The Biden Leaker Under Sanctions, Who Else?

  • Steven Mnuchin, " Andrey Derkach and other Russian agents use manipulation and deception in order to influence the elections in the United States
  • None of these tapes have been authenticated.
  • Russia continues its propaganda campaign.

The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against Ukrainian MP Derkach and three Russian nationals. The information was posted not eh US Treasury website. The sanctions were imposed for Derkach’s attempts to influence the US election campaign. The list of sanctions also includes three Russian citizens.

Joe Biden, The US presidential candidate representing the US Democratic Party.

It should be noted, In May 2020,  there was a press conference in Ukraine pertaining to “New facts of the international corruption and external governance.” The event organizers were the non-factional Deputy Andrey Derkach and ex-head of the special group of prosecutors Konstantin Kulik.

At the press conference, seven fragments of conversations were released between President Petro Poroshenko, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry.

Furthermore, none of these tapes have been authenticated. However, given the fact that Joe Biden is in the race to be next US president, such tapes could be considered as an attempt to meddle into the US election.

However, who would truly take Derkach in US seriously? Ukraine is corrupt nation with nothing to offer at present. Nevertheless, these measures were necessary to avoid misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

According to the head of the Department, Steven Mnuchin, ” Andrey Derkach and other Russian agents use manipulation and deception in order to influence the elections in the United States and in other countries of the world.”

Sanctions against Derkach are being imposed for his attempts to influence the us presidential election in 2020. “Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Derkach has been active as a Russian agent for more than a decade and maintains close ties with the Russian special services,” the report says.

Simultaneously, there were also sanctions against the internet trolls. The sanctions are against the employees of the Russian Internet Agency. The agency is funded by Yevgeny Prigozhin, who is dubbed as Putin’s cook. The employees directly effected worked with cryptocurrency.

‘Putin’s Cook” Yevgeny Prigozhin.

Last month, The US  State Department on August 6th made a statement that it would offer a $10 million reward to anyone who could provide information on individuals working with foreign governments to interfere in US elections through cyber operations.

Russia immediately engaged in propaganda campaign and implementing measures for the Russian nationals to avoid interaction with the West.

Moreover, Russia, has been involved in the propaganda for a long time. This spring, there was a misinformation campaign claiming that US is entering the Great Depression

Thus far, Biden  has been leading in polls and Russia is failing in its propaganda campaign. Russian focus has been diverted to the situation in the Belarus and Navalny poisoning.

There is a new scenario that is surfacing pertaining the Navalny poisoning. Russia is claiming, it is plausible that one of the members of the Navalny entourage and a British national is responsible for such poisoning. Additionally, her father owns the lab and she left Russia. This scenario is far fetched and does not hold credibility,. However, it seems Russian resources might be stretched thin, due to this situation.

In conclusion, the Kremlin should not be underestimated. At the end, no foreign state actors directly or indirectly should meddle into the democratic elections.

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