The Messiah of Freedom

  • The Messiah of freedom will teach each person to be righteous in their ways which means to do good and to try to stay distant from evil.
  • A religion which denies the importance of peace, freedom and song is too religiously orthodox.
  • The Messiah of freedom and peace is the spiritual master who knows the meaning of Truth.  He does not have to be Jewish and there are more than one Messiah of Freedom alive today in the world.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov writes in his most foremost work Likutei Maharon, “Each and every righteous saint is in the likeness of the Messiah.”

The Messiah of Freedom, the Messiah of Song, the Messiah of Peace are all from the same source.  They are all one and connected to God. The Messiah is by definition a man, a human being.  Like all people he comes into the world which is temporary with two maternal parents.  The life of the Messiah is temporary seventy years, until 120 years according to the wishes of God.  The fact that he is mortal makes him more precious and more important for all people to greet him and study his teachings when he is alive.  The day will come when he will die and then remains only his memory which lives with those that greeted and received his beauty.

The picture above is of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag who wrote a controversial translation and commentary on the Zohar, The Book of Splendor.  Rabbi Philip Berg studied in Jerusalem from the students of Rabbi Ashlag.

The Messiah of freedom will teach each person to be righteous in their ways which means to do good and to try to stay distant from evil. There is the Messiah of peace of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Bhuddism all the religions which teach people to live righteously to live by a Code of Ethics connected to the Law of God given on Mount Sinai.  Therefore there can be more than one Messiah of Peace but they all teach the importance of peace.

The Law of God and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Judaism more than any religion emphasizes the study of the law.  The study of law is not of primary importance; the study of peace is of primary importance.  All religions have their own code of ethics.  Religions can be Orthodox or Progressive spiritual according to their emphasis on following the precepts of their law. A religion which denies the importance of peace, freedom and song is too religiously orthodox.  A religion which denies the importance of the Law of God is profane.

In Judaism there is the story of a man who was interested in studying the Torah law.  He went to the sage of the House of Talmudic law Shamai who were ultra-orthodox.  Shamai answered the man that it is impossible to learn the whole Torah and its laws on one foot that it requires to enter one of the schools of Talmudic law and to begin to learn the law which takes years. He went to Hillel from another Talmudic School more liberal.  Hillel did not distance this man like Shamai. He answered him saying, “Do not do on to others as you would not want them to do to you.”  He said this is the essence of the whole Torah law. Hillel also teaches in the Ethics of the Fathers, “If I am not for myself who will be for me; if I am only for myself alone what am I, if not to begin now when.” The teachings of Hillel are more universal and general than the teachings of Shamai.  Shamai did not recognize any shortcuts at all.

If this man was a Jew, Jewish law would require him to eventually go to the School of Shaimai to complete his studies.  He would start with the teaching of Hillel. If he was a Christian his religion would require him to go to Bible school to complete his studies.  Even if the person was unable to find a place to study the fact that he was already introduced to the law of God he now is ready to greet the Messiah of Freedom, the Messiah of Peace to know the secret of the name of God.  He had already been introduced to the law of fear of God by Hillel.  For sure there is more to study to know the whole Bible all twenty four books. The Messiah of Freedom now can teach him the secret of Freedom, the secret of peace, the secret of the song of peace. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. Hillel the Jewish sage introduced the man to the fear of God, the Torah.   The Jews were chosen for this purpose.

Madonna and other Hollywood stars became interested in Kabballa, Jewish mysticism.  Rabbi Philip Berg of blessed memory established Kabballa centers throughout the world.  He himself learned from teachers of the Kabballa very particular about choosing their students. According to Jewish tradition, only those that have already studied in the School of Shamai all the laws of the Torah and have devoted themselves to practicing the commandments are qualified to learn Kabballa.  Rabbi Berg was criticized by the Orthodox Jewish community for teaching Kabballa openly to people without these prerequisites. Madonna and other Hollywood stars came to learn by Rabbi Berg and he accepted them to be his students.

The main conflict which Rabbi Berg has with Orthodox Judaism is that role of Judaism in the world is not to be the Messiah of Peace but to teach the law of God which may be taught in the School of Hillel or the School of Shamai.  Rabbi Berg advertised and welcomed people to come to his classes and even to participate in services.  People became curious and many of these Hollywood celebrities attended classes and services.  Rabbi Berg as a representative of the Orthodox Judaism could only give to his guests and students the teachings of Hillel which would prepare them to receive the Messiah of Freedom and Peace. Just as they say “You don’t have to be Jewish to eat real Jewish Rye bread” also you don’t have to be Jewish to teach the secret of freedom and peace.  To teach Jewish law is the Jewish purpose more than the purpose of other peoples on the earth.  The secrets of Freedom and Peace are universal. Philip Berg and his son had what to offer to people.  Judaism is filled with the knowledge of God primarily derived from the written Torah the five books of Moses.  Jewish law comes from the Oral Torah which is restricted only to Jews and also according to tradition for men and not for woman. Most of the Kabballa is connected to the Jewish religion and Judaism does not encourage people to convert.

