The 5 Step Process of Onboarding Managed IT

Majority of businesses are now considering shifting towards managed IT services. IT services for small businesses are extremely important and small scale businesses can outsource their IT department so that they can shift their focus on some of the more critical aspects that require their immediate attention.

Finding a managed IT service provider and signing the contract with them is just the first step along the way. The real task is ensuring a smooth onboarding process so that the team can get started and take over their responsibilities.

If you have just signed up for the Los Angeles IT consulting services and are now preparing to begin the process of onboarding the managed IT team, this article will be the perfect resource for you. To simplify things, we have divided the onboarding process into five steps.

1. Arranging a Team Meeting:

The process of onboarding the managed IT team always begins with arranging a team meeting. It is a meeting where the managed IT team and the employees of the business come together and meet each other. Most of the time, the HR department and business heads have already met the IT team. But it is equally important for the rest of the employees and the IT team to be introduced to one another.

The managed IT team usually comprises two key persons. The engineer is the one who takes care of the technical aspects of IT management whereas the delivery specialist is the point of contact between the engineer and the business. Arrange a meeting with both these people and have a formal introduction session with your business team.

2. Information Exchange:

The custom IT support cannot get to work immediately. When onboarding an IT team, the business has to cooperate and provide some information to the IT team so that they can analyze the business’s current strategy and IT dynamic. The IT team will provide you with a list of required documents. These documents provide information about the company’s IT infrastructure to the IT team. In case you are shifting from one managed IT team to another, the previous team will be able to provide you with a summary concluding all the necessary information that the new team may require to take over their roles and responsibilities.

3. Setting Goals and Timelines:

It is important for both stakeholders i.e. the business owners as well as the onboarding IT team to set goals and timelines during the onboarding process. The responsibilities and tasks of the onboarding IT team are formally defined and mentioned as part of the contract that is signed by the business and the custom IT support team. But it is important for both parties to sit together and set timelines and goals for the tasks at hand.

  • Till when should the tasks be accomplished?
  • Which tasks are the ones that should be taken care of as the utmost priority?
  • Which goals should be tackled as the business’s short term goals and which ones should be  added to the company’s long term goals?
  • Which goals need to be broken down into smaller steps?

These are some questions that should be put forward and discussed before the managed IT service provider takes over the job properly.

4. Developing a Partnership:

When businesses opt for managed IT services, they are not looking for an IT team to take over their entire IT department. Rather, the goal is to share the load of work. Most companies retain a team of IT experts within the premises of their offices and the managed IT team takes care of their roles on a remote basis.

Since both these teams are directly linked together and are expected to work together, it is important for the company to give them time to partner up. During the onboarding process, both IT teams should be brought together. They should not only meet to melt the ice between them but should also have a technical meeting discussing the way forward for the business. It is crucial for both these teams to be on the same page.

5. Following Up and Getting Updates:

The process of onboarding managed IT is not a quick and small task. It requires some time. Depending on the scope of services being offered by the managed IT team and the business’s expectations, the onboarding process can take anywhere from a couple of days to even weeks.

Make sure that you have open channels of communication with the service provider during this time period. Follow up with the onboarding IT team to get updates on what is going on. Moreover, also communicate with them to ensure that they are comfortable and  the onboarding process is going well. It is essential for the team to feel comfortable so they can get started with their tasks and help the business grow and move forward.

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