Why Press Releases and Distribution Services Did Not Work for Us…


After paying for several press releases and a distribution services,
we found Communal News to be a better FREE service

When I paid a press release service, not once did a news agency pick up our articles. Even worse, when I searched Google using the exact title I used on my news release, I could not find it. My release just seemed to disappear. Now, I know why this did not work. Let me explain.

Google penalizes the post if it finds multiple copies. The press release is the first copy. At best, three news agencies pick it up (making four copies). Each copy would share in about one-quarter of the search value, placing the search ranking of each copy much lower in the index than a single good post.

Press release distribution websites can’t limit the number of copies of a new release posted. Their newsfeed-based websites receive very low Google rankings due to excessive copies. These very poor website rankings made it impossible for me to find any evidence in the world wide web that I authorized a news release

Consequently, our very important news release was never seen, even though I paid for the press release service. I don’t mean to imply that all press agencies are bad. But, in today’s search matrix dominated by Google, retail services for press releases are basically obsolete. The entire press release structure is now penalized by Google’s current algorithms, making client news articles like mine appear to vanish. The bigger what are called “release companies” have the worst Google rankings. Therefore, it seems Google algorithms truly make the press release structure an oxymoronic service.

When I looked at multiple copied posts on several websites and looked at other free sites, I found the same effect as the press releases: non-viewed or vanished articles. They were not in any way monitoring the number of copies. Thus, my most important articles went into what I call “the internet cesspools.” Others call it ghosted. If I could not find my articles knowing exactly the right words to use, how could any of my future clients stumble onto my work. The answer was clear; they never could.

We wrote “financial only” posts on Seeking Alpha and achieved one of the largest bond followings which were often ranked #1 in views. Surprising to me, I haven’t written for them in over a year and yet today they rank me #15 in current views. Some of the time Seeking Alpha cut out all of my links, and almost always cut one or two of the allowed three links. And they absolutely limited the number of copies.

Since my service with them became very popular, they started charging a significant monthly fee for their clients to read our authored articles. The real problem for my team was that the Seeking Alpha model of charging a monthly fee to see our work became a direct competitor. They were working in opposition to the services my team was providing while knowing we too were trying to provide a fee-based service. I believe that is why they seemed to always cut our links. So again, just like the press release distribution services, both of these business structures often work against my company’s best interest, making it very hard for us to utilize the internet to grow.

Now with Communal News, I see my articles right away. I am able to bring them up speedily on Google search by simply using the title of my article. Communal News provides my whole written article without limiting my words (with all three links) The price makes me very happy as FREE is a very good price.

But now, the drawbacks. I posted a couple of articles on other free websites along with Communal News. Then received an email from the editor of Communal News saying they took down my article for breaking the “only one other post” policy. That is when I realized why Communal News has worked for me. It is considerably better to work with a website that monitors and keeps a good search ranking for their clients.

Another current drawback is the Communal News site is still young and does not have the readership achieved at Seeking Alpha. But, Communal news is putting up very strong growth rates, considerably faster than Searching Alpha did. Even with less readership and not being in competition, it appears to be a wash in leads coming in for us.

So now, I’m relieved again when an editor limits the number of copies, and does not cut my links. The more I think about it, it’s nice to see someone increasing the overall quality, working with Google and me, instead of against the search engine and my business, as I realize this model is best for improved article placements. Plus I like getting an immediate recognition when I see my article is on their site. I can often find the post in Google search, often at the very top of the title search the next day.

In conclusion, I am greatly relieved when an editor limits the number of copies and does not cut my links. The more I think about it, it’s wonderful to see someone (Communal News?) increase the overall quality working with Google and me, instead of against the search engine and my business. I realize their model is best for improved article placement. It’s gratifying to get immediate recognition when I see my article on their site. I can easily find the post in Google search, often at the very top of the title search the next day.

I wonder how they could do it for free. Communal News is a far better service that works in stride with us to attain a large audience for everyone.”

Randy Durig
Founder of FX2 Portfolio