Taking the Pain Out of Shots – Numbify with Lidocaine

It’s been a few weeks since we talked about using numbing for injections, and the response we have gotten has been epic! Turns out more people are afraid of needle pain than we even guessed at, and many of our fans are taking their Numbify with them to the doctor now that they have found a way to reduce the pain, and more importantly the anxiety leading up to it.

The most surprising thing is that we have actually received calls from doctors offices in a wide variety of places in the nation, asking us about Numbify, and what we know about them, and most importantly how they can get a sample of the product to try out, as they are considering carrying Numbify at their office for patients with pain issues, and/or fear of needles.

To start with, Numbify is a fast growing American brand of numbing products based out of Salem, Oregon. They are known across the nation for their 3-prong approach to pharmaceutical development.

  1. Stronger Numbing – This is a no brainer. Anytime you go to buy a product, you want one that is the best at what it does. That doesn’t necessarily mean its affordable, (we will touch on that in a moment) but all other things being equal, if you buy a hammer, you want the most effective and comfortable design. If it’s a roof, you want one that keeps the rain out best, and when you want a powerful numbing agent, you go with Numbify.
  2. Natural Ingredients – Natural ingredients are a big thing for Numbify. Being based out of the Pacific Northwest, Numbify is staffed by employees and leadership that care not only about making a healthier product with natural ingredients, but about the company’s environmental impact as well. This makes for an overall healthier numbing experience in our opinion.
  3. Low cost pricing – As promised, Numbify is always affordably priced. They consider it their duty to provide medication to the public at a price they can afford. It doesn’t do anyone any good if the product you make is the best, but no one can buy it.

Numbify not only provides a superior product for a lower price, it is unique in another way as well: Integrity. In online marketplaces such as amazon.com, walmart.com, and eBay, Numbify is the only seller of pharmaceutical products that we have been able to identify, that we are 100% sure is not buying fake product reviews from review farms.

This isn’t just a numbing agent issue, it is widespread across most online marketplaces. Review farms put product reviews up 1000x faster than these sites can keep up with and it is a scary thing.

That’s a big part of why we advocate for Numbify here – They keep their word, and advertise honestly. That way if you are considering carrying their products in your doctors office, or just buying one for your next round of immunizations, you know you can trust Numbify. Because if you can’t trust the manufacturer of your medication not to buy fake reviews, how can you trust the medicine?

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