The Narrow Bridge to World Unity and Peace; Yemen, Venezuela, Syria

  • If America would be completely straight showing true concern for peace, Russia may become allied with America and they can again make a nuclear treaty.
  • The Pope can only encourage these nations to find a peaceful solution. He knows that there is greed on all sides.
  • Yoga which means divine unity can be realized by all human beings through meditation and prayer and connecting to the resurrection.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov a Chassidic master who lived from 1772-1810 in the Ukraine taught, The world is a narrow bridge to cross over, most important is not to fear to complete the journey.  There is no such thing as hopelessness. The World is in turmoil. With faith in God mankind can cross the river to World Unity and Peace walking on water.

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was a grandson of the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism.  The Baal Shem Tov was one of the only great Rabbis in Jewish history who thought of the importance of World Unity and Peace.  All the other Rabbis before him were great scholars but their interest was only in the Unity of the Jewish people and returning the sovereignty to their nation and building holy temple in Jerusalem. Judaism believes in the higher ideals of the prophets Isaiah, Jerimiah and Ezekiel but do not believe that the words of these prophets can be fulfilled today. They do not believe that times have changed and we are in the Messianic age.

The Baal Shem Tov believed the messianic age has arrived and taught the teachings of the Torah to hasten the coming of the messiah.  Jewish Scholars opposed him like was already the custom for two thousand years.  Rabbi Nachman his grandson followed the way of his grandfather to bring the coming of the Messiah to Judaism.  Most of the world had already accepted the Messiah and already there was a religion in the world with desire for the coming of the messiah. Christianity is a religion in the world with the desire for the coming of the messiah the fulfillment of the words of the prophets. 

Chassidism is a movement in Judaism with the desire for the coming of the messiah and the fulfillment of the words of the prophets.  The whole world knows that Judaism and the Jewish people believe in one God. The Jewish people are the people of the Old Testament.  However when it comes to Messianic issues Judaism is the slowest of all religions in joining the messianic era.  Islamic religions recognized Jesus as a prophet but disagreed in the style of worship of Christianity.  Islamic could even believe that Jesus is the messiah and still be Islamic.  However being the children of Abraham who circumcised their father Ishmael, they could not accept a religion which didn’t teach their children to circumcise.  They also objected to other issues in Christianity.  Pope Francis recently visited Abu Dhabi in the Arab Peninsula which is the birthplace of Islam on a mission to end the war in Yemen.  He is the first Pope to visit the Arab Peninsula.

There is competition between religions; there are national conflicts; there are national conflicts within nations like the civil war which has crippled Yemen and Venezuela. The conflict in Yemen is clearly a national religious conflict between Sunni and Shiites. Saudi Arabia a Sunni country is backing the Hadi government; Iran a powerful Shiite nation is supporting Saleh who was the long term authoritarian president until he was ousted in 2011 by Hadi.  Sunni and Shiite are two National Religious Islamic movements both believing in the Koran.  After the death of Mohammed, there was a split in power between Sunni who supported Abu Bakr the closest student to Mohammed and Shiites who supported Ali the son-in-law and cousin of Mohammed.  Believing in the sacredness of the Koran and Mohammed, the caliph deputy of God, the small differences in the interpretation of the Koran between Abu Bakr and Ali became a religious war between the two sides. 80% of Muslims are Sunni, the large majority of Muslims.  Venezuela is another nation in turmoil but not because of religious political conflict.  The conflict in Venezuela is strictly political.  Nicolas Maduro was elected in 2013 after his socialist mentor Hugo Chavez died. Venezuela was a prosperous oil dynasty and during the rule of Maduro the economy went into a freefall. More than two million Venezuelans have left the country due to poverty and inflation.  The people blame Maduro for the economic disaster and support a new candidate Juan Guaido the President of the National Assembly to take over leadership.  President Maduro was reelected to a six year term in May 2018 to make the situation more complicated.  Russia supports Maduro the successor of Juan Chavez who was allied with Russia at the time Gurbachev. America supports Juan Guaida. Guida and his followers have asked for the Pope to intervene. In both of these conflicts Yemen and Venezuela there are oil interests intermingled in politics and religion.

