Tensions Between Russia and Turkey Escalate

  • Erdogan does not recognize Crimea as Russia.
  • Russian Senator issued warning for travel to Turkey for the Russian citizens.
  • Erdogan accused Russia, US and France of supplying weapons to Armenia.

Erdogan made a statement that he does not recognize the Crimea as part of Russia. The Kremlin representative said that the Union of Russia and Turkey is impossible after Erdogan’s words about Crimea.  “Erdogan has his own agenda. We can’t even talk about any ‘Union’,” Pushkov said.

The Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov.

Furthermore, Moscow and Ankara are not strategic partners. This became clear after the statement of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the ownership of Crimea, Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov said in his Telegram channel.

Erdogan, during talks with Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky, said that it is necessary to preserve the “territorial integrity” of Independence. In this way, he expressed his opinion about the “belonging” of the Crimean Peninsula to Ukraine.

Turkey has never recognized and does not recognize Crimea as Russian territory, Turkish President Recep Erdogan assured his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting in Istanbul. “Given this, we have always supported and will continue to support the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, including Crimea.

We continue to work on the implementation of housing construction projects for our brothers, the Crimean Tatars,” Erdogan said.

Housing for Crimean Tatars who left the Russian Crimea, which Erdogan says, the Turks, in particular, are building in the regions of Ukraine.

On the balance of the Turkish side — a project for the construction of a large mosque in Kiev, where Crimean Tatars living in the capital of Ukraine will pray. Erdogan said that Ankara is worried about the future of the Crimean Tatar people.

Russia and Turkey, according to the Senator, operate in overlapping regions. That is why we can talk about their possible cooperation.

At the same time, relations between Kiev and Ankara do not compare with the Russian-Turkish ones, Pushkov is sure. Ukraine and Turkey are connected only by tourism and the theme of Crimea.

Additionally, Russian citizens should not go on vacation to Turkey because of the complication of relations between Russia and this country, according to the information and news portal EVO-RUS.COM.

This is the opinion of political scientist Ildus Yarulin. He linked his recommendations to the statement of Turkish leader Erdogan about the Crimea annexed by the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

The political scientist noted that Russians in Turkey may become hostages of a “rabid crowd”. Nevertheless, it would hurt Turkey, as majority of tourists in Turkey are from Russia.

The all inclusive resorts are at 90% filled with Russian tourists year round. Especially, with the Coronavirus pandemic and the travel restrictions, Turkish resort towns have been suffering tremendously.

Since, the borders have reopened, Russian tourists have been flocking to Antalia for the vacations. However, now this will end. This is not the first time, Russia would issue travel restrictions to Turkey.

Erdogan’s hypocrisy never ends. He claimed on October 18, that USA, France and Russia are supplying weapons to Armenia. Yet, he is responsible for the September escalation in the Nagorno Karabakh region.

Overall, the tensions with Turkey will continue to escalate. Erdogan could never outsmart Russian president Vladimir Putin.

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