The Garden of Eden – The World in Chaos

  • Corona has caused chaos in the world a disease without a medicine or vaccine.
  • People who have faith in God and the afterlife do not fear Corona virus.
  • People want to enjoy life and its pleasures and pray for the end of Corona.

There are things which everyone knows and there are things which some people know and other believe in. Physics and science studies the known and extends its knowledge of the known into many channels to improve life. Scientists attempt to solve the difficulties faced in life whether they be connected to the material world or the world of emotions. For nervous people there are sedatives; for the physically sick there are medicines.

Everyone should be working to make life better. Civilization has organized in an attempt to improve life. There are different opinions about ways to improve life especially in politics.  Some people have chosen the democratic way. Others still believe in Communism. The strictly orthodox religious believe in theocracy. When life breaks down for the individual which means poverty or sickness; or for the macrocosm which means wars of destruction; these periods in life and history are the most difficult.  These are periods of chaos. Corona Pandemic has brought chaos. Chaos in the Bible Genesis is called emptiness and void like it says Genesis, In the beginning the earth was empty and void, and darkness hovered. The solution for darkness is light. God said, Let there be light.

In this place the Western Wall was built two temples which were destroyed. The Third Temple will be built together by all of mankind through prayer without war.

The world is in the middle of the Corona Pandemic. Science is seeking a solution for the unique super contagious virus. A vaccine is on the way from many sources. 14 millions people are infected. 608,000 people have died.

Civilization has developed. Science and medicine has developed. Man has reached the moon. Computer systems have united the world to connect the whole world through telecommunication. Nevertheless Corona virus has crippled the world economy. It is still without a perfect solution.

The goal of the modern age is to reach domestic tranquility through science and technology. The virus has been recognized and studied. Science will eventually beat it. Until then, the solution is to wear masks and obey social distancing. Through taking tests, the people who are infected can be quarantined before they have a chance to spread the disease further. People will not agree to all these regulations.  People will only be people. President Trump recognized that not everyone will watch and follow all these regulations. Just wearing masks is only a partial answer. Corona damages the body of those that are infected; it causes emotional trauma to everyone.

The Bible gives two answers to bring light into darkness. God said Let there be light; the passage continues “and there was light.” Light is mentioned two times as answer to the darkness, chaos and emptiness in life. These two lights can be both called The Garden of Eden. In effect there are two Garden of Eden which are answers to darkness. The two Garden of Eden are both called Sabbath. God said in the Bible, In six days you should work, and in the seventh day you should rest.  The seventh day is called the Sabbath. The first Sabbath is acquired through hard work, working at a worthy profession in the service of mankind and the service of God.

It says in Psalms “Through the sweat of your brow you shall eat, it will be happy and good for you.” The reward for hard honest work is double, a material reward in this world including self-satisfaction, and a reward in the afterlife. The reward in the afterlife is called Garden of Eden. As much as people want to make the pleasures of material life into a Garden of Eden through purchasing a new car, vacations abroad, investments in the Stock Market, ranch house, expensive jewelry for your wife, etc. we learn from Corona Pandemic that the pleasures of this world are temporary.

Even during the Corona Pandemic while mankind suffers, God gives mankind opportunities to build their share in the afterlife through doing good deeds. Health Workers especially receive a great reward for their dangerous lifesaving work in hospitals, ambulances, and clinics. Jewish people receive a special share in the afterlife through working for the survival of the Jewish nation in Israel and abroad.

Religion offers ways to acquire a share in the afterlife. No one has even returned to the earth to report his experiences in the afterlife. The wise sages teach that greater is the pleasure in the afterlife than worldly pleasures. They also teach that greater is the life and work in this world where is given the opportunity to increase the personal share in the afterlife than the world to come. The world to come is eternal. This world is temporary called a corridor to the world to come. The world to come is called the Garden of Eden.

Religion has expanded on the concept of the Garden of Eden which is unknown but a part of faith.  Just like in this world there is pleasure. The main pleasures are connected to work, family and friendship. There is also pleasure in food, wealth, and love. An extension of pleasure in this world is related to peace of mind and mental health. Without physical health life becomes bitter.  Also without mental health it is hard to appreciate material success.

Within the psyche of man are realms of spiritual bliss connected to spiritual healing. Spiritual bliss of the mind is related to increasing education which is connected to Bible study.  The study of the Bible according to your religion offers intellectual spiritual enrichment.  Intellectual spiritual enrichment through Bible study is an additional pleasure to work and to build life. Not all people are suitable for intellectual enrichment. Many people are satisfied with life to be enjoyed in simplicity. Everyone needs mental health and seeks domestic tranquility.  Everyday life pressures does not allow people a chance to relax in an atmosphere of quiet and peace.

