The Battle Between Conservative and Liberal Ideals in the World

  • Throughout the world are conflicts created by extremists both liberal and conservatives.
  • In Israel the issue of Gay Rights divides the country.
  • The Catholic Church was confronted with this conflict which caused Pope Benedict to resign.

Progressive liberal influences are affecting Orthodox Muslims, Christians, Hindus and Jews throughout the world. In the news is an article regarding the Catholic church Pope Benedict warns against relaxing priestly- celibacy rules. Pope Benedict resigned from his position and Pope Francis is his successor. Many people guess the reason for his resignation which was very unusual for a Pope to resign.  He may have seen that in the future there would be pressure on the Catholic Church to institute reforms and he was not willing to make these changes. One of the changes is being talked about by Pope Francis regarding priestly celibacy rules under the pressures of his opponents that have pressured the church on the issue of immunity of Priests to sexual abuse accusations. Pope Francis has opened the Catholic Church to gays, and has endorsed interfaith dialogue.

Yellow vest demonstrators express their desire for conservative change in France.

In Iran there have been demonstrations in the past few weeks against the regime of Khomeini especially after the American assassination of Solimeini and the downing of the Ukranian plane in error by Iran under American pressures. American sanctions have interfered with the normal life of Iranians and they are beginning to protest against the Islamic regime which was instituted in 1989. There are Iranians that want to return to a less Orthodox Islamic regime.

Indonesia is an Islamic nation but not as Orthodox Muslim as Iran or Saudi Arabia. They are discussing instituting a law to prohibit sex outside marriage.  The institution of this law can make problems for the nation and its tourists.  The whole nation is not behind the government becoming strictly Islamic.

President Trump speaks at a prayer breakfast in Washington.

The fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was a sign of the nation’s discontent with Macron.  Throughout the year there have been marches of yellow-jackets with discontent for the French Regime. Macron is in the middle of those that are against liberalism and those that are for more conservative values.

President Trump signed an executive order adding to the Johnson Amendment giving religion more power. He is trying to protect religion in America as an Evangelist.  The liberals in America mostly democratic are opposed to his conservative republican ideas. He is against abortions without any discretion, and has worked to protect the religious Jewish minority in America.

In Lebanon there continues to be violent protests against the government. Lebanon is a nation with multiple religious beliefs including Christian, Sunni Muslim and Shiite Muslim. Their Sunni Muslim leader Harari resigned under the pressures of the conflicts between these ideologies. Hezbollah representing Iran Shiites Orthodox Muslim beliefs is looking to control the nation but is having difficulties.

Violent demonstrations in Lebanon. The Orthodox Shiite sect Hezbollah would like to take control of the country but the people are resisting their authority

In Israel the Minister of Education again made a remark against LGBT stating that gay marriage is unnatural and that he is happy his children are going in the traditional way and not adopting these new ideas.  His opinions are considered a danger to those supporting gay rights in Israel and they are interested in educating the virtues of gay rights in Israeli schools.

Throughout the world is the battle between the extremists of the two side’s freedom and religion. The Ultra-Orthodox are against change and strictly hold by their doctrines which they have followed for hundreds or thousands of years. There is a desire for freedom in the world but the desire for freedom can also be extreme and not acceptable in the light of Orthodox religion which is causing these conflicts. The goal is to reach a balance between secular and religious values. Religion can also be a cause of people becoming atheists.  Today strengthening faith in God is more important than religion but religion is still the foundation of the home whether it be Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu or Bhuddist.

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David Wexelman

Author of 5 books on the internet on topics of Jewish mysticism, managing two websites.

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