Terms & Conditions

  1. Non-Infringement of Copyright
    • Authors attest that any articles submitted for publication to Communal News do not infringe upon the rights of any other party. If other sources are quoted, the source must be clearly cited (and linked to when possible) and the quote must be within the parameters of Fair Use.
  2. Commitment to Accuracy
    • Authors certify that all facts in articles submitted to Communal News are accurate to the best of his/her knowledge.
  3. Authors’ websites, promotion and other material
    • Authors’ web sites, which Communal News will be asked to link to, may not contain any illegal material, racism or pornography.
    • Authors must substantiate publicly any claims regarding their investment track records that are stated on their web sites, if such a claims are made.
    • Authors may not make any guarantees or explicit predictions regarding the market performance that subscribers to their paid newsletters or other services can expect.
    • Authors’ web sites must not contain sensationalist language about stocks, e.g. “rocket” or “set to soar.”
  4. Author qualification
    • Author qualification: Authors attest that they have disclosed in their author bio if they have ever convicted of a felony.
  5. Personal Data
    • Your Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Phone Number may be sent to a secure third-party verification system. It will only be sent to verify your identity and will not be shared, sold, or abused.