The Eternal Nation – The Eternal Messiah – Peace

  • Israel is called the Eternal Nation planted by God in the world.
  • The State of Israel is struggling for survival amongst Arab Nations in the Middle East.
  • From the Eternal Nation of Israel was born the Eternal Messiah represented in the world by the Pope and his Christian followers.

Menachem Begin visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe in Brooklyn New York on his way to Camp David to meet with President Carter and Anwar Sadat to make the peace treaty with Egypt where he returned to Egypt the Sinai Peninsula. His first words which he said to the Rebbe who he considered to be the leader of the Nation of Israel “Our nation the Biblical nation of the Jewish people is an eternal people, not like the Modern State of Israel.”  The modern state of Israel needs to make concessions in order to survive which means concessions to America and Egypt.

Menachem Begin a religious man learned in the Torah to understand the meaning of the eternal nation of Israel written into the Bible.  He was also a practical man to understand the difference which the Modern State of Israel and the eternal Biblical nation. The eternal biblical state survives on blind faith in God and his Torah without depending on politics as a solution. This type of extreme approach is making problems for the State of Israel fighting for its survival. In the last elections it interfered with Netanyahu being able to make a government.

Moses gave the law of God to the Jewish people to build their nation in Israel including to build the holy temple. With this law, he commanded the people not to change the law and to follow its statutes forever. Through keeping these statutes inscribed in the Torah, the Jewish people have survived as a nation in the diaspora, and continue to survive. They have been persecuted and have suffered genocide but the Law of Moses keeps the nation alive and its holy lineage. There is always another generation after generation of Torah observant Jewry. Jews that assimilate lose their covenant and their children are no longer Jews. The eternal Jewish nation continues without them primarily through the Ultraorthodox. Some of these assimilated Jews may even become anti-Semites like Karl Marx. To be an eternal people requires to accept persecution, anti-Semitism. Through understanding the Law of Moses, can be understood how it has succeeded to keep Judaism alive until today.

In the middle of Jewish history in 1948, was established the State of Israel. It is now 71 years old.  The nation is struggling to survive in its land under world pressures.  The foundation of the State of Israel is the will of the Jewish people to live in their homeland. This desire inspired the first Zionists to consider making a secular nation in Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel. They were taking a chance to succeed or not succeed without certainty.  The nation has developed beautifully despite the opposition from its enemies. Jews living in Israel have no guarantees of their future in the land.  Many Jews today prefer to live in other lands which offer them freedom of religion, better livelihood and security. Menachem Begin understood the reality.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe advised him against making the peace treaty with Egypt but he didn’t listen.  He did what he had to do as the Prime Minister. Ariel Sharon was forced to give back Gaza to the Palestinians which has resulted in a disaster. For Israel it resulted in thousands of missiles shot from Gaza into Israel. For the Palestinians it has been a disaster living in poverty causing their own persecution. The survival of the Biblical Nation of Israel does not depend on the survival of the modern state of Israel. Many Jews enjoy the privilege to live in their own homeland. They believe it is worth all their suffering.  Jews who support the State of Israel pray for its future. Elections are scheduled for September.

The Tomb of King David on The Mountain of Zion in Old Jerusalem located near the Wailing Wall

The eternal nation of Israel began at Mount Sinai after their exodus from Egypt.  After forty years wandering in the wilderness of Sinai, they reached the land of Israel. Joshua took the people into the land. They conquered the land and established their nation according to the Law of Moses. King Solomon built the holy temple which stood for over four hundred years. Then came the destruction of the temple and the exile of the Jewish people from their land. Their religion Judaism was modified before their final exile from their land the destruction of the second temple, by making a place each day at midnight and in their daily prayers for remembrance of the days of glory of their nation and to hope and pray for the coming of the Messiah to rebuild the nation and the holy temple. The hope of the coming of the messiah and through following the Law of Moses all its religious rituals and practices Judaism continues as a family eternal religion. In Numbers 24:5  the prophet of the gentiles Balaam praises the Jewish people and prophesizes that they will be forever be an eternal people through their religion. He says, “How good are the tents of Jacob (places of Torah study), and the synagogues of Israel.”  Through their Torah learning and prayers the Jewish people are an eternal people and an eternal nation. The Jewish people are compared to a widow who was left alone after her husband passed away.  The Jewish people were married to God at Mount Sinai.  Their husband has left them, exiled them from the land of Israel where God dwells forever. Their will and desire is to return to their land. They are eternal through living according to the Torah Biblical teachings. The land of Israel and Jerusalem is the center of world faith.

God placed an eternal people in the world as a sign to the world that he is its creator representing the Bible. He gave them the Torah the Bible which begins with the words, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.”  The most important part of Judaism is the learning of the Torah. The Torah consists of 24 books which includes the 5 books of Moses, the books of the prophets, and other writings from King David, King Solomon, and later texts. Today has been added to Judaism esoteric study called the Kabballa which reveals hidden secrets in the written Torah the five books of Moses. Jews primarily learn the Ethics of Jewish Law which was once part of the Oral Torah but later was written and codified. The Nation of Israel was divided into twelve tribes.  Ten of these tribes were lost when Sancherib of Assyria conquered the section of Israel called Samaria when Israel was divided into two nations after a civil war.  Jews maintain their lineage today and identification as Levites, Priests, and Israelites.  To return to the past demands putting together the missing pieces which were lost in time. The nation had a king. King David is remembered forever as the King of Israel.