The seventh day the Sabbath was given to the Jewish people for this purpose but not all religious Jews use the Sabbath to relax but occupy themselves with activities of learning, prayer, and social interaction on the Sabbath. In religion there is a second level of spirituality besides action, and intellectual stimulation through Bible study. This second level is connected to the Garden of Eden of the mind, an inner light of peace.

The Garden of Eden of the mind has been revealed over the course of history through the religions of the world. The Garden of Eden of the mind is the deepest level of spiritual bliss attainable in this world.  In the east it is called Nirvana. In Western religion it is called the Sabbath of the eighth day. The Garden of Eden of the mind is the connection between the seventh day and the eighth day. Each week work ends and there is a day of rest. The day of rest being off from work is to relax the mind work and physical body. The Garden of Eden of the mind is the deepest level of relaxation which combines the seventh and eighth day, the seventh day in this world and the eighth day which is in the mind and heart.

The Universal Faith sometimes called Baha”i faith or Progressive Jewish Spirituality provides those that need the deepest level of spiritual peace the connection to the Garden of Eden. The connection to the Garden of Eden comes through the belief in resurrection. It also comes through religion and the Bible. Baha”i faith which was revealed in Acre Israel in the 18th century brought to the world the spiritual light of the eighth day. It combined religion and faith. Baha”i faith was taught during the Ottoman Empire for Muslims.

The Universal faith came into the Jewish world through the Zohar esoteric Judaism. Esoteric Judaism expanded on fundamental and traditional Judaism by adding on to it the spiritual Universal light of the Garden of Eden. Judaism, Islam, and religion in general emphasize self-sacrifice to God and his law. They do not enter into the realm of spirituality connected with the Universal faith and the Garden of Eden of spiritual bliss where Adam and Eve lived in complete harmony with God and nature. The metamorphosis of religion combined naturally to reveal the inner light of spirituality of peace and unity.

Health workers who risk their lives to save people from Corona death receive the Garden of Eden in the afterlife for their efforts.

The Zohar esoteric Judaism teaches the foundations of the Universal faith. The study of the Zohar and esoteric texts is not for everyone. Chassidism which is derived from the Zohar and Kabballa gave a way of reaching spiritual joy for the everyday man. In the last generation of Chabad Chassidism their leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel declared that the time is ready to enter the Garden of Eden of spiritual bliss through receiving the Messiah.

In the Garden of Eden there were many trees but two of these trees were more emphasized which were the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. The Zohar reveals that these two trees were for Adam in the Garden of Eden the connection to God through spiritual joy called Garden of Eden. The Lubavitcher Rebbe and Zohar went further to reveal that these two trees are representative of the two messiahs and the time for the revelation of the Messiah has arrived.

As a Chassid who studied in Lubavitch Brooklyn, the first words that I heard from the Rebbe translated to me from Yiddish were, “The Garden of Eden still exists but it is covered over by thorns and thistles which are the sufferings of life.”  Corona virus has added to the sufferings of mankind. In the history of religion in this world has been revealed two Messiahs. The Messiah of Universal faith was revealed through Christianity. The Messiah the King of the Law of Moses was already revealed by Elijah the prophet and King David and again revealed through Chassidism.

Calling the Messiah God was a mistake corrected by the Zohar esoteric Judaism. God unites the two Messiahs. God is omnipotent and forever unknown.  Although it says man was created in the image of God, this is just an analogy to help mankind find his connection to life. Corona makes the need greater for those that suffer in this world to connect to the Garden of Eden and the two Messiahs of truth. This connection has been revealed through the Universal Faith and the resurrection of Moses.

Corona is not only a cold, a flu, it has come to the world as an awakening. People have ignored religion and have abused the pleasures of life. Corona has taken away these pleasures temporarily to put mankind on the right track.  Euphoria is a mental state which is available to all of mankind in the Messianic Era but the world and man who are imperfect have a challenge to build in the physical world a house a dwelling place for God. The Jewish people built a house for God in Jerusalem which was destroyed two times. The third house for God is the work of all of mankind to build, like it says in Isaiah 56:7, My house will a house of prayer for all the peoples of the earth.” The Zohar teaches that the third holy temple will come down from heaven without any wars.

Corona has brought the various Abrahamic religions of the world together in group prayer revealing the Universal faith.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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