The Girl Who Cried Wolf

  • Luo becomes socially dead due to ex's accusations.
  • Evidence shows that maybe Liang has been lying to get attention.
  • Internet users have started to find more loopholes in Liang’s story.

Recently, a Weibo account posted a long article titled “Loving You, Hence Raping You.” In this article, the poster, Liang Ying, accused her ex-boyfriend, Luo Guanjun, of raping her on their first date.

According to Liang, after Luo raped her, she felt shame and fear. But considering that Luo had a decent job, she became his girlfriend, unwillingly. Later, she found out that Luo had raped other girls before and had been visiting prostitutes. She also had an abortion for him, which she buried alone next to a temple.

Liang and Luo together.

She wanted to expose him earlier, but Luo had taken some naked photos of her as a threat. Liang claimed that she had told the truth to the bank where Luo worked, and that Luo was fired after. She has hired a lawyer, for which she has spent over $3 million.

The article soon trended all over the internet. Users exposed the personal information of Luo online, like his ID number, phone number and even home address. He suddenly became the definition of a womanizer.

However, the story is just beginning. Over the last week, Luo has been posting on Weibo explaining his side of the story.

According to Luo, Liang has made up the whole story. They got together through a dating app and was true love. He didn’t rape her or anyone else and was loyal to her.

Chat history shows the love between the two.

They broke up because she got needy, money-wise. She wanted him to let her be the only legal owner of their future houses and other properties. Luo got tired of arguing so he broke up with her. But then she started her vicious revenge by inventing stories.

Luo declared that he resigned from his former company, and was not fired, which the human resources department could prove. He has never taken any naked photos of her, he says. Luo’s sister also posted lots of chat history with her brother and with Liang, showing how deeply in love they were. Luo posted an image of the movie The Hunt, suggesting that he’s in the same situation as the protagonist. Luo begged for the internet users to be more reasonable. He has moved three times recently. He says he is basically “socially dead” because of Liang’s lies.

Interestingly, Liang erased her Weibo contents after Luo’s posts.

Luo goes on to post more evidences to support himself. He posted an audio of a conversation between them. Luo asked Liang why she did all this, to which Liang said she wanted to become famous through this case because she wanted to be a lawyer in the future.

Luo called a rapist on the internet.

Luo also states that the police have been involved the whole time, but the case never gets filed because Liang refuses to provide any evidence, like where she had the abortion. Internet users have started to find more loopholes in Liang’s story, such as that she wouldn’t be allowed to take out her aborted kid alone, nor would a simple case like this cost $3 million.

If Liang has indeed made up everything, she would become a perfect argument for anti-feminism on Weibo, which has been battling against feminism on Weibo for a long time. Or maybe Liang is preparing some other moves, you never know what the girl who cried wolf might do next.

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