The eternal nation, the Biblical Nation of Israel and its Torah is for the world a sign that God is the creator of the world, called in the Kabballa the Hidden of Hiddens, the source and beginning of all beginnings. The Kabballa teaches not only the belief in the One God but also in his unity.  The unity of God includes in it two sides of truth which are compared to the marriage of male and female. The name of God written in the Hebrew text of the Bible includes in it this unity which is the secret of peace, Shalom.

First God revealed in the world his eternal nation, the Jewish people who are one part of this unity. The second part of this unity is the revelation of the Eternal Messiah. The unity which is the revelation of God on earth includes in it the Eternal Nation, and the Eternal Messiah. The Eternal Nation is the holiness of a family of people and mankind as a whole.  All of mankind share the Bible. The Eternal Messiah is an individual, a holy saint chosen by God to reveal eternal life through resurrection.

Eternal life comes through two channels. There is the eternal life of resurrection and there is the eternal life of the soul. Resurrection reveals eternal life given to the body when it rises up from the dust after death. The Eternal Messiah had to be revealed as a break off from the Jews of the eternal nation. The Eternal Messiah gives mankind faith in the afterlife, to understand that life is a gift from God with a purpose. At the culmination of life and after burial comes the resurrection of the dead connected to the Great Sabbath.

The Israel Museum was established in 1965 as Israel’s foremost cultural institution and one of the world’s leading encyclopaedic museums.

There is also eternal life for the souls of man who work in the world for the sake of bringing the revelation of God to the earth.  For each act of kindness is received a portion in the afterlife where all souls receive their rewards for their good deeds. The soul is an eternal spark of Godliness which comes down into this world into the physical body of a man. A man is a soul clothed in a physical body which has a physical existence. After 120 years or the life of the man the soul leaves the body at death to return to its place amongst other souls in the Garden of Eden. In each reincarnation is added merits to the soul to increase the portion of reward for the soul in the Garden of Eden.

The survival of the eternal nation of Israel comes through the learning and practice of the Torah.  It is not dependent on the coming of the Messiah but the hope in the coming of the Messiah is part of Judaism. The Messiah of Judaism is a man who will bring the Jewish people back to their land and establish again the Biblical Nation with the holy temple. The Jewish people are compared to a virgin who married for the first time and after a happy marriage became a widow. She doesn’t want to remarry (look for another religion) but only wants to wait for the resurrection of the dead when she can be together again with her husband. Even though Jews pray to return to become the biblical state, being an eternal nation does not depend on returning to their land only in practicing their religion.

There can be a conflict between the Messiah of eternal life and his followers and the National Religious Jewish messiah devoted for the survival of the eternal nation. One Messiah is National Jewish, the other is universal. They both become connected at the end of time through the resurrection of Moses who exemplifies both aspects of National and Universal. When the Jewish people will realize that they are an eternal nation and that they have a Messiah who is their leader in each generation, they can also appreciate that there is a Messiah of Eternal Life for all of mankind representing universal peace. Chassidism founded by the Baal Shem Tov connected to esoteric Judaism principally the Book of Splendor called the Zohar, came to reveal the two Messiahs and their unity.

Christians and Jews have always been opponents in spirituality.  Today there can be peace between them which should also bring peace to all of mankind. The Modern State of Israel is not the eternal nation but it is important to bring all of mankind the connection to the Bible and the land of Israel. The modern state of Israel that is a democracy with freedom of religion can fulfill this purpose.

Judaism is the religion of the eternal nation. Christianity is the religion of the eternal messiah.  The messiah of Judaism is the messiah of the hope of the eternal nation to return to its homeland. He is part of the eternal nation and lives with the Jewish people. Islam through Mohammed became also an eternal nation with a law.  Mohammed is their prophet and sharia is their law written in the Koran. The prophet of Baha”i who was a Muslim living in the Ottoman Empire is the messiah who brings peace, eternal life, and an end to the eternal war of Islam. The Jews  receive their spiritual freedom Exodus through the resurrection of Moses revealed in the Book of Splendor the Zohar a redemption with mercy without war. Christians that are waiting for Jesus to return receive their freedom through the second resurrection of Christ with Moses and Mohammed. In the plan of God war is not necessary to achieve the highest spiritual goals and should be avoided.

In the meantime life continues to take its natural course. The State of Israel was founded in 1948 after World War II and the holocaust. President Trump won the elections in America in 2016 and will be running again in 2020.  The United Nations was established on April 25, 1945 with the hope of preventing another World War.  People need religion.  They also need livelihood, health, and most important peace. Nations continue to fight for their own survival. Religions are protected by their doctrines and their clergy who represent their holy master and God. There is no end to the struggle for survival, but there is a new effort to prolong the struggle of man for survival on the earth which is in the plan of God. If you believe in God you also believe that Life is Good.  There is a reward in the afterlife for all the sufferings of life.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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