Madonna who sang at Eurovision this year displayed her devotion to the cause of World Unity and Peace. She was introduced to the Kabballa by Rabbi Philip Berg of blessed memory and she has great respect for Judaism and the Kabballa.  Orthodox Judaism is a bit narrow for her to convert to become Jewish but she did accept a Jewish name Esther the Queen.  She has searched for truth and found her connection to the Kabballa which she has added to her Universal faith in God and the messiah.  Philip Berg has been attacked that he has exploited the sacred and holy teachings of the Kabballa for his own personal gains.  The Kabballa has an important part in World Unity and Peace which is the goal for every human being living on the face of the earth. 

If you have taken to your heart the teachings of Hillel mentioned above, you are ready to greet the Messiah of Freedom and Peace.  The Messiah of freedom and peace is the spiritual master who knows the meaning of Truth.  He does not have to be Jewish and there are more than one Messiah of Freedom alive today in the world. Each teacher of truth is precious and should be respected.

According to the Bhai faith and Progressive Jewish Spirituality PJS, religion has developed in stages. It all began on Mount Sinai and the Jewish people were given to be representative of the Law of God.  Then came Christianity with a new purpose to represent Jesus the Messiah.  The purpose of Judaism continued and even until today has not changed. Mohammed took advantage of the times and organized religion for the children of Ishmael. Three religions Judaism, Christianity, Islam according to Bhai and PJS are important but is still needed the Messiah or prophet of Freedom and Peace, the living saint.  Islam claimed that Mohammed was the last prophet.  Judaism does not accept the religion of another prophet other than Moses. The prophet of Bahai was imprisioned in the Ottoman empire for accepting also Christianity.  The prophet of Bahai began a new generation and age of prophets of freedom and peace.  Rabbi Berg appealed to his students of all ethnic groups as one of the representatives of the goal of World Unity and Peace, a Messiah of World Unity. He actually stepped out of Judaism to accomplish this task.

At the Eurovision concert was revealed another Messiah representing World Unity Serhat from San Marino with his song Sing Na Na.  Madonna in all her concerts is always the Messiah of World Unity because World Unity and Peace is her goal. She gained a lot of knowledge from Rabbi Philip Berg and is forever grateful.

Bhai and PJS accepts the three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their prophets which are Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  These three religions have laid the groundwork and foundation for the work of World Unity and Peace, who Pope Francis in his new years message said that ever person has the work as an artisan of peace.

The Jewish people have been the representatives of Moses the prophet and his law from Mount Sinai.  They have rejected Jesus as their Messiah but still are waiting for the Jewish Messiah.  Moses the prophet of the Jewish people should be the Jewish messiah but he isn’t.  He is the giver of the law and the five books of Moses.  Judaism is a very restricted religion.  They only learn from their scriptural texts and there is no free thinking.  They can’t learn from another prophet except from Moses or from a prophet that reinforces the religion of Moses. Judaism is not the religion of Freedom but it was born from Freedom called Exodus.  An Orthodox Jew according to law is forever a servant of God.  Jesus claimed that he was the prophet the messiah of freedom the son of God above the Law of Israel. He was crucified for preaching freedom and peace.  Only through his resurrection which is part of Christian faith did he attain to be called the Messiah of Freedom forever.

There are many Messiahs of freedom in the world today including Rabbi Berg:




All the Messiahs of Freedom and peace will die.  They will live forever in the Garden of Eden but this is not their purpose. Their purpose is to work as artisans of peace. About this is taught in the Ethics of the Fathers, Greater is the work of God in this world then all of the world to come.”

God Realization and self-realization begins with religion. The revelation of God on earth is constantly developing as more princes of peace are born in the world.  In the last generation was revealed in Judaism in the seventh generation of Chabad Chassidism the Messiah of Jewish Unity, the Lubavitcher Rebbe.  His purpose was the work of Hillel the work of Judaism to prepare the world for receiving the Messiah of Peace and Freedom.  The connection which people made with the Rebbe during his life especially at the end of his life when large crowds would line up to receive from him dollars, became the preparation for each person to become artisans of peace representing the Jewish people and God. The world today has two eternal Messiahs, the Messiah of World Unity, and the Messiah of Jewish Unity the teacher of the law. Each person has a portion in the work of the Messiah of freedom and justice. Each Jew has a connection to the Messiah of Jewish Unity.

According to the School of Hillel there are shortcuts to truth.  Beth Shamai does not accept shortcuts.  Receiving a dollar from the Lubavitcher Rebbe became a shortcut for people to enter a new world of Freedom and peace, the world of the Messiah. For sure the Rebbe was from the school of Beit Hillel. Anyone Jew or gentile could come to receive a dollar. His students claim that he never died through which he became in their eyes the Messiah of Jewish Unity forever. Jewish Religious Fundamentalists are still waiting for the Messiah. They are from the school of Beit Shamai. The problem which the Rebbe recognized is that the world has changed. The need for the Messiah has changed to be also for the sake of World Unity and Peace. The Rebbe taught that each person has a part in the Messianic goals.  Each person has a part in the Messiah of Freedom and Peace. After the death of the Rebbe people connect to him through his books, representatives, and through videos. A dollar from the Rebbe has become a precious antique.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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