Israel is in the middle of a conflict with the Palestinians over captured territory.  The United Nations in 1948 after the Israel war of Independence gave to Israel a portion of what is called biblical Israel.  Even this portion given to Israel in 1948, the Islamic nations surrounding Israel Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan did not accept and made frequent attempts to penetrate Israel in a war over territories.  Israel took the offensive in 1967 and attacked the nations surrounding them who were camped outside their borders considered to be dangerous to Israel.  In 1962 John F. Kennedy made a blockade of Cuba because of missiles that were coming from Russia into Cuba which they considered a threat to the country.  Today Israel is making a defensive war against Iran, Syria and Hezbollah who are arming themselves outside the borders of Israel. Hezbollah had already built tunnels into Israel territory which were located and destroyed.  There is tension on the borders of Israel in the North from pressures of Iran.  Syria alone is no threat to Israel since they have been crippled by civil war.  Hezbollah a terrorist organization supported by Iran attempted to penetrate Israel from Lebanon in 2006 but were neutralized by Israel defensive forces.  In the south Hamas continues to reject any peace treaty with Israel, and those territories in Israel which were captured during the six day war in 1967 are still not accepted to be legally Israel in the United Nations including the Golan Heights.  The situation for Israel from 1948 has been a narrow bridge a nation fighting for its sovereignty.  Iran and Saudi fight over sovereignty of Yemen between the two sides Shiites and Sunni which has caused tremendous suffering to the people of Yemen. 

Iran is interested also in destroying the stability of Israel through entering into a weak Syria fighting for its sovereignty. President Assad and his supporters who are Shiite Islamic rule the Syrian people who are almost 80% Sunni. In Syria there is a religious conflict between Shiite and Sunni just like in Yemen today.  Iran is interested in instability in the Mid-Eastern Sunni nations and also in Israel which will make them the major power in the Middle East especially after they will have acquired nuclear weapons.  Russia even though it has changed over from communist to democratic still has not changed its foreign policies.  It still maintains its friendship with Madora in Venezuela and with Syria and Iran.  Russia has an interest in these rich oil states.  America has taken Israel as its favorite in the Middle East and stands behind Sunni Nations which are trying to survive economically like Egypt and Jordan.  America is aligned with Saudi Arabia who is today fighting for the Hadi Sunni government in Yemen to return to power. America is trying to stay out of the crisis in Yemen and not to play favorites by supporting Saudi Arabia who is their ally in the Middle East.  America is an opponent to Iran who is aligned with the government in Yemen.  The war in Yemen is between Iran and Saudi not only in Yemen alone.

In the New Year message of Putin can be seen that Putin has a desire for peace.  He is not exclusively nationalistic.  He will not allow America to have a free hand in world politics.  America’s support of Saudi is polluted by oil interests.  American interests in Israel are support for a democratic nation.  Trump wants all of the Middle East to become democracies and to separate religion and politics.  Islamic nations Iran and Saudi are Islamic extremists on two sides Shiite and Sunni.  Russia even though it has become democracy has not changed its foreign policy.  If America would be completely straight showing true concern for peace, Russia may become allied with America and they can again make a nuclear treaty. America has oil interests in Saudi and Venezuela, Russia has oil interest in Iran and Venezuela.  Saudi and Iran are big oil nations in conflict. Saudi is not a military power compared to Iran.  They need American support.  America needs their oil. 

Both Yemen and Venezuela have asked the Pope to intervene.  The Pope is considered neutral.  America tries to be upright and fair in its foreign policies but cannot be neutral.  Iran the Shiite power threatens the rest of the Arab world and Israel. Russia does not trust America since America has oil interests in Saudi.  Russia is not an enemy of Israel but finds difficulty being an ally since there is the conflict between Sunni nations and Shiite in the Middle East.  The people of Venezuela and Yemen are innocent victims of the disunity between Russia and America caused by oil interests. America could save the situation in Venezuela but Putin will not let them.  America has left the nuclear agreement made by Obama with Iran and is prepared to neutralize Iran if necessary.  Russia is not an enemy of America and Israel but is also not a friend. The situation is touchy, the world is a narrow bridge to cross over.

