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Exclusive interview with tattoo artist Craig Beasley. You can check out Craig’s tattoo shop at and

  • “I love that I get to put my art and my influence into every tattoo I do”.
  • Covering his Tattoo history being “super into” the art and lifestyle.
  • Why Craig’s shop offers Numbify for Tattoo Numbing.
  • What Craig enjoys most about his profession. 

How did you get into tattooing

I’ve been tattooing for 16-17 years now. I started through a standard apprenticeship and being in the culture – everything from the music, to the tattooing to everything that surrounded it, you know like drawing art, it all went hand in hand. As a kid in high school I was super into it, and I got an apprenticeship at a shop a few years later.

So art was always a part of you then?

Oh yeah, drawing and tattoos and things that look like tattoos growing up. It kinda went hand and hand in that hardcore kind of lifestyle. Seeing all my older buddies getting tattoos, I was all like, oh yeah I wanna do that too.

How many tattoos do you have, what is your favorite and why?

I’m pretty covered, it’s all starting to become one big tattoo at this point. The ones from my wife and kids. Those ones have the most meaning for me.

What is your favorite part of being a tattoo artist?

My favorite part of getting to be a tattoo artist is getting to help people. I do a lot of cover ups, large scale tattoos, I have a 4 hour minimum, so people come to me with a lot of really serious projects. A lot of what I do is helping someone through a hard time. Whether its covering a tattoo, fixing a tattoo that they were unhappy with, covering a scar, maybe a big large tattoo on someone’s ribs or back, maybe someone doesn’t feel comfortable with their body in some way, whether they are overweight or underweight. You know the tattoos that I do are usually to help somebody feel better about themselves.

I think at the end of the day that’s what these numbing products really help me with, I use to help people get further in the process. They come in knowing that they have to sit 4 -5 hours at a time with me, you know 4 hours is a long day. They will prep themselves before coming in, with a Numbify product, It really helps them get through those hours in the session. After that we switch over to the spray that can be used during the process,it’s been cool so far to see a product like Numbify, being able to help somebody through their day. Making it easier during the longer session on a tattoo like that. It helps them accomplish their goals better and faster, a lot less stress and a lot less drama.

Craig On Numbify for Tattoo Numbing
“We see a lot of people liking it and gravitating towards it. It’s been very helpful!”

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How long have you been carrying Numbify for Tattoo Numbing in your shop?
A little under 6 months, it’s not the only product that we carry, because we like to give people options, however we see a lot of people liking it and gravitating towards it. It’s been very helpful!

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You mentioned a lot of people gravitate towards Numbify, what sets Numbify apart from the competition in your opinion?

To start, we have never had any bad reactions, that is really nice, healing has been good. It tends to really help people through the initial first layer or two of getting tattooed. So it really helps in particular the first two hours. It doesn’t have the other bad ingredients in it that some products do that give people the adrenaline rush, and things like that that make people feel uncomfortable. I haven’t seen any over-swelling or people feeling like they are about to have a heart attack, or anything weird like that, that some of the other products have done. So that’s good for sure.

How did you meet your wife, and when did you know she was the one for you?

I met my wife when I was young, 19, a couple months before I started tattooing. You know we were kids, it was love at first site. We only knew each other a few months before we found out we were having a kid, you know. Been together for 16, 17 years now, our daughters about to be 16, and we have 3 other kids as well, you know we have a large family, and we are incredibly happy. We paint together, we draw together, we make music together, myself, my wife , my kids. I do tattoos for a living to help support all of our dreams and goals. It’s been pretty amazing, I love it, I love everything about my life. My wife’s been super supportive.

Do you see your any of your kids getting involved in the tattooing world like what you do? Is that something you want for them to get involved with?

All my kids draw, and they are all incredibly talented at what they do. They also play music, they paint, They are starting to show interest in tattoos now that they are getting older, and their friends are starting to get more into tattoos. At the same time my kids are like, ya, you know that’s my dads job, you know, I think they see that plan as a fallback plan. In a weird way I kinda treated tattooing the same way when I was a kid. I wanted to chase other goals, I wanted to be a musician, or travel the world and do other things. Tattooing for me was like something I would do when I get older and settle down. That for me happened at a young age though.

We have seen that you love both music and tattoos together, what’s the connection for you between the two?

I have had a very unique career with tattooing and my entire lifestyle and my connection with music. A lot of my friends in the tattoo world have gone on and focused on just doing tattoo conventions, and traveling, doing guest spots and things like that. But for me, a few years into tattooing I got this opportunity just with some friends to go on tour and tattoo a band on the road for a couple weeks. So I did, I was young you know, 20 years old or something, My daughter was only a year or two old. It was with Skrillex first band and I was doing tattoos for them on the road, just having fun, and I ran into other bands and they would say, hey come out with us, so I would go with them for a few weeks. That lead into bigger things, It started with opening bands, and then Fall Out Boys said you know, come on out with us.

That lead to me becoming friends with the guitar player of Fall Out Boys, and he said come on tour with me. I spent 10 years on almost every single us tour they did, at least a month or two every year doing tattoos for them. I got connected with tons of other bands like fraud boys, the fray, the train, & Blink 182. For the last 3 years I’ve done this cruise ship with the band train where I have gone on set up in a casino on a cruise ship and done tattoos for all the guests on board. Tons and tons of bands and musicians have come to my shop and gotten tattoos, like Andrew McMahon, and Elle King? Just people who have seen what I do and how I treat people, and trust me enough to want to give them that same experience. It’s been an unique career, an amazing journey, and a super fun lifestyle.

Craig On Tattooing

“ I love that I get to put my art and my influence into every tattoo I do”

What would you say is the tattoo you are most proud of, and why?

That’s a hard one for me, I don’t necessarily see tattoos as being for me. I love that I get to put my art and my influence into every tattoo I do. But for me it’s not about, hey this is my art, let’s put it on somebody, and having to be the most creative crazy thing that means something for me. A lot of tattoos that I have done that I like are the ones that mean a lot to that person, and that have kinda like related to a lot of people, like a broader concept. Almost like a pop song, with relate-able ideas. I am proud of my art and my tattoos, and I love when they let me do whatever they want with their idea.

Is there anything you want to say to our readers?

Yeah, my tattoo shop is monument tattoos in Tallahassee Florida. I have some amazing career guys there. My website is and – Other than that, yeah, give Numbify a try, its the strongest tattoo numbing cream.

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