The End and the Beginning – Reincarnation – Corona

  • This world is a corridor to the next world the eternal world
  • Resurrection is the reward at the end of time for all of mankind who have lived a righteously
  • Reincarnation gives the soul of man another chance to increase its share in the afterlife

We are living through a crisis in the history of the world the Corona Pandemic. Everyday day there is a new list of deaths.  Each country has its own number. There is a total count for the world. Death is the end of life. The Rabbi of Sasregen Rabbi Mordecai Dovid Rubin loved by all his congregants in his Synagogue on E.24th St and Avenue M in the Midwood section of Flatbush Brooklyn recently passed away at the age of 92. Each person his life is important and the valiant workers for the Ministry of Health in hospitals and in clinics consider each life a challenge to save from death. Work is being done in research to make a vaccine. A company in America has now begun to test its vaccine on humans with the permission of the FDA.

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Bill Gates the richest man in the world sponsored supported this project with charity.  Already after many death and many recoveries Plasma is being taken from those that have recovered with anti-bodies which have been produced by them to be used for saving the lives of other people in danger. Medicines are being developed and perfected for treatment of Corona. Some of these medicines have already been used to treat other viruses like Malaria. Laboratories are producing new medicines for Corona treatment and applying to FDA for permission to test them and use them. The world was never more ready for a Pandemic but it has still crippled the world economy and spread its infection to over a million human beings throughout the world. Quarantine and washing the hands, wearing face covers, seems primitive in the light of modern technology but these old techniques which were the foundation of medical treatments still hold up today in the 20th century.

The battle for survival began from the first day of creation. In evolution it is called the survival of the fittest. There is no question that every day adds on to the day before, there is always progress. At the same time many people feel that civilization is going backwards and not forward. Judaism is one of these philosophies that hold that civilization is going downhill since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem.  Each day Jews pray to return to return to the days of old. Corona attacks primarily the elderly the wise men of our generation who have the knowledge and life experience which the young have not attained.

Scholars leave behind with them books with the knowledge that they have gained in their lives as a gift to the young generation to help them perfect their lives and understanding of the greatest of God the creator. Libraries are full of books on all topics fiction and non-fiction which are memories of the past and a gateway to the future. Judaism more than any other religion emphasizes the learning of scriptures. The Jewish Bible has in it 24 books. Throughout history these 24 books have with them thousands of commentaries left by the previous generations and written each day opening up in them the wisdoms of the Torah.

Death is a sadness.  Due to the threat of death and infection Israel is shut down for the Passover holidays. Many religious Jewish customs have been cancelled such as congregational prayer, family gatherings on the Passover night festival, lectures and group learning, rejoicing together on the holiday, and visiting Jerusalem the traditional custom on holidays when Jews from all over the land would travel with their children to the place of the holy temple. All these important functions have been suspended to save a life.

The importance of saving a life is not a contradiction to belief in the afterlife. Sometimes the religious spiritual eye may conflict with the secular mind.  The secular mind concentrates only on life in this world while the religious mind looks not only at the importance of life in this world but also the afterlife. Therefore when the Corona threat reached Israel, many religious observers called the Chareidi or Ultra-Orthodox did not receive the fear of the disease immediately like in the secular world. As a result the city of Bnei Brak almost exclusively Orthodox has by far a larger percentage of infection than other cities in Israel. The same is true with many other Chareidi cities but not exclusively because there are also secular towns with high percentages. The difference between the religious and secular towns was a matter of a few days of ignoring the regulations of the Ministry of Health. Health is important to all people. The Torah teaches, If there is no bread (livelihood) there is no Torah. However the religious emphasize much less becoming a millionaire.  The Torah teaches that the rich man is the person who is content with his portion.

The everyday news of more and more deaths is a sadness for everyone. The Torah teaches that greater is the doing of good deeds in this world than all of the world to come. However to know about the rewards for souls in the afterlife in resurrection and reincarnation makes life more meaningful. Religion looks at two worlds which are important, this world and the world to come. The world to come is an eternal world. This world is a temporary world called a corridor to the world to come. Both worlds are bound together because in the future world comes the rewards for the good deeds done in this world. For sure those valiant soldiers who are fighting Corona wearing those awkward uniforms in hospitals and on ambulances are building for themselves inheritances in the world to come. The suffering in this world is for the sake of cleansing the body and soul before reaching the next world. In the next world after death there is also further cleansing in the grave and in hell.  Even hell has a good purpose for its sufferings to cleanse the soul to receive its eternal portion in heaven.

Israel is in a lockdown. Soldiers in Israel are working with the Ministry of Health to prevent people from entering areas which are more infected and to also block exit from these cities. Working against Corona with sincerity is the work of God through which is received a share in the afterlife.

Reincarnation is accepted today in Judaism.  It is usually associated with Eastern religions.  The great Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac Luria who lived in the city of Sfat Israel about five hundred years wrote a book the Gateway to Reincarnation. In this book he explained reincarnation of Jewish souls. The reincarnation of Jewish souls is not exactly like reincarnation for everyman. The concept of reincarnation taught in Eastern religion like in the book Siddhartha is more a universal teaching. According to reincarnation each person is an energy called a soul which is building from one life to the next life until it reaches its culmination which is complete and perfect faith in the unity of God. Along the journey of the soul, each good deed adds to the afterlife connected to this soul. Reincarnation is also called transmission of souls.

When we hear about the death of a loved one from Corona, another disease or old age it is the end of one life. For example Mary Brown has died on April 7th in Florida.  Mary Brown is a spiritual spark which entered into the body of the baby of Louis Brown and Sara Brown her mother and father. This spark begins to develop from childhood until adulthood. Each sparkor soul is different. These are souls on a journey to receive an eternal portion in heaven. When all these sparks will reach their perfection together all physical worlds will no longer need to exist. The development of these souls from one life onto the next will eventually come to an end at the time of the coming of the Messiah when God will give his eternal reward to everyone together. Until this day the souls continue to reincarnate to build and improve their shares in the afterlife. Reincarnation in the light of the Kabballa is not only a punishment but also as a reward.  The pleasure of the next world is much greater than all the pleasures in this world; but only in this world is given the chance for souls to increase their pleasures in the next world. The pleasures in the next world come mostly from sacrifice of the pleasures of this world. This world was created to do work building the kingship of God.

Belief in reincarnation and the afterlife cannot bring back our loved ones that die from Corona. Reincarnation gives meaning to life. There are two worlds which are interwoven, this the physical world the world of action, and the next world the world of spirit. The valiant soldiers who are helping to fight Corona virus in hospitals, ambulances, watching over quarantine, helping their sick neighbors, and sacrificing and risking their lives in other ways to save lives will receive a special portion in the next world for their work of kindness and salvation. The world works together in the battle with Corona and comes closer to the realization that everything is one with their creator and each part of his creation is important; every life is important.

Medical Science should complete its work to heal Corona. The sufferings brought upon the world by Corona are not in vain. There is a share in the afterlife for everyone that considers the next person the importance of saving a life.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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