The Best Products for Your Coronavirus Cat

  • Cats still rank among the most popular pets to have in the US.
  • There are over 94 million cats that reside in the US households.
  • The cat products market continues to grow.

One of the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic is that many people have found themselves alienated from their friends and family. Mental health has been impacted, including a spike in depression diagnoses. The need for emotional support animals and pet companions increased dramatically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Mau Pets cat tree.

The animals obtained during the Coronavirus pandemic are dubbed as “pandemic pets.” Furthermore, many have been working from home for almost a year now and some lost their jobs due to the pandemic restrictions.

Therefore, the desire to have a companion has grown. Currently, there are estimated 94 million cats that reside in US households, and this number is expected to increase this year. Cats still rank among the most popular pets to have in the US.

One of the necessities for cats is a cat tree. The cat tree allows the cat to sharpen its claws. It provides for exercise needs and a place to rest. When searching for the right tree, it is important to make sure that the tree is not made with harmful substances, such as toxic glue and chemicals.

Many trees are manufactured in China and sold on Amazon and AliExpress. They are made out of low-quality materials, which will not last and can contribute to health decline in cats, including cancer.

The size of the tree is important to consider too. Many millennials are opting for small living spaces, due to the affordability factor. Hence, when choosing a tree, the size and whether it fits with the other decor are important factors to consider.

One of the top cat trees on the US market is made by Mau Pets. It is an all-American company, and the tree can be purchased through the Etsy website marketplace. The trees made by Mau Pets have a modern vibe. There are a few variations of the tree, which have an option of having a basket on top for the cat to nap and a hiding place at the bottom.

I personally own one of the Mau trees. The product does require assembly, but it is not hard to put together. I had a set up confusion and the owner is very responsive and I was immediately able to have the issue resolved.

The new cat product this year is Clawz, which is being sold on Etsy, and on the Clawz website. The Clawz cat furniture can be used as a coffee table or an end table. This is great for space saving purposes. Underneath there is a tunnel, where the cat can nap or play.

The product is made in America and the company is out of Boulder, Colorado. There are also multiple accessories that can be separately purchased as well.

The best litter box is made by the Hart and Cole company, out of Arizona. It is an all-American made cedar litter box, which can also be used as an end table. Cedar is naturally odor absorbent. The litter box comes in a variety of shades and sizes. The owner makes each box himself and the quality is superb.

The cat tags.

In addition, every cat needs a tag with contact information, in case of emergency. The best tag is made in Ukraine and sold on Etsy. The tag is made of high quality product and comes in a variety of options.

The shipping to the US is simple and the item arrives promptly. Also, given the dire financial situation in Ukraine, supporting a small business with great product can be prudent for social responsibility.

The best cat toy for 2021 would be a Clawz cat laser toy. The main attraction of the toy is it does not require batteries and can be charged via USB. The toy has multiple settings and entertains the cat for a prolonged period with the different colors and laser shapes.

The cutest cat collar is a company out of Canada, Meow Punch, that has natural and hand made cat collars, which are also very attractive. The collar comes in a variety of the color combinations.

Overall, it is best to shop for products that are non-toxic, have quality customer service, and also help domestic companies to succeed.

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