The Messiah of Song

  • Song without lyrics is universal.  When we add to song lyrics is made its connection to intellect; but song is from the heart.
  • Each person is born into this world with an obligation. In the middle of doing his work there is a moment sometimes to sing a song, whistle a melody.
  • Music is not considered to be sacred and holy only because we live in the world of justice.  In the Garden of Eden music is sacred and holy.

Sing to God a new song, sing to God the whole earth (Psalms 97:1)

Israel this year has hosted Eurovision which is the world’s most foremost alliance of public service media representing 117 member organizations in 56 countries and an additional 34 Associates in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. There is beauty in song.  There is freedom in song.

Song without lyrics is universal.  When we add to song lyrics is made its connection to intellect; but song is from the heart. On Mount Sinai God spoke to the Jewish people and gave to them the Torah. It says Exodus 19: And Moses brought the people out of the camp to meet with God. They stood at the foot of the mountain.  On Mount Sinai there was smoke on every part, because the Lord descended upon it. Then the voice of the Shofar sounded louder and greater.

A Choir (Photo submitted by David Wexelman)

From voice of the Shofar which is a simple wind instrument was revealed the Messiah of Song, the Messiah of Sound and Music. There were thunders and lightning.  Moses went up upon the mountain. Moses speaks and God answered him by voice. Afterwards God is revealed in words. “I am the Lord thy God.”  And the Ten commandments.

The revelation of God on Mount Sinai was in two parts.  First God was revealed as the Universal God through sound and music, the sound of the shofar thunder and lightning.  The Universal God was then revealed in words.  In words God became separated from his universal aspect which was in song.  The word of God is the Law of God. The mercy of God is in song and music.  At Mount Sinai these two aspects were united together.

Moses came down from the mountain with two tablets of the divine covenant in his hands written by God where was united the two aspects of God; his universal aspect of song and his Law together in one perfect unity.  In the middle there was a disturbance the total and complete peace and unity between sound and word was broken.  There was the sound of war in the camp between the two sides of truth.  Moses broke these holy tablets of divine unity when he saw that the people had built a Golden Calf.

Moses prayed for forgiveness for the Jewish people.  God forgave the Jewish people and gave to Moses a second set of tablets containing the Ten Commandments.  The second set of tablets were not perfect like the first tablets. In the first tablets was united song and word.  In the second tablets was separated Word from song, the Law and Justice was separated from mercy.  The second set of tablets was for the Religion of the Jewish people alone.  The aspect of the Universal God which is in song was hidden to be revealed later. These are two attributes which became disconnected which are fear of God and Love of God.

Mankind was not meriting to have both aspects of God together and united.  Religion became separate from faith.  Word commandment justice became separate from mercy.  In the world there is justice which rules each nation.  Nations may be a dictatorship or a democracy.  The Nation of Israel in Biblical times was a dictatorship with a King feared by the people.  The Nation of Israel today is a democracy. There is no perfect freedom like the freedom which was revealed to the Jewish people in the Exodus from Egypt, at the time of the splitting of the Red Sea and the moment of the giving of the Torah. In our world justice rules over mercy.  Mercy which is revealed in song is revealed at particular occasions like at Eurovision and at the table on the Sabbath the songs of the Sabbath.

King David who is the Messiah of the Jewish people wrote the book of Psalms which are poems and songs.  He was punished by God for calling the Torah songs.  The Jewish people represent the Law of God in the world.  The Law and the word in this world is separate from song.  King David who is the Messiah of justice cannot also be the Messiah of mercy and song.  When King David wrote the Book of Psalms his desire was to unite these two attributes together.

Each person is born into this world with an obligation. In the middle of doing his work there is a moment sometimes to sing a song, whistle a melody.

King Solomon wrote a book called the Song of Songs.  The Song of Songs does not contain any reference to the Law but speaks about the Garden of Eden.  The book called the Song of Songs is considered to be of the greatest holiness. Song without lyrics represents the Universal aspect of God which is hidden in the world.  The Law of God is sacred and holy.  Music is not considered to be sacred and holy like scripture only because we live in the world of justice.  In the Garden of Eden music is sacred and holy.

Music is sound without lyrics. Lyrics are added to music. Prayer comes from the heart of love which begins with emotions of love.  About these emotions of love sang Serhat from San Marino in his song Sing Na Na at Eurovision.  Sometimes it is hard to find words when we pray.  So sing Na Na.

Madonna unites word and song to bring to each person a message of faith.

Chassidism began in Judaism about two hundred and fifty years ago.  Chassidism is Messianic Judaism.  Judaism cannot change. God gave to the Jewish people the law called the Torah which became separated from song.  King David was punished for calling the Torah song.  Song always had a part in Judaism.  The Levites sang songs in the holy temple.  Jews today sing at their Sabbath table and in their synagogues. However in Chassidism is the desire for the Messiah more than other ways of Judaism.  The Chassidic masters besides teaching Torah including Jewish mysticism also composed melodies. The Chabad Lubavitch more than any other Chassidic group have added many new songs and melodies to Judaism.

The Breslov Chassidic movement is in competition with Chabad Lubavitch for the crown of the Messiah. The leader of the last generation Rabbi Israel Odessa taught his followers to sing the name of Rabbi Nachman written is four parts single letter, double letter, triple letter, four letters.  Na, Nac,Nachma, Nachman.  The song of Serhat from San Marino in Eurovision Sing Na,Na has a great connection to the song of Rebbe Nachman.

The Guru Janardan Parmahansa who toured America in 1969 taught meditation and breath with repeating a single letter sound like Na, Na.  Close your eyes; listen to the sound; listen to the breath and enter into the Garden of Eden. He had many followers who found his teachings to be a solution to many of their problems.   From one syllable opens prayer to two syllables, three syllables to words and thoughts.  Song begins with sound and music without words.  It starts with the sound of the breath. Lyrics are added to music and they become poems like Psalms. Song is from another supernal world.  Words and thoughts are united with song in this world.  There is the Messiah of song who is the Messiah of mercy. There is the Messiah of Justice.  In this world they are separate but on Mount Sinai for one instance they were united.  They are united in song but only temporarily for reality returns, the obligations of life return. Yoga appeals to the open minded giving a universal connection to God through song breath and sound; but it cannot divorce itself completely from religion and word from being called Hinduism or Bhuddism with its own rituals.

Shlomo Carlbach was the master of Chassidic song of the previous generation. He sang, played the guitar and whistled opening up the heart and emotions of love for all that listened to his music.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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