How Communal News Helped Us Increase Our Revenues
by About 50% in 4 Months

Numb-ify Strongest Numbing and Pain Relief
Communal News Testimonial

We would like to talk a little about how Communal News has helped our brand Numbify go viral  in the online Numbing products category!

Our sales were on again off again and sluggish for about three years. We decided we needed to significantly improve our marketing, but being a small company on a limited budget, we had to get creative. We knew from side by side testing that we have a very strong numbing cream, gel and spray, stronger than any others we tested against. However with so many other companies in the numbing market, and almost no marketing dollars, our marketing was often lost in the crowd. We’ve even hired advertisers and run google ads, and even with professional optimization the money went fast with little to show for our efforts.

That’s when we heard about Communal News. We found through a friend that Communal News lets anyone, including companies write articles. So we asked him to write several articles on us as he has always enjoyed writing product reviews. It’s actually really easy, he showed me how in five minutes; you can do this yourself, or have an office employee do the writing if they are a good writer.

We had him focus on keywords like strong, strongest, numb and numbing. He explained to us that we would have far better results, if we have more than one angle of attack. After discussing a few options, we decided to place an ad. The best part was, it was only 1 dollar per click, I’ve run ads with Google and this seemed very cheap in comparison. So we committed to just try $200 dollars a month for a few months and see if it had any impact. He told me with Communal News ads we would see about 1500 links to us.  As you may have guessed by now, I hate advertising but $200 and click based seemed easily palatable as a test, and the dollar a click for a well managed site with a wide audience sounded very attractive.

At the same time we went through our Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay accounts with a fine tooth comb, and we made sure our Numbify products were loaded with the same key words and repeated them on our Numbify website making our mom and pop business focused on this slim but very well placed part of the “strong/strongest/numb/numbing” market.

We had the following articles published on Communal News:

The Strongest Numbing Cream for Topical Pain Relief!

Advanced Early Arthritis Sufferers Are Seeking Strongest Numbing Lidocaine for Pain Relief

What is the Best/Strongest Numbing Product? A Guide to Healthier Pain Relief & Numb-ification

Tattoo Artist Craig Beasley – Exclusive Interview & Best / Strongest Numbing Cream

Bedsore Wound Care Treatment – The Strongest Bedsore Numbing Cream designed for Pain, Healing & Itch Relief

Rated The Best Tattoo Aftercare Product !

We got some great content in these articles. Please feel free to check them out, you’ll love em!!!

We have linked to other sites we own and our main site to the articles giving us more of a push and moving the Communal Page up as well. Even today we try to find any reason to increase the links to this independent third party site, as when their rankings go up, so do ours.

Then almost right away the sales started climbing. First Walmart, as they picked up on the strategy, and started placing us on Bing search ads for strongest numbing. Then Amazon moved us up, and we dominated the categories, even making Amazon’s choice for strongest numbing! In about 4 month our total sales were up almost 50%. On 3-10-2019 we took a photo on Amazon search for strongest numbing we had 22 of the top 24 positions.

Numbify Amazon

If you search Amazon for numbing creams we have had zero in the top 24. In such a market crowded with big spenders, and cut-throat tactics, we had a hard time penetrating the field with our limited resources.

We learned that Amazon and Walmart specifically combine their product placement in coordination with Bing and Google web rankings in the same key words along with product listings. Best of all, we learned that even with a meager advertising budget along with some time and effort, you too could launch a successful marketing campaign over the internet. With the help of Communal News of course!

Numb-ify Ad

With our Communal News advertising, we set our ad clicks to connect directly to our company website Numbify.com and our strong internet ranking in our specific niche. We noticed that both Bing and Google search placed us in top positions on our key words.  We are, for the first time in years seeing a significant increase in Numbify.com online orders. Our website Numbify.com is tracking orders of about 300% higher in March 2019, with about 80% being new clients, compared to the month before we started of October 2018.

If this story sounds a bit oversimplified, that’s true. We had to work very hard at each and every product page wording, article and ad. Countless hours were spent tweaking and optimizing to get ready for the big push. Now instead of worrying about getting traffic, we have to focus on optimizing our website for conversions, because traffic is growing faster than sales.

However as a small business owner that’s exactly the kind of problem you want, growing pains, rather than cash flow issues!!!

If you can get yourself placed in top niche markets that you selected for (like us with the strongest numbing category for example) then your sales will skyrocket. We have worked hard to have a strong product, and only made statements that were backed up by our testing and superior numbing ingredients. We would warn against going after the whole market, or doing this with a poor quality product. We spent three years and our progress was sluggish, even with the best product on the market. Now after selecting 1 key specific targeted position, and then having a three pronged approach, we found success. Now it’s time to repeat it.

This time around, not only did we save money, (a huge priority for any small business owner) but we also learned to be much more in charge of the small parts of our campaign. Because of that, I could see the benefits, at each step. Now we control the majority of the marketing for the first time, which is wonderful.

We would like to thank Communal News for allowing our associates to freely write some great articles, and for having such low priced and easy to utilize advertising (a few hundred dollars in advertising is nothing). We have demonstrated in roughly 4 months how we attained an approximate 50% revenue increase, with almost zero incremental marketing spend increases.    We can’t wait until we launch out next product Numbify for Pain Relief. Our preliminary testing shows  it will also be the strongest topical Pain Relief product. A variant of our Strongest Numbing Cream – Numbify.

I know, I should not be revealing so much of our successful strategies, but because Communal News helped our success so much I felt that we needed to reflect some of our small business success back to them and their clients, knowing they were such an essential part of of our story. Sometimes you just gotta share the credit.

Drew Steig
Numbify Operation Manager

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