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At Numbify, they are always working hard to provide the best numbing experience by constantly improving their superior low cost ~ low pain formula and delivery systems. Obviously, they hope you will become a buyer of their products, however the truth is that they believe that providing a superior numbing experience is their duty as pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Their products provide not only the strongest numbing solutions, but also provide superior and natural topical applications for a healthier skin. That’s why they use natural ingredients in their products, whenever possible. Being raised in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) they were taught at a very young age how important nature and the environment is to all of us, and our well being.

Even though their products contain lidocaine, a synthesized ingredient, that is because it is superior to naturally occurring ingredients that provide pain and itch relief. While that is not the only man made product in their Creams, Gels, Liquid Gels and Sprays, they only use synthetic ingredients when they are hands down the best ingredient for the purpose, otherwise they go natural. They believe that using natural ingredients in their 4% and 5% lidocaine solution is beneficial for you. With 95% of the ingredients up to the discretion of the manufacturer, this is how formulas are unique to the lidocaine company making it.

With the knowledge that most of the non lidocaine ingredients was an opportunity for them to really make a superior product, they went on a global search for what they wanted to put in that remaining 95%. They have scoured the entire world, and spent years perfecting what they believe is by far the strongest healthiest, most natural numbing solution. All this using powerful natural ingredients that are better for the skin wherever possible, and with their mission of providing the strongest and healthiest numbing experience!

Combining a passion for the sciences and art, their research of natures remedies, has allowed them to create a hybrid product, a healthier product with raw unbridled numbing power. They have created a brute strength anesthetic with maximum lidocaine numbing strength that is also superior healthy skin care.

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Allowing the skin to become “Numbified” allows for a better cleaner numb with far less pain. Many lidocaine solutions use cheap fillers, to save money of course, and these synthetic man made products often increase skin irritation which could cause many issues that can greatly affect your numbing needs. They can even make your skin so rubbery tattoo artists can’t even work with it.

It seems to us that the companies that load their creams and sprays with the cheapest fillers are also those ones that are the most aggressive in falsifying their many thousand of fake reviews, especially on sites like Amazon.

We believe, to make matters worse, these same unethical firms that are using the cheapest man made ingredients to save money, are also the same companies that are spending tens of thousands of dollars paying for massive 100% fake reviews, claiming that their product is a “best seller” due to it’s superior online reviews (which of course, they illegally purchased so they could make this unethical claim).

At Numbify they selected a “different path” and will never buy any fake reviews. They have chosen to focus their time, energy and money on creating a stronger and healthy product to take better care of you. Numbify believes they need to earn your trust; to do so they must work harder, putting your needs ahead of theirs.

According to one Numbify executive, “We believe and hope that if we a proving a superior, honest products with our truthful marketing (which is rare in the numbing industry), you will not only buy from us, but you might become a very loyal customer.”

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Whether this becomes your choice, or not, Numbify management and employees have made a unanimous decision to go down this “different path.” This will require harder and more honest work, with open transparency. They are very proud to provide a higher level of ethical business with a dedicated, focused effort to constantly supply a superior healthier product!

At Numbify we are proud to do our duty in providing superior performance products, honest advertising, providing all natural ingredients when ever possible, keeping our prices low while improving the world that surrounds us. We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty and intellect, providing a more beautiful, healthier world today and for our children of tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without your support and return business. So with that in mind, thank you for your patronage, and keep up the great work!

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