The Biggest Lottery Winners Worldwide Ever

  • Lucky players have become millionaire's overnight thanks to lotteries.
  • Delivery driver Steve Tran unknowingly became a multi-millionaire in 2013.
  • The world famous Spanish Christmas Lottery had a €680 million winner.

As you log onto your favourite Lotto game at, do you ever find yourself wondering just how much money is up for grabs? Well, judging by some of the past winners from all over the world, it could be a lot more than you bargained for! Keep reading to find out about some of the most eye-watering jackpots that people have walked away with, just from buying a Lottery ticket, or two.

$648 million – USA

Back in 2013, a delivery driver named Steve Tran unknowingly became a multi-millionaire after purchasing just one lucky ticket! Tran had delayed checking his numbers after being on holiday for two weeks with his family, so it must have come as quite a shock when he finally got round to it! One of the first things the northern Californian did, upon discovering his new-found wealth, was call his boss and let him know that he wouldn’t be coming in any time soon – or ever!

Tran ended up splitting the jackpot with a lady from Georgia, who had come forward almost immediately to claim her prize, eager to collect her winnings.

Two of the biggest Lottery wins of all time came from Australia’s Powerball Lotto.

€680 million – Spain

The Spanish Christmas Lottery is famous for being the world’s biggest version of the game, having been a staple tradition since 1812! The big draw on December 22nd each year has become an essential part of Spanish culture.

In 2018, the top prize for this game was worth a whopping €680 million, and Spanish residents had the chance to win a slice of the action simply by buying a ticket. Each year the winning numbers are revealed by locals in Madrid, who gather to sing out the digits during a televised live event. Talk about making a song and dance out of it!

£161.6 million – UK

In 2011, Christine and Colin Weir won more than £161 million, in their hometown of Ayrshire. The jackpot reached such a magnificent sum due to 14 consecutive rollovers from previous Lotteries that had no winners. The hopeful Scottish couple had bought five “Lucky Dips” for the big draw, and casually checked their numbers in front of the TV, not expecting to find anything out of the ordinary behind those shiny silver squares. At first, their chances looked slim, but as they moved onto the fifth and final set of numbers, their lives were suddenly changed forever!

The pair went public with their big win, going on to set up the “Weir Charitable Trust” foundation, with the aim of supporting Scottish communities and smaller charities, along with making several separate donations to charities themselves. What generous folk!

$107.8 million & $80 million – Australia

Two of the biggest Lottery wins of all time came from Australia’s Powerball Lotto. First, we saw a healthcare worker from Sydney walk away with over $107 million from just one ticket, back in 2019.

This lucky lady couldn’t believe she’d really bagged this staggering win, exclaiming “I don’t understand – is this really real? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it. Is this a trick?”

You better believe it!

Another lucky winner was a man from the Port Macquarie region, who was brought to tears when he landed the shocking $80 million prize this year. This huge windfall couldn’t have come at a better time for the retired man, coming through in the middle of the pandemic. He had soon decided that the first thing he would buy with his riches was a new television, as he’d been suffering with poor reception and a lack of channels. Much deserved, we think!

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