The Indoctrination of America’s Youth by the Public School System (Part 1)

  • My thought was that if my teachers, peers, and family believed in this than it has to be right.
  • Teachers, in my experience, have zero problem tailoring their content and their teachings to fit whatever agenda they are trying to promote.
  • Teachers constantly employ this method of fact alteration and use of pseudohistory to push their agendas and ideas.

I Haven’t Always Been a Conservative

I haven’t always been a conservative. I haven’t always been a free thinker or a critical thinker. Like many younger kids I believed what my teachers told me and went along with many of the views of my peers and the older members of my family. My teachers would tell us about the feminine struggles, the struggles of minorities, and how Islam is a misunderstood, peace promoting religion. We would learn about the struggles of immigrants coming into the United States and how it was a hard and sometimes impossible process so, many families would resort to crossing the border illegally. We would be told how socialist revolutionaries would overthrow oppressive capitalist dictators.

It was a lot of the typical stuff taught by the public school system teachers, and I believed it because they were my teachers. My peers were educated by the same teachers so they held the same liberal and socialist political views. My older cousins, whom I look up to, went through the same school system and subsequently, are liberals. My thought was that if my teachers, peers, and family believed in this than it has to be right.

So what changed? My transformation began when I became extremely interested in history. I would read about and listen to the history of our country, political parties, foreign policy, etc. I began to realize what I was finding out didn’t match what the teachers were saying. Republicans weren’t racist, Islam wasn’t peaceful, and under capitalism most countries flourish. Based on my developing understanding of history I began to form my own political opinions, and I began to take everything said by my teachers very critically.

I then began to pay much more attention to the news and began to watch multiple sources, many times from multiple countries. Pairing my new knowledge of current events with my knowledge of history I became able to form my own political opinions that were often polar opposites of the political opinions of my teachers and peers. The final event that secured me as a hardline conservative was the 2015-2016 presidential debates.

From very early on I developed an admiration and a liking for President Trump. I recognized that Trump would talk about issues that no one else would and that he was not afraid to speak what he thought and speak what he thought was right. I would listen to Trump come to the same conclusions that I had. I would see him give statements that his opponent would have no response to or no intelligent response to. He ripped apart the ideas that my teachers, classmates, and family believed and spread. After watching this I was secured in my ideas and beliefs which were not in the least supported by my classmates or teachers, but at that point I did not care because I had lost all respect for their thoughts and opinions.

I haven’t always been a conservative. I bought into what my teachers, peers, and family members were saying, but through history, research, thought, and questioning formed my own opinions and beliefs to became a free thinker who no longer took what was being told to me as correct and learned to think critically for myself.

From Cherry Picking Facts and Statistics to Straight Lying, What Will Teachers Do to Propagate Their Distorted Views?

Teachers, in my experience, have zero problem tailoring their content and their teachings to fit whatever agenda they are trying to promote. In history class an entire month was spent on basically a “Muslim tolerance course” where the teacher outright lied and used disinformation to tell us that throughout its history Islam had been the most tolerant, peaceful, and benevolent major religion. Despite the fact that the Islamic empires have been some of the largest and bloodiest throughout history. The teacher continued to say that Islam is based in peace, understanding, and tolerance and any Muslim who does not follow this is in the vast minority and that it is our racism, intolerance, and fears as Americans that leads to the stereotype of the violent and radical Muslim.

It does not take much investigation into the religious texts of Islam or the widely practiced Sharia Law to find out that these “facts” and statements are false, historically inaccurate, and are pure propaganda. The religion of Islam is not peaceful and never throughout its history has it been peaceful.

Teachers constantly employ this method of fact alteration and use of pseudohistory to push their agendas and ideas. Teacher love to talk about the right-wing, capitalist, and fascist (a word that no teacher seems to know the definition of) dictatorships that killed, tortured, and committed atrocious violations of human rights. The interesting thing is teachers seem to forget about the brutal totalitarian socialist, Marxist, and communist dictators. Great examples are Mao Zedong in China or Stalin in the USSR. In their teachings teachers always make sure capitalist and right-wing dictators are portrayed as villainous and downright evil, and they make sure that the massive amount of socialist and communist dictators, whose regimes were the stuff of nightmares, are always portrayed as saviors and noble revolutionaries.

Che Guevara, a violent revolutionary who helped to instill some of the most brutal dictators ever to rule, is a favorite topic among history and Spanish teachers, who portray him as a messiah who helped to save and liberate Latin America. Teachers don’t like to mention the concentration camps of Mao Zedong, the extreme poverty and fear the citizens of Cuba lived under during the reign of Castro, or the brutality and inhumanity of Ho Chi Minh. But, teachers are more than eager to talk about the suffering under nationalist leaders such as Chiang Kai-shek, Fulgencio Batista, and Ngo Dinh Diem. (The nationalist and capitalist leaders of China, Cuba, and South Vietnam respectively). Many teachers will not acknowledge that the economy and stability of countries would fall apart after the militant takeover by these communist and socialist dictators.

