The Modern State of Israel – Corona – Quarantine

  • God separated the Jewish people from the rest of the world to protect them from pageantry.
  • The world has changed and the Modern State of Israel has been established.
  • Quarantine is not a permanent answer to Corona; Corona is not as bad as we thought.

Today after two months in quarantine, there is a group of people who have had enough with quarantine and want to go out of quarantine to accept the fate of the sickness Corona for good and bad. Accepting Corona virus they hope will produce in them anti-bodies to protect them in the future. They are accepting the inevitability of catching the super contagious virus. Today you can hide from the virus through quarantine but eventually it will catch up with you. WPO is against this approach. Scientists say: Corona is not as bad as we thought. We have to live with it. The young will survive.  Life will continue with another disease to live with.

Interfaith prayer organized in Jerusalem to stop the Corona Pandemic.

China after going into strict quarantine are now entering lock-down of 750,000 people to prevent Corona from spreading to other parts of their country primarily Beijing their capital.

President Trump is taking the malaria drug Hydrochloroquine as a preventative measure to protect America in case he will be infected as was Boris Johnson Prime Minister of England and several members of his government. Economically America is being crippled by the Pandemic. Restaurants have been closed and want to open. President Trump wants to open restaurants.

There are two approaches toward ending the Corona virus Pandemic and returning to normalcy. Quarantine alone a strategy will never end without a perfect solution through vaccine.  Before was discovered measles vaccine it was encouraged for families to accept measles one time to become immune. In Israel up until 1983 Hepatitis was common and like an epidemic in the country. Those coming to Israel from America on vacations were afraid to catch Hepatitis.

In America the plumbing was more advanced. At that time Israel plumbing was primitive.  Very often there were leaks in public bathrooms. Those immigrating to Israel from America until they got this strand of Hepatitis they could not feel comfortable in Israel. Today Israel has modernized its plumbing and children growing up in Israel may never get Hepatitis.  Very few people were hospitalized from this strand of Hepatitis. Your urine changed colors. You went into quarantine until healed.

Israeli girls protesting dress codes throughout Israel.

Corona kills a small percentage of people primarily adults over the age of 60. People with medical conditions with weak immunity system like those with HIV not under therapy ART are targets to the Corona kill. HIV in some countries like South Africa is very common. In these countries quarantine is critical unless the whole country disinfects from HIV. For healthy people without immunity deficiencies there are two approaches with or without quarantine.

Quarantine is being repeated in China after strict lockdown in the beginning of the year. Quarantine disrupts the economy. The second approach through accepting Corona as a punishment from God to produce anti-bodies may end the Pandemic but lives will be lost and hospitals will be filled until saturation. Nations can think of switching to this approach when the numbers of deaths and new infections begin to decline.

Moderna, Inc has produced a vaccine which will help nations go out of quarantine. It is a matter of time to know if the vaccine will be the answer and the way of returning to normalcy.  Flu vaccines work but have to be repeated from year to year. Corona will return. Corona is not as bad as was thought. The reaction of China a communist nation to Corona of strict quarantine may not be necessary in a democracy.

The bible tells the history of the world. At the time of the flood Noah took his family on to his ship to save them. He saved his family but could not save the rest of the world. God promised to Noah that he would not send another plague of water on the earth when he showed Noah the rainbow. God promised Noah not to send again a plague of water but did not guarantee about other plagues like virus or fire.

The Jewish people were redeemed from slavery and oppression by Pharaoh the King of Egypt. Moses took them out of Egypt to be forever a free nation. They received the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. The world still did not change at that time.  The world remained pagan and the Jewish people became the first Monotheistic nation. Moses gave them his law from God to separate the Jewish people from the other nations who had not been willing to accept God as their king and his law.

Separation of the Jewish people as a nation under one God with the Ten Commandments is comparable quarantine from corona virus, quarantine separation from the evil pagan nations of the world. The separation (quarantine) of the Jewish people continues until today through their religion. In the law is the instruction to the Jewish people not to go in the statutes and ways of the other nations. Religious Jews usually live in their own communities, ghettos in Europe and religious settlements in Israel. The biblical nation of Israel lives today in the world through the religion of the Law of Moses.

Jews praying outdoors. Synagogues are still closed.

The Modern State of Israel has gone out of religious quarantine to join the world, It is not an Orthodox religious nation a theocracy as it was in Biblical times. Jews are instructed in their religion to wait for the coming of the Messiah to be their king to establish the Biblical nation of Israel and build again the holy temple. The biblical nation of Israel was separate from the world with a separate law.

In the establishment of the Modern State of Israel which is a democracy the Jewish people have gone out of quarantine to join the rest of the world in a Universal light as a sovereign Jewish nation. The Ultra-Orthodox are against the Modern State of Israel for joining the world by establishing a democracy. The Modern State of Israel is now 72 years old. More than six million Jews live in Israel. They are a sovereign Jewish nation but also part of the Universal light of God accepting other religions.

Strict Orthodox Jewry does not accept Christianity or Islam. The Biblical nation of Israel is to them the only nation of God until today. Until the Messiah comes to be their king, according to the law they have to remain in quarantine, remain separate from the Universal light. There is only one approach in Judaism according to the Law of Moses which is separation or quarantine. Modern Israel has left quarantine by establishing a Jewish nation a democracy which accepts the Universal light which is not Judaism.  The Kabballa a new light in Judaism does accept the Universal light; but Kabballa is only accepted in Judaism as esoteric study but still is not accepted in Old Testament Jewish law.

The Orthodox Jewish people have accepted quarantine with all its sufferings from generation to generation. Amongst Jews especially in Israel there is a conflict between Jews who accept the Universal light of democracy with freedom of religion, and those Jews who strictly remain in spiritual quarantine to protect them from the influences of worldly life which they compare to a spiritual virus. In today’s news is an article how Israeli school girls protest dress code discrimination.

The same two solutions exist in the Corona crisis which are accepting Corona without quarantine and returning to quarantine maintaining partial quarantine. Did the Jewish people make a mistake in establishment of the Modern State of Israel assimilating with the Universal light called democracy? Should the Jewish people continue to wait for the Messiah and reject the State of Israel? Is Separate – Quarantine the solution to Corona or Assimilate – disinfect naturally the right solution. Theocracy and democracy are two solution for mankind. Neither is a perfect solution. The solution to Corona of is quarantine or to infect naturally. Both are not perfect solutions.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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