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When selecting or working with a gig platform or marketplace, whether buying or selling gigs, you need to understand: what is the total cost?  You should always try to compare the total cost of a gig platform so you know what you’re dealing with. Often the higher percentage the gig provider takes or charges, the more confusing or complicated they make it in presenting those costs; so if it’s hard to understand the total cost on a platform, that means they are often very high and don’t want to openly disclose the costs.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace allows you to save and make more money!

When you look at the total costs of the leading gig platforms, it has such a price-shocking feel to it. Now, we understand why they want to confuse the buyer and sellers. For example, the leading platform charges Sellers 20%, then often adds on 5% more to the Buyers, and then possibly charges an additional 2-3% for service fees. So the total costs come in as high as 27-28%! But if you look at each individual subsection of fees only (and that’s what they hope for), it may appear attractive.

If you are charging 28%, and new very rapidly growing websites such as Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace are only charging 12%, would you try to confuse the clients and or present it in a way that confuses the users? No one want to over pay for online services. The giant platforms know this. That’s why they confuse the issues, but being charging more than double is more than overpaying.

The gut wrenching question you have to ask is: Once you realize the big companies are hiding or misleading their true total costs, and always in a way that benefits them, how can you trust that they are working for you? Well, you can’t.

In almost every case where big corporations are hiding or concealing their costs, they are doing it in a way to extract the most they can from you. To consumers this should be an ethical red flag: what else are they doing that might be unethical?  This is always the first sign of corporate greed.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates and published in every major language allowing you to save and make more money!

So a gig seller recently asked us three questions, that he believed outlined the superior qualifications for a business alternative in the gig marketplace field:

  1. So what platform charges a low cost?

    Our answer is that FGG Low Cost Marketplace only charges 12% (total cost!). That is way below the 27-28% charges of the leading gig provider. Not only is the FGG low cost, they are trying to keep the Seller’s fees low so all parties benefit from a very low-cost total ecosystem.

  2. Do they provided a very good to superior service?

 They are integrated with Communal News (4 million annual visitors), Google News and Facebook News, with hundreds of thousands of links integrating their gigs into related news stories. But possibly the more impressive fact is that both the news stories from FGG Low Cost Marketplace and Communal News (such as this one) are published in every major global language. This global reach combination of Gig and News has allowed for robust growth of both platforms in a very short time period.

3. Are they posting a large number of new gigs daily? (this is needed to create a vibrant marketplace)

This week alone Freelance Global Gigs had many new gigs submitted with a retail value over $75,000. As a matter of fact, they had so many that they fell behind processing them all. Not only is this a very large number, especially for a very young company, but it’s actually over four days. The week isn’t finished yet.

It looks to us like FGG Low Cost Marketplace is slowly becoming the real deal, providing a pathway so you can save and make more money.

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