The teachers are not the only ones that censor content, doctor facts, and cherry pick information. Textbooks are also notorious for skewing facts and information to promote their leftist agenda. In history books you will find that JFK and Bill Clinton had excellent foreign policy and had strong economic policies that helped to strengthen our economy and create a more prosperous America. However, no concrete facts are provided to back up these broad claims. Textbooks constantly discuss how Democratic presidents promoted civil rights, were champions of minorities and women, and promoted the equality among all classes, races and sexes. Of course this isn’t true, the Democratic party voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and voted against women suffrage.

So much information in textbooks is complete garbage being fed to children to promote leftist agendas and is an effort to keep the younger generations generally uninformed about the world, history, policy, etc… Because liberalism thrives on ignorance and misinformation. What the books do that may have the most effect on students is the exclusion of information. Many times textbooks will “forget” to mention things such as the fact that during the Civil War the North was Republican or that Frederick Douglass, an incredible black statesman and writer who I personally have a huge admiration for, was Republican.

Textbooks fail to recognize that the periods when the United States was the most prosperous was when our policies were the most capitalistic and conservative. There are never any mentions of the incredible foreign policy and civil rights advocacy by Republican president Richard Nixon because that doesn’t fit their agenda of making every Republican president seem like a war mongering racist. It is facts like these which textbooks choose to omit. Omitting these facts can paint a very different picture of history, policy, culture, and the real workings of economics.

What do you think of when you hear Ronald Reagan? Patriotism? Vision? Tax-cuts? A booming economy? When the writers of the average history or economics textbook hear Ronald Reagan they think of “an economic platform that only benefited the wealthy upper class and did little to help the poor economic conditions of the middle and lower classes” or “policies that later caused an economic collapse” or “massive tax cuts for large businesses and the wealthy that critics called ‘trickle down economics’ because little money trickled down to the middle class from the wealthy and the large businesses that benefited from the cuts” (The actual definition of trickle down economics is an economic form that allows tax breaks and decreased regulations for wealthy individuals and corporations in the hopes that the companies and individuals will use the extra profit to expand. This expansion leads to job growth and higher wages for the middle and lower classes.

Eventually the higher profits obtained by companies and upper class individuals benefit every working American. Perhaps textbook writers should be informed of this.) As with any Conservative or Republican the textbooks refuse to acknowledge any kind of success or positive characteristics of Reagan. Any positive effects or qualities of right wing conservative leaders and policies are most often omitted from textbooks and lessons.

The omission of this information is not a coincidence, it is deliberate and it is scary. The fact that the teachers and the textbook writers think that this is ok to do is truly scary. The students are being deliberately mislead and misinformed. Unfortunately there is not much choice when it comes to the schools’ choices in textbooks, but the teachers should provide unbiased lessons and should absolutely not omit, change, or alter facts in any way to push their agenda and beliefs onto the students. Any quality teacher should strive to provide all the positive and negative facts surrounding an issue and allow the students to draw their own opinions and conclusions.

[To be continued…]

Kyle Reynolds

I'm a young political activist who loves commenting and writing about politics and political trends. I love to write about the stories that interest and intrigue me and I love being able to get the writing out there and being able to see the reactions to my writing. 

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  1. Since I’m mentioned in this, I think I should say that my experience was not like this. My teachers were politically neutral with us for (the most part, but small biases went both ways). My history classes/teachers were not pro socialism and definitely not soft on dictatorships of any sort. Also in case you were worried, I am also not pro Mao or Castro or any other dictator; there’s a huge difference between wanting socialist totalitarianism and wanting everyone to have healthcare.
    I’m sorry that some of your teachers are taking stances, but I caution you not to assume this happens to everyone.

    1. First off I’d like to say that I don’t assume that this happens to everyone, but I do think that this happens at unacceptable numbers. I hope I can make this clear in the following installments. I can’t speak to your teachers and experiences because they would obviously be much different than mine. I think that liberal and left wing teachers began voicing their opinions much more in 2015 when Trump announced his bid for president. I think that since that moment we’ve been living in a much more politically restless world. People on both sides of the political spectrum have become emboldened and feel it their responsibility to share the views and opinions. I also find that some of the most outright and radical teachers are the newer ones, those who started teaching in the last four or five years. I also wouldn’t say that the majority of these teachers are pro left wing dictatorships, but many attempt to show left leaning dictators in a much more positive light and attempt to make their actions seem more justified than right wing dictators.

  2. Johan Simon
    Thank you for your comment.
    I’m missing something here, you claimed “Since I’m mentioned in this” where are you mentioned?

    I hope you understand it lessens your appeal, if your very first claim is inaccurate.

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