to destroy his arrogance. Medical science have identified the virus to give it the name Corona, a virus with deadly crowns. These deadly crowns are filled with proteins which penetrate and infect the body. With a spiritual eye it can be called the Crown of disunity of the angel of death. The virus targets the respiratory system and disables the respiratory system which separate the body from the breath of life given to man from God. God blew into the nostrils of Adam the breath of life. It is the great equalizer because every man lives from the breath of life that he receives when leaving the womb of his mother.  The child begins to cry until his breath is stabilized.

How Rishikesh Became the Capital of Yoga Worldwide

It’s no new story that yoga was first introduced in India. People from all over the world visit this spiritual country to learn the holistic teachings of Yoga. The traditional art of Yoga has been kept alive for many centuries for the mental and physical well-being of people. So, long before people even had the idea of gym or fitness, Yoga was doing its part to maintain the wellness of people.

Yoga Views on E=mc2

Einstein got E=mc2 by intuition and he integrated three fundamental particles namely proton, neutron and electron in a formula which is universally accepted as quantum law for any scientific development. Similarly, Indian yogi gets the integrated function of three Tattva (Particles) namely Varuna, Aryama and Mitra; which are equivalent to three fundamental particles of Science. This three Tattva (Varuna, Aryama and Mitra) are called ‘Apah’ in Veda and the same are functionally expressed in XIV chapter of Bhagvad Geeta. Some difference exists between scientific expression of E=mc2 and the statement provided in XVI chapter of Bhagvad Geeta. The modern science provides the formula for quantification (For obtaining the number); were as, Bhagvad Geeta provides the detail features of each one while integrating and becoming the cause for creation. The article explains the salient feature between the scientific approach and Vedic approach for fundamental particles.

The Anger Code – Not the Quiet and Sweet Side, Not the Fun and Crazy Side, But the Side You Never Want Others to See of You

Anger is just an emotion. It’s normal, even healthy to become angry, but constant, uncontrollable anger can prove to be harmful. Uncontrollable anger can prove to be disastrous, you might find yourself facing problems in every corner of your life: at work, in personal relationships and in overall quality of your health. Deeply embedded painful emotions associated with anger seldom get communicated in our rational minds. Reason takes a back seat. When in anger, all that a person ‘says’ or ‘acts’ are under a rage full of intense, immediate outburst. At that point of time, one can’t separate emotions from thoughts. In the midst of this turmoil one loses all sense of reason. The choice we have about our anger is the same choice we have about so many other aspects of our lives: will we turn toward our anger and seek to better understand it, manage it. Or will we let our habit energy of living, thinking and acting “in anger” and “from anger”dominate our lives, actions and the impact we have on others?

Diagnose and Cure Your Health by Yogic Means

In 21st century, many of us are suffering from psycho-somatic diseases. This is because of cut throat competition, very high intense responsibility and time bound target to achieve the goal. Different yogic concepts including Pranayama and Meditation helps to minimize or eliminate the day to day tension generated while achieving the goal.

The UN in its mission defined health as moral, physical, mental and spiritual well-being of an individual. Holistic health (Purn Swasth) is obtained when four stages of physical and mental upliftment are harmoniously balanced. With the help of these 3 means (breath through left & right hole of the nostril & breath rate per minute), we can understand body, mind & prana (utilizing them as diagnostic tools).

How Yoga Works and Why It’s Healthy

Yoga day is being celebrated all over the world on 21st June every year. On the eve of yoga day, the article on “How Yoga works?” reveals many answers of related queries. A humble attempt is made to explore the detailed aspects of “How yoga works?” in our day to day activity.

Before going to celebrate the Yoga Day, let us try to understand the queries like:

1. If yoga is not performed, what are the consequences?

2. Why yoga works for keeping better health?

3. When yoga works at Root level?

4. What yoga does for molecular exchange?

5. What way yoga works as complementary to medical system?

An Appeal Against Swine Flue and It’s Havoc (Yoga Concepts)

It is a saying that “Prevention is better than cure.” The same principle has to be adopted in case of swine flu and its havoc as there is an absence of any medical & scientific development to prevent & cure the swine flu. After a large death toll, all over the world due to the virus and its sign of spreading beyond human control drew, many are searching for any kind of remedial aspects to have some solace by preventing or controlling this.

Meditation Works: Yogi Masters Can Reveal the Unknown of the Universe

On the eve of International Yoga Day (on 21st June), the article on “Need of common platform for Scientist and Spiritual masters (Yogi) to reveal the unknown of the universe” is being published. In this connection, the analyses like i) Advantage of Common platform ii) The utility of meditation for scientist iii) Field of research in common platform and the same have been elaborated. As the scientists need “Intuitive Approach” to know the unknown from the universe, the importance of meditation in Yoga is also explored. The paper reveals the eight fundamental achievements of science namely i) Pythagorean Theorem ii) Newton’s Theory iii) Differential calculus (Maxwell’s) iv) Thermodynamics v) Schrodinger’s concept vi) Information theory vii) Einstein’s Theory or Quantum theory viii) Radio activities. They (eight achievements of Science) are compared with the facts mentioned in Veda, Upanishad and Bhagvad Gita.  The spiritual facts are hidden in the inner core of human being, and the same requires the exploration with the help of meditation.

Hurdles for Women’s Development

This article is taken out from the book “WOMEN POWER NEEDED FOR VIBRANT SOCIETY AND WORLD (A Scientific & Yogic Perspective)” published by smashworld.com. The reader may get clarity for removing the hurdlers while empowering the women:

Normally, people feel that men and society are responsible for debacle of women. The scenario like men does not help or assist women to achieve their better status and empowerment is not completely true. There could be a sense of man dominating environment but men are not against the development of women’s status and empowerment.

Conscious, Subsconcious, Parapsychology

Psychologists recognize that there are two levels of consciousness which are conscious level and subconscious. Psychologists work in treating people with speech which is on the conscious level. On the conscious level there is intellect and speech. Through interaction and communication between the psychologist and the patient, he/she is opened on the intellectual level to recognize his/her problems and to solve them. The results are not accomplished in one treatment.