Oil interests and religious conflicts are interfering with World Unity and Peace.  America and Russia have conflicting oil interests.  Russia desires World Unity and Peace but America refuses to accept an Islamic dictator in Iran.  Russia is not devoted to spreading democracy like America.  Putin a humanitarian is rational minded and knows that there is corruption in America and in the rest of the world.  The Pope can only encourage these nations to find a peaceful solution. He knows that there is greed on all sides.

The world is a narrow bridge to cross over.  There is corruption on all sides.  The split in Islam between Sunni and Shiite is preventing America and Russia from uniting and stabilizing the world economically and politically.  The United Nations has no solution for the conflict between Sunni and Shiite. Israel is also in the middle of it. Shiite is the minority in Islam.  Shiite nations as a minority cannot be democratic and relinquish their rule because of discrimination by Sunnis. The Pope cannot broaden the bridge since God created a narrow bridge to cross over, but his job is only to give people faith in God and to pray for peace.  Islam will not accept Christianity.  Atheists like Madura in Venezuela will not become believers in God and freedom. Judaism has not accepted Christianity. Russia today has freedom of religion but even Putin may still be atheist. In his New Year message he did not mention God, it was exclusively humanitarian.   

The narrow bridge can only be widened through belief in the resurrection of Moses the prophet and that Moses Jesus and Mohammed are dancing singing and embracing each other under the Holy temple in Jerusalem, see  The conflicts between Sunni faiths which were created after the death of Mohammed through believing in the resurrection of Mohammed have now been solved.  Mohammed has returned to life to lead and unite all Muslims together in peace.  Moses and Jesus have resurrected together and there is no longer hatred between Jew and Christian.  Islam has united with Israel the nation of God and there is one world one religion one nation to end the conflict between Jew and Muslim.  Jesus is the Messiah of the Nation of Israel and Islam who are ruled by Moses and Mohammed.  The Pope has relinquished power and has left politics.  The nation of Israel is no longer a dictatorship. Rabbi Nachman the champion of freedom who has also resurrected is their new king as it is prophesized, a new light will rule over Zion.  The Jews have been praying for two thousand years to return to its old dictatorship but their prayers and plans have been changed by God for the sake of World Unity and Peace. There is One God, one world, one nation in the world, Jerusalem the capital with three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam living peacefully without hatred together on the earth.  Like it says in the prophets, In this day God will be king of the whole earth, he will be one and his name will be one.  The name of God is peace. There is no longer hopelessness and only happiness.

The solution to world turmoil comes through belief in the resurrection which began with Jesus but was weakened by Orthodox Christian religion and not accepted by all people.  The belief in the resurrection of Moses was always a hidden secret in Judaism opposed by religious fundamentalists but revived through the Zohar the book of splendor and Chassidism.  Belief in the resurrection of Mohammed can correct the conflict between Sunni and Shiites. However there still remains China who is a communist atheist state. Communist Russia has fallen but there still remains in Russia many atheists including Putin.  Trump promotes faith in God but today America has lost faith in God and even accepts abortion in the end of pregnancy.  Many Americans today are agnostic liberals who oppose Trump and his Christian followers who wear MAGA hats like the Covington Kentucky boys.  American liberals are a big problem for crossing the narrow bridge since they have already given up hope in Jesus and the messiah.  Trump is trying to restore hope in America. Islamic faith is against American liberalism.  They are very extreme in their beliefs and will not settle with less than the resurrection of Mohammed and One world in which Islam which can also be called Israel. The Buddhists were chased out of China and Tibet.  They will be allowed to return to China and Tibet when China will become a free nation.  Yoga which means divine unity can be realized by all human beings through meditation and prayer and connecting to the resurrection. 

The Messiah will come from the East like the sun rises in the east.  He will be accepted in the west as the sun sets in the west.  You will no longer need a bridge to cross the water.  All people will walk on water like Jesus with perfect faith.     

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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