8 Lowest Cost / Cheapest Press Release – Top / Best Rated PR Services (Prices Included)

We wanted to know the lowest prices press release with the easiest to use services.

We looked through and prices them per release as many want to sell you a monthly package not a single service all a cart.

So based on price here is the lowest 8 press release location that we could find on the internet including privacy per single release.

  • Top Media Service / Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace $11.00 /release
    FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money

    allows you to save and make money money!


But going deeper into the services, we believe the lowest priced services in many ways provide a higher level of internet rankings. Since Google commands over 92% of the world’s search engine market share, the real question with press release publishing is where you rank in Google News and Google organic news searches.

Most PR release firms list hundreds of news organizations that could release your articles. What they don’t tell you is that this publishing strategy works completely against how Google rates search and news.

The more times you copy or reproduce the same document the lower the Google score each copy will receive. So if you reproduce a news release through five firms, each firm’s score will be about ⅕, and it will be almost impossible to find the article on Google. That’s what they call being “ghosted.” Even when you try to search for it using the exact title, you probably will not find it.

So you’re paying more to get less

FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and publishes in every major language allowing you to save and make more money !

FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and publishing in every major county allowing you to save and make more money !

Meaning you buy more reprints, but each reprint hurts the other search placements.  That’s why we give our recommendation, hands down, to both:

Not only do they have a lower price point but they appear to have a far deeper direct relationship with Google organic search and Google News. So far we have seen every news release that they publish end up with a good organic search in Google and on Google news.

We also prefer their gig platform and found it to be less intrusive. They are not always trying to upsell their services to us.

Both press release services work on FGG Low Cost Marketplace, a platform that provides very low-cost gig services combined with Communal News— a very fast growing community-driven news service.  If you want to provide high quality gig services at a low cost entry point, it’s also possible to market your services through the sign up at FGG Low Cost Marketplace.  Top Media Services works with Google to provide the press release in over 100 languages each with it’s own domain or separate website.  Google sees translations as a unique and different language, not as a reproduction or copy.  So if you have 2 or 3 links in the English version, and have that multiplied by over 100 language and unique websites like Top Media Service , allowing a single press release to give you a very strong total world wide page ranking with 100’s of quality links along with Communal and Google news readers, not a US page rankings by a reproducing legacy operators that charges 4-5 times for a similar services that might do more damage than good.

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