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As the year wanes on, summer break is already almost half over. Most of us with children are starting to count down the days until they are back in school, and out of the house. Working from home myself, they can be particularly raucous, especially when I am on an important phone call. It’s past the prime time of the year for getting a new tattoo, but I need to do something for myself this summer before the kids drive me crazy.

According to tattoo guidelines, you’re supposed to wait two weeks before swimming in the pool or ocean to allow the ink to heal — up until that point, your tattoo is still an open wound and needs to be cared for like one.

Getting a new tattoo in the middle of summer is a much different experience than earlier in the year. With the warmer weather, warm covering clothing is shed in favor of cooler or more fashionable items, leaving bare skin exposed to UV Radiation, one of the worst possible things for a new tattoo. The temptation to go swimming or spend excessive time outdoors is heavy, so for myself, and those of you considering a mid summer tattoo, I have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for getting a tattoo in the upcoming months. Another key thing is picking a good pain relief product and healing aftercare for the process.

Finding a good tattoo artist is, like with tattoos you get any time of the year, a key step in ensuring that you have a safe and healthy recovery from your tattoo during the mid summer months. I personally have used the same artist for the last 10 years. However for many people who are new to tattoos or just moved to a new place, it can be a daunting experience to find an artist that you can trust both their talent and safety record.

Most tattoo shops are regulated by a state agency, and many states have a list of registered tattoo shops that you can download from the internet. Following up with your artist about their safety procedures, and making sure they are opening new sterile needle packages in front of you is another great piece of advice. Also make sure to take a good look through their portfolio and follow up with others who have been tattooed by that artist to make sure the portfolio is real, and that they are experienced in the particular style you want. (Some artists just put in tattoo pictures they found on the internet rather than their own work if their portfolio is lacking substance.)

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Lets move on to what you all really came here for. Tips on pain relief and post tattoo care. Tattoo pain relief is a very controversial subject. Some old school artists believe that any pain relief during the tattoo process is denying yourself the most important part of the experience – earning it! Thankfully most artists understand that we don’t live in the middle ages anymore. Advances in medical science are a great thing, especially when it comes down to relief of pain. When choosing a pain relieving agent for your tattoo, lidocaine is generally the best choice. Its a great sodium ion inhibitor that works well on the majority of the population.

Not all lidocaine products are created equal tho – that is to say they don’t all work for everyone. Every person’s sodium ion receptors are shaped by their unique DNA, and that means that there are many possible variations on shape in those receptors. Differently shaped receptors work better or worse with differently shaped delivery agents in pain relief products. The key is to find the one that works best for you, and your best bet on that is a company called Numbify!

Lidocaine, also known as lignocaine, is a medication used to numb tissue in a specific area (local anesthetic). It is also used to treat ventricular tachycardia and to perform nerve blocks. Lidocaine mixed with a small amount of adrenaline (epinephrine) is available to allow larger doses for numbing, to decrease bleeding, and to make the numbing effect last longer.

Numbify is by far the most effective pain relief product on the market. It helps the most amount of people and relieves more pain than anything we have tested it against. Tattoo pain in particular needs this level of pain relief, and Numbify’s unique blend of healthy natural ingredients make the delivery agents in it work for a higher percentage of the population than any other product we could find.

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The practices for best results can be found on Numbify’s website, and we have a few of our own. Many numbing companies unknowingly give dangerous advice like telling you to wrap an area in plastic wrap to speed up the numbing process. Never do this! It is an extremely dangerous process, and people have died! This caused the FDA to actively warn the population against this practice. Be sure to keep away from the eyes as well, as there is a small chance of blindness with any Lidocaine product.

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Now much of what we wrote before may be familiar, as it is common practice with any numbing product, so lets get to the important part, what to do once the tattoo is finished. The first thing to remember is not to use the word finished as we just did. Getting the tattoo is just the beginning. Your skin where you got the tattoo will be extremely sensitive to UV radiation for weeks. We recommend limiting your sun exposure to as little as humanly possible for the first month, until its completely healed. Also absolutely no swimming. Water in lakes or pools is filled with bacteria, and that water will penetrate every nook and cranny just made by those tattoo needles. Infections abound when you swim with an open wound of any kind. Our last suggestion is to keep that tattoo covered in public, and uncovered the rest of the time. By covered we mean covered with soft breathable clothing, preferably cotton.

Numbify was tested side by side with many of the top brands and was consistently rated the strongest numbing agent.

Aftercare is another important part of the healing process, and at no time of year is it more important than when the risks are higher in the summer. We have two recommended aftercare products to present to you today. One is Recovery by Numbify. That’s right: the best at pain relief is the best at healing. The other is AfterTAT by TAT Balm. Both Recovery and AfterTAT have many healthy, healing ingredients. But most importantly they both have ingredients that will protect that healing tattoo from the elements, and stop that maddening itch. Either one is amazing, although if we had to pick a favorite, it would be AfterTAT– so good at what it does it actually stopped an infection in one of our testers, and healed the tattoo with no sign of scarring.

Whether you are going for a bad ass dragon, a full body mural, or anything in between, remember Numbify for the Pain, and Recovery/AfterTAT for a faster, more pleasant healing experience.


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