The Marriage Between the Deceased in China

  • Woman got dug up to get married ten years after death.
  • Yin Hun is still common in many Chinese villages.
  • The Chinese government is not against Yin Hun at the moment.

In 2008, Li Zhong suspected that his wife, Kang Cuicui, was cheating on him. They had a fight and Kang ran away. She went to a hotel and drank paraquat, an acute toxic herbicide without antidote. Her family was outraged, and Li’s parents had to spend over $15,000 to bury her properly in the family tombs. On November 14, 2020, when they went to clean the tombs, Li found out that Kang’s tomb had recently been dug up and buried again. They called the police and opened the coffin, only to find nothing inside but a big red carrot.

Kang’s body is stolen by her parents.

Under investigation, the police discovered that Kang’s body was stolen by her own parents. She was sold for $12,000 to another family, the Lius. Liu lost his 30-year-old son in a car accident recently. He didn’t want his son to be alone on the other side, so he tried to get him a wife.

With the help of an agent, he knew that Kang had no kids when she died. He reached out to Kang’s family and offered to buy their six-feet-under daughter as his dead son’s wife. They knew that Li wouldn’t agree to it, but they also wanted their daughter to have a companion up there, so they stole her body at midnight and arranged the marriage.

Yin Hun, the marriage between the deceased, is still a common tradition in many Chinese villages. According to Fengshui theories, if a man is buried alone without spouse in the family tombs, his family will be cursed for generations. So, when a single man dies, or when the wife gets remarried after the man passes away, his family will try to find him a Yin wife, usually a single woman or one whose husband has remarried.

Yin wife would be cemented before the marriage.

Statistically, there are more men than women who die at a younger age in villages, which means qualifying Yin women have always been popular in the Yin Hun market.

There are people who work as agents of Yin Hun. They’re always up to date about any young deaths in the surrounding villages. According to an agent, recently dead single women are the most expensive and demanded type. The best scenario would be that the girl has completed the Yin Hun before dying.

Knowing the players involved, the police have chosen not to act upon the case, even though Li’s family insists that Kang’s family has violated many laws.

A family carrying out Yin Hun.

On Zhihu, some posters show their sympathy for families that lose a young son and consider Yin Hun a sort of comfort for them.

More atheist internet users, however, despise the ignorance of those villagers and blame Kang’s family for making money from their long-dead daughter.

Some have even mentioned cases where young women are trafficked and murdered on purpose to serve as a Yin wife. Abandoning deformed traditions like this still has a long way to go.

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