The Dollar-a-Day Communal News Ads Strategy

Now you can receive a big bang for each dollar of your online advertising: Announcing a new, simple, advertising placement campaign for only 1 buck per click!

Communal News is launching its new publisher direct advertising services, and one of the most cost effective media advertising offers ever.

CN allows you to enjoy one of the very highest impressions rates of any media


At Communal New your cost is about .50 cents per 1,000 impressions.  CN News gives almost 60 times more value saving you tons of money compared to the traditional newspapers. The average cost-per-click across all industries on the internet in 2019 is $2.69, giving Communal News a per click cost advantage of over 250% compared to its industry peers.

Meaning not only is your daily cash cost very low, we are proving you a very big bang for your buck. So do yourself a favor before spending on Mailers, Newspapers, Television and Radio save money and work with us.

One dollar provides one possible buyer clicking on to your website and about 2,000 impressions. If you’re in advertising, you know this is outstanding. Can you really buy anything for $1 today? If you don’t believe this is a great deal call your local newspaper.

Your ads will be showing  up on a news website that is driving new and growing content every day, and we’re also connected to viewers from Google, News, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a lot more.

Reach New Customers

Communal News is not loaded with tons of large company branded advertising. We have a very unique fast growing audience, one that is entirely new to your services.

Small companies can participate

With the low cost per day, and the bang for the buck, this is designed for the small entity. Possibly even more important is that we designed it to be exceeding simple.  So simple you could complete the project in just a couple of minutes.

See a Couple our ads

How can it be so affordable? No middleman!

We have almost no overhead, the writers work on an open platform, advertisers work on a open platform. Most internet middlemen take 25-50% of the advertising funding. Here we are cheaper, simpler to use and easier to follow than almost any third party model.

Low entry fee

At a targeting cost of $1 a day, how could advertising be any simpler?

Click here to read more about the Communal News dollar-a -day advertising news service

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