Tattoo Supplies: Wholesale Lidocaine Based Numbing Creams Gels & Sprays that are Very Strong and Affordable

Everywhere you go, Numbify is becoming more and more of a household name. Numbify is being recognized as a leader in its field in strength and efficacy, and integrity. There are a lot of things that set Numbify apart from its competitors. The best of which can be found right in its logo. Stronger lidocaine numbing, low cost pricing, and natural ingredients.

Numbify offers several different options for earning some extra cash. Whether you are looking for a great numbing product to carry at your tattoo shop, day spa, or local pharmacy we have great counter display packs available right from the product pages!

Because of Numbifys unparalleled lidocaine numbing efficiency, it has quickly risen to the top of the pack on sites such as,, and eBay. Even when put up side by side on Amazon against companies that manufacture fake reviews by the thousands, Numbify can be found side by side on the top of the first page, without ever publishing a fake review. That’s how strong it really is, when other companies have to buy fake reviews just to keep up with Numbifys lidocaine products.

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Numbify Is known for its low cost pricing despite using more expensive natural based ingredients. Numbify costs more to produce than its lidocaine competitors who use cheap chemical filled filler ingredients. Why is Numbify priced just as low if not lower than them? It’s because Numbify believes that while profits are important, its also important that the medicines we make are affordable for the people who need them. Numbify has also announced a public challenge to all Numbing manufacturers to do a bind side by side test, and Numbify will pay for winners to publishing the results. Of course by their actions, they stay with their paid fake reviews. Even if that means no yacht for our CEO, we use top quality healthy natural ingredients, and refuse to blow our marketing budget on fake reviews and lies.

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Low Cost — Low Pain — Tattoo’s by Numbify

But what does all this mean for you a tattoo shop manager or owner? In life there are times when opportunity comes our way, and we have to grab on to it. As a growing brand Numbify is well loved by tattoo artists and customers alike. Not only does it make the tattoo process far less painful, it makes the canvas of skin much easier to work with. Instead of increasing bleeding like many products on the market, it actually has been shown to reduce that bleeding, and 4/5 tattoo artists believe that it makes the skin easier to work with for them.

Numbify isn’t just a great way to make your customers lives easier, its a great way for your shop to make more money. When your customers know you are prepared to help with their pain with the best products around, you will earn customers for life. Plus Numbify sells a ready to use tattoo counter display of its wholesale distributed numbing cream packs right from its website product pages, marked down 20% from the individual unit size. That combined with fast, free shipping options means you could be turning a 20% profit selling Numbifys lidocaine sprays, gels or creams at POS by the end of the week.

Tattoo Artist today know the word “Numbified” as: Low Cost —  Low Pain — Tatttoo’s by Numbify.

When you think back to why you became a tattoo artist, like many of us it was to earn a living, doing something you love, and helping people to be able to express themselves with art. Keeping that in mind, we also have wholesaler accounts available that receive an additional 15% off when buying in bulk, and we are so sure that you will love our products that we are offering free samples to all verified tattoo artists to try our product out. We actually want you to try before you buy. That’s how confident we are that when you compare us to your normal brand, that you will experience the difference that Numbify lidocaine products can make.

We would love for you to reach out to us at the following link and fill out the form requesting your free sample.

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