The Human Cloud Experiencing Robust Growth Inside the Gig Economy – Human Cloud Gigs are Here to Change

The Human Cloud is a sub-segment of the gig economy that includes firms that match workers to work through an online/digital platform such as Freelance Global Gigs (FFG) Low Cost Marketplace. This is a sub-unit of the freelance industry where all work arrangements are established and completed via a single digital online platform. The Human Cloud had very robust growth in 2019 with total sales of $126 bill so far is changing the traditional job world.

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Today the most utilized skill on the online platforms is freelance IT, with an emphasis on software development and date science directed work.  For example, right now there is an oversized appetite for blockchain expertise. Many small businesses use cloud platforms to fill critical gaps where it would be cost prohibitive to hire a full-time employee.

The Human Cloud has pitfalls too: the idea of a worker community, comradeship, and office meetings are distinctly different. Often loyalty is questioned as most people are budgeted for short term projects.  The upside to this is companies have for more flexibility, control and lower costs, giving them the ability to launch services that in the past outstripped their capabilities. Most of your senior staff is considered permanent employees but in the next step below “senior,” you’re seeing even large corporations infill jobs utilizing the Human Cloud.

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The person providing specialized services can basically keep their own schedule and control who they offer their skill set to. Most enjoy the freedom of not having a boss or working inside of a rigid bureaucracy.

‘Software development and technology” occupations accounted for 55% of the work on these Human Cloud platforms.  The share of IT occupations accounted for in the index has expanded significantly, up from about 35% in 2016.

It is very easy to start your own Human Cloud freelance gig services. We found on FGG Low Cost Marketplace it is easier than setting up a paid Craigslist add.

The emergence of the Human Cloud is defined by a new work arrangement that is setting the virtual freelance employee free. Thus the need for work arrangements of various kinds, to be established, reviewed, completed and paid for through a single online freelance platform such as FGG Low Cost Marketplace.

The traditional job posting/boards are not in the definition of the Human Cloud; Currently there are three types of Human Cloud freelance gig platforms: Online Gig Services Platform, Online Staffing, and Crowdsourcing.

For beginners to the Human Cloud, you can find out how easy it is to get started by posting your services here.

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