The Establishment of the Nation of Israel – Hanukah

  • Nationalism is important for the survival of mankind on earth.
  • Peace between nations is a goal for mankind.
  • Spiritual peace is a goal for every human being.

The Nation of Israel has a Biblical history more than any other nation in the world. Like all nations it was established and survived through wars. The whole Bible from Genesis is the story of the establishment of the Biblical nation of Israel which began with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

Adam was created by God from the earth unlike all other human beings who come from the sexual union of male and female. The belief in the special creation of Adam is the foundation of faith in God the creator. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” are the first words of the Bible. The belief in the special creation of Adam refutes evolution.

Netanyahu lights Hanukah candles at the Wailing Wall.

According to Bible history Adam and Eve were singles not knowing evil. When they discovered evil coaxed by the Satan the snake, they had sex. From Adam and Eve was born Cain and Abel. According to the Bible Cain and Abel were born in sin. From Cain and Abel was populated the whole world with human imperfection. Adam and Eve were more perfect but also susceptible to the coaxing of the snake.

The population of the world grew. Families united in tribes. Tribes grew to make nations each with its own territories. The nation of Egypt is mentioned even before the establishment of Israel. The bible gives history of the birth of three fathers of nations in the world who are Jacob, Ishmael, and Esau.

The children of Ishmael and Esau intermarried while the children of Jacob and Isaac born from Abraham selected carefully the mates for their children. The children of Jacob was a tribe. Many other tribes wanted to marry their daughters. In one story in the Bible in Genesis the daughter of Jacob Dinah was molested by the son of the tribe of Shechem. Shechem wanted Dinah the daughter of Jacob and were willingly even to circumcise their children to be part of the children of Jacob. The children of Jacob refused in Genesis 34.

Nationalism even the development of the Nation of Israel described in the Bible came about through the sin of Adam of Eve imperfection of man. The world is populated through the act of sex which is called sinful in the Bible. Turning the wheel of history backward returning to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden of where it says about them “they were naked” was not possible.

Instead God gave to mankind another plan. This plan was to establish religion in the world. God gave the Jewish people a law and constitution to build their nation in the land of Israel through the prophet Moses who had redeemed them from slavery and captivity in the Land of Egypt under wicked King Pharaoh. The Biblical Nation of Israel and its law preserved the lineage of the great saints Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Jewish forefathers. Through the Biblical Law of Israel was preserved this heritage including the giving of the five books of Moses, the Old Testament.

The Biblical Nation of Israel was a nation under God with a temple a theocracy without giving Jews rights to intermarry and assimilate. Through the Law of Moses has been preserved the precious genes of the forefathers of the Jewish people. It is hard to deny the uniqueness of the genes of the Jewish people in history especially in America where Jews as a minority have a strong place in the government, medicine and technology. Both Pfizer and Moderna producing vaccine for Corona are run by Jews. Kamela Harris is married to Doug Emhoff a Jew. The children of Joe Biden are married to Jews. Jews are not angels but they are special human beings.

The Modern State of Israel was established with a plan to continue the lineage of the Jewish people. They did this through giving the Orthodox Rabbinate power over marriage and divorce. Israel in all other ways is a democracy. Jews who live in the diaspora intermarry at a rate of over 50%. To preserve the blood connection of the Jewish people with their fathers is required Jewish law which prohibits intermarriage. There is opposition in the world against the practice of Judaism limiting freedom of Jews to intermarry. Israel is sometimes called an Apartheid nation. It may be true but science supports the importance of Genetics. The lineage of the Jewish people have been preserved also through education, and strict family supervision.

The holiday of Hanukah which is celebrated this month commemorates a point in Jewish history where the nation of Israel and its heritage was threatened by the Greeks who had conquered the Land of Israel. The Greeks put restrictions on Jews living in Biblical Israel during the period of the second temple. Intermarriage was no problem for Jews living as a sovereign nation under Jewish law. It is well known that Jews will intermarry naturally without restrictions of Jewish law. The Greeks entered the temple in Jerusalem and interfered with its holy practices. They desired to destroy the Jewish nation through intermarriage. A small number of Jews called the Maccabees defeated the Greeks and succeeded to retake hold of their holy temple.  The Nation of Israel with its important lineage continued to survive.

President Trump recognized the importance of Jewish lineage. His own daughter married Jared Kushner an Orthodox Jew with Jewish children and grandchildren. Jews are gift of God to the world who gave the Jewish people their religion. President Trump worked to support the Modern State of Israel which is a democracy.  Israel being a democracy is no threat to world peace like Iran which is a theocracy. The goal of President Trump and the American ideal is to spread democracy throughout the world; while recognizing the importance of religion.

Religions which were once nations; today support World Faith which is important to each and every human being especially at times of crisis. Judaism today is only one part of World faith. Monotheism began with the Biblical State of Israel and the nation of the children of Israel. It spread out to the rest of the world through Christianity and Islam. Hanukah today represents not only Jewish faith in One God but also World Faith and the belief in the Messianic era.

Rabbi Lord Jonathon Sacks the former Chief Rabbi of the United British Commonwealth passed away this month. He worked to unite the Jewish people with the rest of the world.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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